December 24, 2015

Medical Social Work


The medical social worker plays a crucial role in the acute care setting and is a fundamental player in the home health care team.

Your medical social worker is there to assist you with navigating the complicated healthcare system in an uncomplicated way. Services include:

•  Crisis intervention

•  Counseling with life-style changes

•  Family counseling (grief counseling, teaching coping mechanisms with loss and change)

•  Assistance in emotional adjustments to life changes

•  Assisting with advance directives, power of attorney for health care and/or living wills.

•  Resource planning and coordination within the community.

•  Environmental and family dynamic assessments.

The medical social worker is no stranger to securing the right financial resources in order to procure the necessary medical supplies & services for the patients. Putting in recommendations for hospital beds, home modifications and procuring transportation subsidies for those in need are just a small sample of what a social worker may do. Medical social workers are also incredibly skillful at listening and encouraging caregivers and patients to take care of themselves and avoid negative and toxic thought processes.