Managing Travelers’ Diarrhea While Traveling Abroad


“What is it?

Travelers’ diarrhea is caused by a variety of pathogens but most commonly bacteria found in food and water, often related to poor hygiene practices in local restaurants. An estimated 30% to 70% of travelers experience travelers’ diarrhea, depending on where they go and what time of year. Countries are generally divided into 3 risk groups: high, intermediate, and low.

  • Destinations with high risk: Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, and Central and South America.
  • Destinations with intermediate risk: Eastern Europe, South Africa, and some Caribbean islands.
  • Destinations with low risk: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Northern and Western Europe.


You can reduce your risk of travelers’ diarrhea by staying away from the bacteria that cause it. Adults may also take an antacid medicine (e.g., Pepto-Bismol*, the equivalent of two 262-mg tabs 4 times a day), which can decrease the incidence of travelers’ diarrhea up to 50%. However, Pepto-Bismol is not recommended for pregnant women or children aged 3 years or younger.

Keep your hands clean.

Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer after using the bathroom and before eating. Good hand hygiene prevents the spread of germs.”

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Marijuana’s Health Effects


“Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States, with 22.2 million users. But the types of marijuana available today are more potent than before and come in many forms, including oils that can be vaped, and edibles, from brownies and candy to sodas. This leaves many with a lot of questions about marijuana use and its health effects.

New Web pages, published this month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provide more information about the health effects of marijuana use and answer some of the commonly asked public health questions in the discussion about marijuana in the United States.”

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Fighting Opioid Overdose


“The opioid overdose epidemic is devastating families and communities across America. Whether you’re a professional working in preventing drug abuse or treating addiction, or a healthcare provider, first responder, or law enforcement officer the opioid epidemic is likely affecting you, someone you love, or your community. No matter who you are, our goal is the same—to end the opioid overdose epidemic currently ravaging the United States.

We all have a role to play on the frontlines of this fight against opioid overdoses. Here at CDC, our role is to support physicians with tools for safer prescribing of opioids to help prevent misuse and overdoses. We aim to help healthcare providers offer safer, more effective treatments for pain management based on the best available science. We also collect, analyze, and report out the key data that is needed to make important decisions about overdose prevention, and we develop helpful resources to give patients and medical professionals the best information to effectively manage pain and to treat opioid use disorder.”

CDC Celebrates World No Tobacco Day

CDC Celebrates World No Tobacco Day
“In the United States, cigarette smoking is declining. However, the use of other tobacco products has remained unchanged or increased in recent years. Disparities in tobacco use also exist across population groups. The good news is that we know what works. Progress to reduce tobacco use in the United States can be accelerated by:
-Extending comprehensive smokefree indoor protections to 100% of the U.S. population.
-Raising the price of tobacco products to prevent youth from starting smoking, and encouraging tobacco smokers to quit completely.
-Expanding national media campaigns so that ads air more frequently and for longer periods.
-Helping tobacco users who want to quit by providing cessation resources that are readily available and affordable, and increasing awareness of these resources.
-Fully funding comprehensive statewide tobacco control programs at CDC-recommended levels.
-Expanding tobacco control surveillance, research, and evaluation efforts.”
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E-Cigarettes and Young People: A Public Health Concern

“E-cigarettes, devices that typically deliver nicotine, flavorings, and other additives to users through an inhaled aerosol, are a rapidly emerging trend, and are especially popular among youth and young adults. These devices are referred to by a variety of names, including “e-cigs,” “e-hookahs,” “mods,” “vape pens,” “vapes,” and “tank systems.” E-cigarettes can also be used to deliver other drugs besides nicotine, such as marijuana.
Scientists are still learning more about how e-cigarettes affect health. However, there is already enough evidence to justify efforts to prevent e-cigarette use by young people. We know that the vapor from e-cigarettes is harmful because it contains harmful ingredients, including nicotine. Nicotine exposure during adolescence can cause addiction and can harm the developing brain.”
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