Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help patients who may have physical, developmental, social or emotional challenges that make it increasingly difficult to conduct those activities of daily living.

The primary functions of occupational therapy are:

• To oversee that OT (occupational therapy) Services include interventions to improve or restore functions which have been impaired by illness or injury.

• Occupational therapy aims to maximize the patient’s ability to independently perform Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) and Instrumental ADL’s (IADL’s).

Occupational Therapists Helps Patients Image 1 – Ameribest Home Care
Occupational Therapists Helps Patients – Ameribest Home Care

OT’s train and instruct patients on how to use rehab equipment and techniques that improve their ability to conduct daily activities such as eating, cooking, cleaning, dressing, ambulating, transferring, toileting and bathing.

Patients learn how to regain their independence and improve basic motor functions and reasoning abilities. Lack of function is very frustrating at first but with the help of occupational therapists it may be improved.

Occupational therapists help patients recover the skills that they temporarily lost for the job of daily living.

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