May 9, 2017

Elder Care Philadelphia

Elder Care PhiladelphiaAt Ameribest Home Care, we understand that finding top quality elder care in Philadelphia can be difficult. It’s hard to balance your own schedule with the needs of an elder, especially when they have health concerns. That’s why we offer comprehensive elder care services in Philadelphia. With the help of compassionate and experienced staff, we allow elders to remain involved in the community and stay in their homes, instead of being admitted to a nursing facility.

Kinds of Elder Care in Philadelphia

Ameribest Home Care is committed to helping senior citizens live their best lives by providing the comprehensive elder care services Philadelphia residents need and appreciate. Our home health care solutions include:

  • Long-Term Home Elder Care in Philadelphia
  • Using a waiver system, our elder care programs in Philadelphia allow even severely disabled individuals to maintain their independence. These waivers are available to those suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI) or developmental disabilities, as well

  • Skilled Nursing for Elder Care in Philadelphia
  • At Ameribest Home Care, we realize that some clients need assistance in managing their chronic or acute conditions in order to avoid hospitalization. That’s why we provide skilled nursing services, in which a registered nurse will oversee your loved one’s daily care and communicate with his or her physician.

  • Medical Social Work for Elder Care in Philadelphia
  • A medical social worker can play an integral role in your loved one’s care. They help assist in the navigation of the complex health care system, and may put you in touch with the right financial resources to continue your loved one’s care.

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy For Elder Care in Philadelphia
  • Therapy plays an important role in helping your loved one retain their independence. At Ameribest Home Health, we offer two types of therapy: physical and occupational. Both can be helpful in regaining lost skills, such as confident walking, feeding, dressing, or bathing. A certified therapist will work with your loved one to ensure they’re living their best life.

  • Home Health Aides For Elder Care in Philadelphia
  • A home health aide can serve as the first point of care for your elder, and are absolutely vital to his or her continued health. From bathing and shopping assistance to medication management, an Ameribest Home Care health aide does everything in their power to make sure your loved ones are not only healthy, but living happily. Ameribest Home Care offers elder care Philadelphia seniors can depend on and trust.

  • Wound Programs for Elder Care in Philadelphia
  • For some individuals, chronic diseases such as diabetes or immobility can lead to chronic wounds. We understand how these injuries can detract from quality of life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive wound care program that’s backed by evidence-based practices. Our wound programs offer the most comfortable elder care in Philadelphia, improving quality of life.

Find Out More About Our Elder Care in Philadelphia

At Ameribest Home Health, we’re proud to offer the best elder care in Philadelphia. We’re known throughout the community for both our compassion and professionalism. By utilizing our services, you loved one can retain his or her independence while getting the health care and loving attention they deserve. If you’d like to learn more about our elder care services in Philadelphia, please call us at 215-925-3313 or 1-800-HOMECARE.