Becoming a Professional Home Health Aide in Allentown PA

home health aide allentown pa

Becoming a professional home health aide in Allentown, PA can be incredibly rewarding. You play a key role in maintaining and even improving the quality of a person’s life. Instead of being in a nursing home, an individual is aging in place with you at their side. The littlest thing, like remembering a favorite activity, provides the client with greater socialization, a treasured gift for deterring depression.

There are no formal requirements for education when you’re trying to become an aide. Different situations require different levels of training. In some cases, a high school diploma, safety training, and a heart filled with compassion are all a family needs in an aide. Other in-home caregivers may need a degree in social work, CPR and first aid accreditation, or other medical training to work with specific clients.

The call for direct support personnel is growing exponentially. If you take this career track, you can always find work with companies like AmeriBest. We truly value our staff and give them the tools they need to be successful in their assignments.

Becoming a Home Health Caregiver in Allentown, PA

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. If you want to become a caregiver, how should you proceed?

  1. Self Evaluation: First and foremost, you must hunker down and ask yourself if you can do this work with empathy and patience. It is NOT for everyone. Are you willing to work with difficult clients (or strained family dynamics)? Can you put down your job at the end of the day? If you answered no to either question, this probably isn’t the right career option for you. If your answer is yes, move forward.
  2. Check around your area to see if there are any apprenticeship programs. If not, volunteer to work at a nursing home. Get a feel for the kind of folks with whom you may work in the future.
  3. Review the PA requirements for being a home care aide. Every state is different, but if you plan to apply soon, you’ll want to complete the required exams or certifications, if possible.
  4. Get involved in a professional organization that updates you on things impacting your career.

Joining the AmeriBest Team

At AmeriBest, we always look for caring, dependable home health aides to join our staff in Allentown, PA. We prefer experience, but don’t let that stop you from applying. We pay you for the training time necessary to do your tasks.

AmeriBest has provided high-quality home and community-based services since 2008. Our history of maintaining clients’ sense of dignity and independence has made us one of the most trusted companies in PA.

We also have an amazing benefits package for your consideration. We know good employees are our secret ingredient and treat them accordingly. We offer paid time off, 7 paid holidays, medical-dental-vision plans, and life insurance, just for starters.

Start your career today. Email us at, or call any one of our three offices:

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Have a Heart: American Heart Month

in home health care harrisburg pa

February is American Heart Month, with the theme “Live to Beat.”. It’s a time when various organizations encourage individuals to focus on cardiovascular health. At AmeriBest in home health care Harrisburg PA, we have seen firsthand the toll a heart attack can take on a person and their family during our work. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. To put it in perspective, one person dies every 34 seconds from cardiovascular disease. In 2020, this equated to nearly 700,000 individuals.

The caregivers at AmeriBest have been trained to recognize the signs of a stroke or heart attack. They observe closely, especially with people who have hypertension, which is a contributing cause of cardiovascular problems.

Heart Health

It’s not as hard as you might think to deter your risks of cardiovascular disease. The first step is understanding your risks by talking to your physician. Taking preventative measures matters.

What are these measures? Main boil down to ongoing self-care. Here are a few:

Eating Healthy. Keep salt and saturated fat to a minimum. It’s ok to cheat. Just remain aware of what you’re consuming. AmeriBest’s Aides can prepare nutritional meals for your loved one.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Practice sleep hygiene. Shoot for 7-8 hours a night. Create a daily ritual for yourself for the time you get up and the time you go to bed. Don’t nap too much.

Move it! Endeavor to get about 2 ½  hours of activity weekly. If that sounds like a lot, it equates to only 13 minutes daily over 7 days. Focus on low-impact cardio exercises that increase your heart rate. Walking, yoga, swimming, and cycling are examples. These types of exercise have minimal impact on joints.

Reduce Stress: For example, say your loved one knows a person who really rattles their cage. Limit how much time they spend with said individual. Activity (ah, ha #3) helps decrease anxiety, as can laughter, yoga (yes, it’s true), meditation, socialization, journaling, and keeping up with your personal hobbies. All these things provide mental distraction.

Know your numbers, specifically your blood pressure which is now easy thanks to home cuffs. If you cannot coordinate the cuff, ask the AmeriBest aide to help you.

If practicable, remain an active participant in your health. If you have questions, ask them, and insist on answers. You are your own best advocate.

Socialize: An in-home caregiver from a home health care agency like AmeriBest has trained personnel who take an interest in your loved one’s favorite activities. Studies show having interaction offsets depression, too.

Hiring a Home Health Care in Harrisburg, PA 

When you reach the point when you know you can’t go it alone as the primary caregiver to your loved one, it’s time to consider professional aides. Whether or not your loved one has cardiovascular problems, seeking in-home assistance comes with many questions. The professionals at AmeriBest are here to answer them and provide the necessary information you will need going forward.

Reach out to us:


Telephone: (717) 545-2920


Senior Care for Your Loved Ones in Philadelphia PA

Senior care for your loved ones in Philadelphia PA

As years go by, our loved ones show signs of aging. Eventually, there are things they cannot do for themselves. You step in to help here and there, but the responsibilities keep on growing! People find themselves overwhelmed. That’s where AmeriBest Senior Care Philadelphia, PA, steps in offering in-home health care for seniors.

You may have already felt a financial strain from caregiving due to lost pay or out-of-pocket expenses to provide your loved one with medical necessities. You would not be alone. Three in ten families caring for their seniors report increased debt. Our agency can walk you through all the financial supports available, including Medicaid, which can decrease your burden substantively if you qualify.

Aging in Place

Aging in place is highly preferred among seniors. They don’t like the idea of moving from their home. Everything there is familiar, including the people. At a facility, many strangers walk the halls, and it’s nowhere near as comfortable. Plus, many families feel guilt over engaging in a nursing home. Using a home healthcare service solves these problems.

Studies show aging in place has an impact on mental health, too. Being at home, a person feels secure, and they also have a sense of autonomy. There’s less stress and more predictability.

You want to make the best choice in home care. At AmeriBest Home Care, we pride ourselves in attentive service and making every effort to maintain the individual’s sense of self-respect. Your professional home caregiver frees you up to focus on personal needs and tasks, many of which have been on the back burner because you simply ran out of time.

What to Expect 

As you seek senior care for your loved one in Philadelphia, PA, you might wonder what to expect from services. At AmeriBest Home Care, we will work with you, your loved one and their medical team to come up with a personalized plan of care. Some of the duties of our caregivers include:

  • Preparing meals
  • Med minders
  • Housekeeping
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Organizing schedules
  • Participation in social events
  • Driving to physician’s appointments.

AmeriBest: Senior Care in Philadelphia, PA 

Our company name says it all. We want the “best” for your entire family. Aging in place doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Everyone needs to have a say and receive essential information as soon as possible. We encourage family advocacy. There are no “cookie-cutter” solutions in our business. The plans we settle on take into consideration family dynamics, your concerns, and your loved one’s feeling.

We are one of the top agencies in Philadelphia, PA, having shown dedication to superior care. As the world of caregiving grows and changes, we remain mindful of best practices in every aspect of our services. In choosing our staff, we seek individuals who show strong compassion, support, and attentiveness. We also scout for people who are dependable and trustworthy.

For more information, please contact us any time!

Call: 215-925-3313 or 1800-HOMECARE


Access Quality Home Care in Allentown PA

Access Quality Home Care in Allentown PA

The day has arrived. You are exhausted, and your loved one needs more help than you can provide. Thus, the search begins to access quality home care in Allentown, PA, which is what AmeriBest Home Care offers. Find out if you’re eligible for home care services and how you and your loved ones can benefit from them if you are!

What Are Home Care Services?

Simply put, home care services professionals offer extra hands and eyes, so your loved one has greater safety and support. Some of the basic services AmeriBest Home Care Allentown, PA, provides include:

  • Dressing
  • Bathing
  • Personal care
  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Cooking healthy meals
  • General house tidiness
  • Companionship
  • Respite care,
  • Med reminders
  • Transportation to Dr. appointments
  • And much more.

In addition, certain situations require specialized care. You can get physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, and a registered nurse. Under Medicare Part A, these services must be medically necessary for coverage. Your physician must certify your need for coverage. Your case will be reviewed periodically. Medicare reports that in 2019 approximately 5,300,000 people received these types of benefits.

Hiring a Home Health Caregiver in Allentown, PA

You are among many people seeking care for their loved ones. The popularity of home health care in PA grows daily. Seniors prefer “aging in place” rather than going into strange institutions with none of the comforts of home. One of the great benefits of having professional care is the peace of mind it gives you and the socialization it provides for the individual.

So, the question becomes, what do you look for in a company? You don’t want to just close your eyes and pick one out of the phone book. You need to know the people behind the scenes and a company’s culture in making your choice. Signs of a quality home caregiver, like our personnel at AmeriBest, include:

  • Active, positive references
  • The company gives all potential staff background checks
  • The company provides ongoing training about “best practices” in the field
  • You are treated with respect
  • You get honest answers to your questions
  • The agency creates personalized care plans in which you, your loved one, and physicians participate

Questions to Ask

Besides the qualifications discussed previously, there are several great questions to ask potential care coordinators.

  1. What happens if my aide is a no-show or calls off?
  2. Are your aides insured?
  3. Do you have any specialized services, and if so, what are they?
  4. How often do you update care plans?
  5. What if my loved one doesn’t like the aide provided?
  6. Do you periodically evaluate your staff?
  7. What sets you apart from other home care agencies?

You can also evaluate your home and ask about safety concerns. We can help you find resources to get any durable medical equipment you require, like grab bars, a cane, and a wheelchair.

Reach Out

The professionals at AmeriBest Home Care, Allentown, PA, are available to you to answer these questions now and others as they come up in your home. Contact us online HERE. Alternatively, our phone number is 717-545-2920, and our email is

Characteristics of a Good Home Health Care Aide in Philadelphia

A good home health care aide in Philadelphia can manage many responsibilities. They are compassionate, knowledgeable, and able to multitask. A home aide should also have a love of learning and development.


An in-home caregiver should be compassionate. Compassionate people are in tune with the needs of others and make an effort to help them. They listen to their patient’s stories, empathize with their struggles, and are sensitive to their challenges.


A good home health care aide should be knowledgeable about the patient’s condition and how to administer treatments. They should know when a patient should take their medications, how often those medications need to be taken, and what will happen if they are not taken on time or as prescribed. It also means the aide must understand how specific equipment works and operate it correctly.

A Multitasker

In addition to being a caring and compassionate individual, a good home health care aide in Philadelphia should be able to multitask. Multitasking is an essential skill because it enables them to be more efficient in their job, ultimately saving time and money for the patient’s family.

Handling Stress

The ability to handle stressful situations is another characteristic that makes a good home health care aide stand out from other candidates. A stressful situation may arise at any moment when caring for patients.

Love of Learning

It’s not enough to just be a good home health care aide. To stay competitive in the field, they must be willing to develop their skills and knowledge continually. Continuing education is a must.

If you’re interested in home health care in Philadelphia for an aging loved one, contact us at AmeriBest Home Care to learn more.

Home Care in Harrisburg PA

Home care in Harrisburg PA

No matter where you live, you’ve probably come across a family caregiver or a professional home health care aid, like those provided by AmeriBest Home Care in Harrisburg, PA. The sad reality is that (as of this writing) 133 million people have at least one chronic illness. Families are left with difficult decisions. Do they send them to a facility, or do they find a way to keep their loved one in the comfort of their home?

If they choose in-home health services, the family of the said individual may try and become the caregiver, attending to all the needs of their loved one. As you can imagine, the strain is palatable. Effectively they are trying to balance two lives into the time allowance for one.

What is Aging in Place?

But there’s good news. Relief is on the horizon with AmeriBest home care services in Harrisburg, PA. The person involved can “age in place.” The idea is to give seniors a sense of independence while maintaining matters of safety and other supports. The individual has greater self-esteem and a more positive attitude. There is less stress, and an in-home aide helps with socialization, too. For the family, having a professional caregiver is less expensive than facility care.

What About Medicare?

When an individual cannot afford home healthcare, Medicare coverage. Can provide financial help if you qualify. A person has to be homebound, require periodic care, and have a doctor who will prescribe the service. Additionally, Pennsylvania’s Department of Health and Human Services can cover some of the costs involved. If you are not sure if your family makes for a good candidate, call the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (215-765-9040) and get some answers. The staff at our AmeriBest home health services can also help guide you through the jumble.

It is worth noting that both Medicare and the Pennsylvania Department of Health Services will allow you to choose an aide. Your children, cousin, aunts, etc., can work in your home and get paid. This takes aging in place to another level of well-being. Now your loved one not only stays home but has a known individual caring for them.

Home Health Care: a Closer Look

A person receiving home health care receives different services than other people. It’s vital they receive individualized care. One person’s needs are not the same as someone else. At AmeriBest, we are committed to tailor-made care plans. Yours might include more than trained aides. Perhaps the person needs physical therapy, for example. That requirement goes into the plan, along with any other specialized necessities.

Basic services include:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Nutritional menus
  • Socialization
  • Bathing
  • Spotting a person with mobility issues

Our compassionate and well-trained aides help individuals achieve self-sufficiency within their limitations. They keep an eye out for changes in a person’s behavior, speech, walking, etc. Any oddity immediately gets communicated to the person’s medical care team.

There are several ways to contact us for further information:

Our online contact form

Phone: 717-545-2920


We look forward to hearing from you!

Supporting Your Elderly Parents With Paid Caregiving

As our parents get older, it can be a challenging and emotional time for everyone involved. As their children, we want to ensure that they are comfortable and well-cared for, but it can take time to figure out what to do and where to begin. However, by being informed and prepared, we can navigate these challenges and celebrate the joys of growing older together. Today, we’ll explore the ways you can support your aging loved ones, including but not limited to paid caregiving, state assistance, and other available support. Let’s dive right in!

Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help

There are several alarming signs that may indicate that an older adult needs more help, including:

  1. Difficulty with daily activities: Struggles with tasks such as walking, bathing, dressing, and cooking can indicate that an older person may need assistance with these activities.
  2. Changes in physical appearance: Unexplained weight loss, poor hygiene, and changes in clothing choices can be indicators that an elderly person is struggling and may need help.
  3. Changes in behavior: Sudden mood changes, increased confusion, and disorientation can indicate that an older adult may need more assistance and support.
  4. A decline in cognitive abilities: Difficulty with memory, communication, and decision-making can be early signs of cognitive decline. They may indicate that the elderly need more help.
  5. Safety concerns: Issues with mobility, falls, and medication management can be serious safety concerns for elderly individuals. These red flags may indicate that they need more help at home or in a facility.
  6. Isolation and loneliness: Withdrawing from social activities and relationships can signify depression or a need for social support.
  7. Difficulty with managing finances: Struggles with paying bills, mismanaging money, and frequent calls for assistance can indicate that an older or disabled person may need help with financial management.

It is crucial to identify these signs and provide the necessary support and resources to help elderly individuals live safely and comfortably. This may involve working with family members, professional care providers, or local resources to ensure that the elderly person has the support they need.

How To Start Supporting Your Aging Parents

  1. Start a conversation: Talk to your parents about their preferences and expectations for their future. Ask them what they would like to happen if they need help with day-to-day activities or if they become ill. Find out what their wishes are for medical treatment and end-of-life care.
  2. Get organized: Make a list of their medical information, insurance policies, and other important documents. Consider getting power of attorney so you can make decisions for your parents if they cannot.
  3. Assess their needs: Look for signs that your parents may need help with daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, or preparing meals. Consider hiring in-home care or moving them to a care facility if necessary.
  4. Make time for joy: While it’s essential to take care of practical matters, it’s also important to celebrate the joys of aging together. Plan regular visits and trips, and find activities that they both enjoy.
  5. Stay connected: Even if you live far away, technology can help you stay in touch. Encourage your parents to use video calls and email to stay connected with you and their grandchildren.
  6. Seek support: Taking care of aging parents can be emotionally and physically taxing. Make sure to seek help from friends, family, or a support group. It can also be helpful to speak with a therapist who can provide you with tools and strategies for managing stress.

Aging can be difficult, but we can also make it a time of joy and celebration. Remember to communicate openly, get organized, assess your parents’ needs, make time for joy, stay connected, and seek support. By doing so, you can ensure that your aging parents are comfortable at home.

How Can I Get Paid for Caregiving for My Parents?

Family caregiving can be very demanding and emotionally and physically tolling. It can be a source of stress for many caregivers and significantly impact their health, relationships, and financial well-being.

It’s essential for caregivers to prioritize their well-being and to seek support when they need it. This can include talking to friends and family, joining a support group, or seeking help from professional resources like therapists or respite care services.

There are several ways to get paid for caregiving for your parents in Pennsylvania, including:

  1. Private Pay: You can agree with your parents or their family members to provide care for a fee. This is known as private pay and can be a flexible arrangement that meets the needs of both parties.
  2. Medicaid Waiver Programs: Pennsylvania offers programs that can provide funding to pay for care services in the home. You can check with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging or the local Area Agency on Aging to learn more about these programs and how to apply.
  3. In-Home Support Services: Pennsylvania also offers in-home support services through the Home & Community Based Services. These services can provide support with activities of daily living, meal preparation, and light housekeeping.
  4. Long-Term Care Insurance: If your parents have long-term care insurance, they may be eligible to receive benefits to pay for your care services.
  5. Tax Credits: There are also tax credits available for caregivers in Pennsylvania, such as the Caregiver Credit and the Dependent Care Credit. These credits can provide financial relief for caregivers who care for their parents.

Working with a professional is vital to determine the best course of action for you and your family. AmeriBest Home Care can help you navigate the complex regulations and requirements related to paid caregiving. Call 1800-HOMECARE today.

CDPAP: What Is Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program?

consumer directed personal assistance program

When someone you love comes to the point of being unable to wholly care for themselves, the family is faced with the choice between facilities, hiring an aide service, or applying for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPAP) – a program utilized by AmeriBest Home Care in coordination with Medicaid. All three of our offices in Philadelphia, PA, Harrisburg, PA, and Allentown, PA, can assist you in this matter.

The difference between a hired caregiver and someone hired through CDPAP is simple, familiarity. The CDPAP allows close family members of trusted friends to become a caregiver. Note this is a paying position. When you utilize Consumer-Directed Care, you have peace of mind that comes from knowing the person in your home regularly throughout the week. Better still, they’ll likely have some familiarity with your loved one, which makes that person feel more at ease.

Perhaps someone you know has already provided ongoing care freely to give you time away to do other things. AmeriBest can train that person. In this situation, CDPAP maintains continuity of care for the individual in need.

A Closer Look at The CDPAP Program

The Consumer-Directed program is part of Medicaid aimed at decreasing the cost of care among seniors. There are a few rules as to who you can choose as a caregiver, however. A spouse cannot receive compensation under this program with the exceptions of: New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, California, and Washington. Why? Because from a legal standpoint, spouses are already responsible for each other.

A person seeking to utilize the CDPAP program must be eligible for Medicaid. Under Medicaid, they must also meet the criteria for personal care, certified home health care, or private duty nursing. Finally, an individual’s physician must provide an order using designated paperwork. There is yet one more step.

When a person qualifies for CDPAP services, a qualified professional comes to your home, determining the level of need. Afterward, you’ll be notified of how many hours a week your loved one can work and get paid. This is a firm number (no wiggle room).

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program Benefits

CDPAP provides a level of familiarity and rapport that takes weeks (if not months) to establish with a professional aide. Being part of the family, the caregiver already understands dynamics and the “lingo.” They recognize the people who may arrive at their doorstep.

Once in place, CDPAP permits your friend or family member a flexible schedule. You will coordinate hours with them directly. You can also create an “in-house” plan of care, outlining the expectations of your caregiver (family or not, this is important).

How AmeriBest Home Care Helps

Even the best in-home health care agency doesn’t fit all molds and situations. As the demand for caregivers grows, having someone you already know becomes an ideal solution. Plus, individuals on the CDPAP have a support consultant. They bridge the individual and the program, ensuring ongoing requirements are met. AmeriBest does that, and we also take care of their wage processing.

We are sure you have questions, and our professionals are happy to answer them. You can contact us at any of our three offices:

Philadelphia, PA  215-925-3313

Harrisburg, PA 717-545-2920

Allentown, PA 610-596-9070

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