May 9, 2017

Work For Family Philadelphia

Work For Family PhiladelphiaAt Ameribest Home Care, we’re committed to find solutions that work for family. Philadelphia area residents have been turning to us for years for all of their health care needs. We combine our years of experience with compassion and continued knowledge building to offer services that work for family, in Philadelphia and beyond. Ameribest Home Care strives to find solutions that provide home health and personal care services to the valued members of our community.

We At Ameribest Home Care go above and beyond to find resolutions that work for your family. Philadelphia residents know to call us whenever a loved one needs personal care or extra medical assistance. We offer a wide variety of comprehensive services.

Long-Term Home Care

We know that no one wants to become a burden to their family members. Sometimes, it can become too difficult for relatives to check in on their loved ones while juggling their own schedules and obligations. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution that works for family. Philadelphia long-term home care helps elderly and disabled individuals maintain their independence by remaining in their homes and getting extra medical assistance.

We have two options that work for family: Philadelphia-based staff can come to your home and train you to be a loved one’s personal caregiver. If this isn’t an option, then Ameribest Home Care can provide one of our own knowledgeable and compassionate staff members to aid your family member.

A home health aide is at the front lines of your loved one’s care. They will provide valuable services that work for family. A Philadelphia health aide will come to your or a loved one’s home to provide assistance with:

  • Meal preparation
  • Bathing, dressing, laundry, and other personal care services
  • Light housekeeping
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Arranging for transportation
  • Supervising light exercise

A home health aide can provide all the assistance your loved one needs, when you’re not available. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that work for family, Philadelphia, and the community.

Waiver Programs Work for Family in Philadelphia

Some families struggle to provide their loved ones with quality care. At Ameribest Home Care, we believe that the best quality treatment should be a basic right. That’s why we offer financial options that work for family. Philadelphia-based residents can apply for our waiver program, which provides free or low-cost home care for qualified applicants. You may qualify if you meet certain income or disability requirements. Financial solutions that work for family in Philadelphia include:

  • The attendant care waiver (Act150), which provides assistance to adults with physical disabilities.
  • The Independence waiver, which helps those with severe physical disabilities stay in their communities instead of entering a skilled nursing facility
  • An Aging waiver, designed for elder care
  • An OBRA waiver, available to those with developmental disabilities
  • A COMMCARE waiver, for victims of traumatic brain injury.

If you’re looking for other solutions that work for your family, Philadelphia medical social workers can help. These professionals are trained in navigating the complicated health care system and finding solutions that work. For family care needs, Philadelphia residents can reach a medical social worker by calling 215-925-3313 or 1-800-HOMECARE.

Therapy Solutions that Work for Family in Philadelphia

If you or a loved one has recently experienced a medical event such as a stroke or heart attack, you might benefit from Ameribest Home Care occupational or physical therapy. Our therapy solutions are designed to work for all family-related health care scenarios. Philadelphia-based and licensed occupational and physical therapists offer evidence-based techniques designed to improve yours or a loved one’s level of functioning. Whether you’re looking to improve mobility, range of motion, or complete activities of daily living, we have a service that can help!

Physical therapists offer solutions that work. For family related care, Philadelphia residents can complete rehabilitation exercises that improve functionality and control pain. We encourage family members to attend sessions so they can reinforce and guide exercises and stretches at home.

Our occupational therapy team also offers services that work for family in Philadelphia. These professionals concentrate on getting you or your loved ones to comfortably complete activities of daily living (ADLs). Whether it’s feeding therapy, emotional and social coping strategies, or fine motor exercises, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you live your best life.

Skilled Nursing Solutions that Work for Family in Philadelphia

At Ameribest Home Care, we know some patients need extra medical care. That’s why we offer skilled nursing services that work for family. A Philadelphia-based nurse can report to your loved one’s house and provide valuable medical attention that keeps them feeling their best. Our skilled nursing staff provides assistance with:

  • Medication management solutions that work for family in Philadelphia.
  • Chronic and acute disease management. Whether it’s diabetes, COPD, or an infection, our skilled nursing staff offers services that work for family. Philadelphia residents turn to us for a wide array of patient scenarios and health care issues.
  • Comprehensive health assessments, which ensure that your loved one’s vitals and lab levels are within normal ranges.
  • Wound care. We know that chronic conditions can lead to painful chronic wounds. Our evidence-based wound care program offers a solution that works for the family. Philadelphia families can let us handle the wound care administration, preventing further infection and promoting healing.
  • Pain management education. We know that pain often accompanies aging and disability. It’s important to exercise proper pain management protocols under the supervision of a physician or caregiver, which is why we offer pain management education that works for family. Philadelphia residents can learn how to administer medications and be on the lookout for signs of dependence or misuse.

Find a Solution That Works for Family in Philadelphia

No matter your health care needs, we have a solution that works for family in Philadelphia. Our comprehensive home health and personal care services encompass a range of health scenarios. To find a solution that works for your family, Philadelphia’s own Ameribest Home Care is standing by to take your call – contact us at 215-925-3313 or 1-800-HOMECARE today!