May 9, 2017

Physical Therapy Philadelphia

Physical Therapy PhiladelphiaMobility is essential to maintaining independence, which is why we at Ameribest Home Health offer comprehensive physical therapy. Philadelphia residents know when it comes to recovering from a serious medical event, Ameribest Home Care is the place to call. We staff our agency with the best licensed and degreed physical therapy experts Philadelphia has to offer.

Therapy plays an integral role in helping you or a loved one regain your independence after a medical event, or as the natural result of the aging process. Our physical therapy services in Philadelphia are provided by professionals who are licensed and have undergone thorough background checks. We look for individuals who are not only professional and knowledgeable, but compassionate and enthusiastic! At Ameribest Home Care, we have one goal: to get you on your feet again.

How Do We Administer Physical Therapy in Philadelphia?

Your physical therapy in Philadelphia begins with a meeting with a physical therapist (PT). PTs are highly specialized, trained, and licensed health professionals who work with you and your support system to improve functionality and mobility. Pain control techniques also allow many patients to reduce their long-term pain medications and manage their side effects more effectively.

Physical therapy in Philadelphia can teach patients how to effectively manage their chronic and acute conditions so they can achieve long-term health benefits. After a thorough examination, they develop what’s called a “plan of care” for physical therapy. Philadelphia seniors under our care will be able to move better, experience less pain, and enjoy a higher quality of life after attending physical therapy sessions.

PTs also provide a preventive approach to physical therapy, as Philadelphia patients will be able to prevent the loss of further mobility through fitness and wellness oriented programs. With an emphasis on an active lifestyle, patients will be able to live healthier, happier lives. At Ameribest Home Care, each of our PTs is licensed by the state of Pennsylvania.

Starting Physical Therapy in Philadelphia

Our physical therapy services in Philadelphia begin with a comprehensive evaluation, in which one of our therapists will develop a plan of care in accordance with physician recommendations. A plan of care uses evidence-based techniques to restore a patient to their highest possible level of range of motion, strength, and functionality.

Why might you need physical therapy? Philadelphia residents often report to our agency for physical therapy services after reports of:

  • Falls. Many of our aging patients benefit from physical therapy in Philadelphia
  • Any loss of balance, with or without falling
  • Difficulty walking, due to aging or a medical event
  • A major medical event, such as a stroke, heart failure, or a heart attack
  • A knee or hip replacement
  • Pain in the joints or back
  • Any decline in function, as the result of aging, disability, or other medical event

How Can Physical Therapy in Philadelphia Help Me?

Many of our residents don’t know what to expect from their first session of physical therapy. Philadelphia area physical therapists will use a variety of techniques to restore function and strength, and control your pain. The point of physical therapy is to help you live your best life! Here are some of the techniques that our Ameribest Home Care team might use:

  • Rehabilitative exercises. You might be asked to use resistance bands, weight equipment, or specialized techniques to retrain your muscles and restore function.
  • Gait training. We often take walking for granted – until a medical event causes us to lose function. Using gait training techniques, our physical therapy specialists in Philadelphia will help rehabilitate your muscles and joints to restore mobility and range of motion to its highest possible level.
  • Prosthetic training. Learning how to use a prosthetic device can be challenging. Physical therapy in Philadelphia will help you control pain, improve range of motion, and improve your quality of life.
  • Heat therapy. Many of our patients who are in physical therapy in Philadelphia are in a great deal of pain. Using heat therapy, we can effectively administer pain control.
  • Electrical stimulation. Electrical therapy has proven effective for stimulating muscles and relieving pain.
  • Providing advice to friends, family and other caregivers with regard to physical therapy treatment. Family members will benefit from seeing how we rehabilitate their loved ones.

The Role of Family in Physical Therapy in Philadelphia

In order to achieve optimal outcomes in physical therapy, Philadelphia family members should be involved in the process. We recognize that our patients have the best chance of restoring their functionality when families, caregivers, and loved ones can reinforce exercises at home. That’s why we take the time to demonstrate, teach, and supervise exercises and rehabilitative procedures to friends and family.

Our physical therapists also consult with family, staff, and the supervising physician about the patient’s progress. We re-evaluate frequently to ensure we’re doing all we can to restore functionality and improve quality of life. Periodic progress reports and evaluations are essential to providing the best therapy experience possible – and we want you to be involved! At Ameribest Home Care, we believe that everyone has a role to play in physical therapy. Philadelphia area families can play an important role in recovery.

What to Look For in Physical Therapy in Philadelphia

If you’re looking for premium-quality physical therapy in Philadelphia, keep this checklist in mind:

  • Flexible scheduling. Quality physical therapy in Philadelphia should work with your schedule.
  • Financing options. We know that physical therapy in Philadelphia can be expensive. That’s why we offer waiver programs and access to a medical social worker, so you can receive quality treatment within your budget.
  • Compassionate and friendly workers. When you’re looking for physical therapy in Philadelphia, it’s important to find someone who is professional and compassionate. Our Ameribest Home Care therapists will not only offer the best evidence-based rehabilitation techniques, they’ll also be your cheerleader.

Getting Started With Physical Therapy in Philadelphia

Are you ready to begin your road to recovery with physical therapy in Philadelphia? Ameribest Home Care is ready to take your call. To begin their first physical therapy session, Philadelphia residents know to call us at 215-925-3313 or 1-800-HOMECARE.