Home Caregivers in Allentown, PA: Personalized and Compassionate Support for Seniors

Home Care in Allentown, PA: The Benefits of Personalized and Compassionate Support for Seniors

As we age, our bodies and minds change. While much of this change is a beautiful part of life, it can also come with challenges to our ability to carry out daily activities. This is especially true for seniors who live with chronic illness or disability. Fortunately, personalized care by AmeriBest Home Caregivers Allentown, PA, offers seniors the assistance they need to live independent lives.

What Is Personalized Care?

Personalized home care is tailored care provided to seniors in their own homes. Caregivers provide the specific services that seniors need so that they can live independently and care for themselves. Because it is personalized, home care can look different for different seniors.

Some of the services that providers like AmeriBest Home Care offer Allentown seniors include:

Companionship Caregiver Services

These services help seniors who live alone avoid isolation and loneliness. Caregivers engage seniors in physical and mental activities. They also provide company and conversation during meals and build a bond with seniors.

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are activities like dressing, bathing, grooming, and feeding that can become more challenging as we age. For example, a senior with a disability may need assistance with toileting and bathing but be able to groom themselves and prepare their own meals. Tailored care ensures that a caregiver assists with only the activities that a senior needs, leaving them with the freedom and energy to do other activities on their own.

Medication Management

If your loved one has a chronic health condition, they have multiple medications they need to keep up with. A home health aide can help seniors manage their daily prescription medications as well as any other vitamins or supplements their doctor recommends. They can also help seniors keep up with refill reminders.

Home Safety

A personalized home care provider also helps assess a senior’s home for potential risks and hazards. They can make necessary adjustments, such as providing mobility aids and installing handrails.

Nutritional Support

A balanced diet is important to an aging body. Unfortunately, limited energy or mobility can make a balanced diet unsustainable for seniors. A home caregiver can assist with meal planning and preparation to ensure that seniors get the nutrition they need.

Transportation Assistance

Personalized home care providers help seniors get around by providing transportation assistance. They accompany seniors to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and other necessary errands.

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Personalizing Home Care

Because your loved one’s needs are unique, what services they need will differ from other seniors. That’s why it’s important to discuss home care options with agencies, to ensure that they can tailor their care to your senior’s needs. Tailored care means that your loved one can live with independence and dignity as they age without worrying about safety, health, or daily needs.

Looking for Home Caregivers in Allentown, PA?

If you’re looking for home health care for you or a loved one, contact us today. One of our program coordinators can discuss your needs and help you select the program and services that are right for you.

Home Care Assistance in Harrisburg: Enabling Independence and Quality of Life for Seniors      

Home Care Assistance in Harrisburg, PA

Aging affects every aspect of our lives, including physical health, mental well-being, and social connections. It can also lead to a decline in physical and mental health. At AmeriBest Home Care, we believe in enabling seniors to live quality, independent lives by providing home care assistance in Harrisburg, PA. One of the best ways we’ve found to help seniors live independently is to promote regular physical activity.

The Benefits of Physical Activity

Regular physical activity improves physical health outcomes, including reduced risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It also leads to better mobility, balance, and flexibility, which are crucial for maintaining independence as we age.

Physical activity also has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing. It can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve cognitive function, and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Regular physical activity has also been shown to improve sleep quality, which is increasingly important as we get older.

Physical activity also improves social connections. From daily walks in the community to exercise classes and groups, physical exercise provides additional opportunities for seniors to meet and engage with others in their community. This contact reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation in older adults.

Home Care Assistance in Harrisburg, PA

How Home Care Helps Incorporate Physical Activity into Daily Life

Home care aides can help seniors incorporate physical activity into daily life with ease. Caregivers can help seniors find enjoyable and sustainable activities. They can also provide companionship for activities like,

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Gardening
  • Dancing
  • Yoga

Caregivers can also help seniors engage in strength-training activities that improve strength and balance. They can also help seniors gradually increase their physical activity so that they don’t injure themselves or take on too much too quickly.

Are You Looking for Home Care Assistance in Harrisburg?

Regular physical activity can have numerous benefits for older adults, including improved physical and mental health and social connections. Finding the right activity is key, and an AmeriBest Home Care assistant can help. Contact us today. One of our program coordinators can discuss your needs and help you select the program and services that are right for you.

Home Care vs Facility-Based Assisted Living in Philadelphia PA: Making the Right Choice

Home Care vs Facility-Based Assisted Living in Philadelphia PA

As your loved one ages, you want to ensure that you do what’s best for them. This is especially true if they live with a chronic health condition or disability. The decision between home care and an assisted living community is challenging, as both services provide advantages for seniors who require assisted living in Philadelphia, PA. Let’s look at what home care offers and why it may be the right choice for your loved one.


What Is an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living is full-time, long-term care that provides care for seniors on-site. These provide care for those who need a lot of assistance with daily living but don’t need the medical assistance provided by a nursing home. Assisted living residents share common areas but generally have their own private residences. They also have access to services like housekeeping, transportation, and recreational activities.

Home Сare VS Assisted Living in Philadelphia PA: Making the Right Choice


What is Home Care?

Home care involves a senior living at home, either alone or with family members. A caregiver visits on a regular basis to provide needed personal care, housekeeping assistance, or minor medical needs. Because home care can be tailored to a senior’s specific needs, seniors can receive the same level of care in their home that they would receive from an assisted living facility.


What Are the Benefits In-Home Care over Assisted Living in Philadelphia?

Both home care and assisted living provide Philadelphia seniors with benefits as they age. The right option depends on your loved one’s needs. However, home care does provide unique benefits to seniors, including,


Aging at Home

Home care services allow seniors to age in their own homes, close to friends, family, and their community. This, in turn, decreases a senior’s likelihood of experiencing loneliness and isolation.

Home Сare VS Assisted Living in Philadelphia PA: Making the Right Choice for Your Loved Ones' Health, Happiness, and Comfort

Home Care is Customizable

Because home care takes place at the senior’s home, the care is fully customizable. Seniors can receive only the services they need and find the right person to provide those services.


Home Care Is More Affordable than Assisted Living

Assisted living comes with a larger price tag than home care services. This is in part because they come with 24-hour care and on-site services (which your loved one may not necessarily need or want). Because you only pay for the services you need with home care, the costs are as customizable as the services you receive.


Home Care Provides Relief for Family Caregivers

Often family members are seniors’ primary caregivers. However, you often need time for yourself, whether for the doctor, your partner, or just downtime for self-care. Home care provides valuable respite care for primary caregivers to ensure they meet their own physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Home Сare VS Assisted Living in Philadelphia PA: Making the Right Choice for Your Loved Ones' Health, Happiness, and Comfort

Home Care Provides Companionship

One concern families have when a senior wants to age at home is that they may experience isolation. Home care services include companionship services, ensuring that seniors have someone to bond with and enjoy activities and meals with.


Are You Looking for Home Care or Assisted Living in Philadelphia, PA?

At AmeriBest Home Care, we want to empower you to choose the right care for you or your loved one. Whether you’re caring for elderly parents or someone with a disability, it’s important to consider your options carefully. Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our program coordinators.


Home Health Aide Allentown, PA: Maintain Health and Independence

Living independently is closely linked to older adults’ overall health and well-being. However, remaining independent as we age can be a challenge. Fortunately, agencies like AmeriBest Home Care employ home health aide Allentown, PA, that can help you or your aging loved one maintain independence.

Promote Safety with a Home Health Aide Allentown PA

If your aging loved one lives with limited mobility or a chronic illness or if they’ve recently been injured or are recovering from surgery, safety is a primary concern. Home health aides help to ensure that seniors can navigate their homes safely. This includes,

  • Securing rugs
  • Installing handrails in bathrooms
  • Assisting in the repair of uneven flooring
  • Providing walkers and other mobility aids

Home health caregivers can also help ensure that rooms have adequate lighting, set up night lights in halls and bathrooms, and routinely check batteries in smoke detectors. They can also assist seniors with many household chores so that homes remain neat and free of clutter.

Home Health Aides Encourage Connections for Seniors

Independent living doesn’t have to mean living in solitude. Home health aides provide valuable companionship to seniors who live alone. They can also provide transportation assistance to help seniors visit family and engage with their communities. They also encourage the use of technology so that seniors can stay connected with family who live out of state.

Seeing to a Senior’s Health Needs

In addition to companionship and home care needs, home health caregivers can help seniors with their health care needs. This often comes in the form of,

  • Personal care to help seniors maintain good hygiene
  • Meal planning and preparation to ensure a balanced diet
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation for doctor visits
  • Keeping records of the senior’s activities and daily health

Feeling powerless in the face of aging is a fear many of us have. Home health care helps seniors live independently. By assisting with important daily activities, they ensure that seniors’ needs are met. They can also provide a voice for seniors, encouraging them to speak up to family and medical professionals about their needs. Home health aides can also be an advocate for seniors’ needs, helping to ensure they maintain their independence.

Are You Looking for a Home Health Aide Allentown PA?

If you’re looking for home health care for you or a loved one, contact us today. One of our program coordinators can discuss your needs and help you select the program and services that are right for you.

Elderly Care in Harrisburg, PA: How to Find the Best Support and Services for Aging Adults

Has your aging loved one expressed a desire to age at home, but you worry about their care and safety? In our modern age, family members aren’t always able to serve as primary caregivers for their aging loved ones. For those who started their families later, they still have young children they’re caring for. Others have careers and financial responsibilities that demand too much of their time. In many cases, they simply live too far away from their loved ones to be a caregiver. If you need elderly care in Harrisburg, PA for your loved one, it’s important to know what to look for and how to find the best services.

Plan Ahead for Senior Home Care in Harrisburg, PA

The first step to finding elderly care services is to plan before you need them. Consider what you or your loved one may need as you age and how your living situation might change. Will you age in the home you live in, or do you plan to move into a smaller home or apartment? Do you have a chronic health condition that will create complications as you age? You should also consider your family history and how your parents and grandparents age.

If you’re approaching this as you need home care for yourself or a loved one, these are still key questions to ask.

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What Support Does Your Loved One Need to Age at Home?

Once you’re looking at the reality of aging at home, it’s important to consider what your loved one needs to live independently. You have many choices for elderly care in Harrisburg, PA. Knowing what your loved one needs will help you make the right choices. It’s important that you,

  • Talk to your loved one about their needs and concerns.
  • Look at their personal care routines and if they need assistance with them.
  • Consider the household chores they have, including shopping, and determine if they need help with them.
  • Look at their diet and dietary needs.
  • Take into account their health and medical care needs.
  • Look at their financial situation to see what they (and you) can afford and what financial support options are available to them.
  • Consider their community activities and if they have regular access to family and friends.

Match Needs with Resources

In some cases, your loved one may have most or all the resources they need to age at home. If they don’t have a chronic illness or limited mobility, for example, they may not need additional assistance with household chores or personal care (however, you should still plan). If they are part of a religious organization, they may have volunteers around them willing to help with household chores, transportation, or even personal care needs. They may have family members around them that can serve as part-time or even full-time caregivers.

As you consider your loved one’s homecare needs, it’s important that you take these resources into account. You empower your loved one to stay connected to family and community, which leads to better outcomes when aging at home. You also help them focus on what additional services they may need to ensure all their needs are met.

Are You Looking for Home Health Care in Harrisburg, PA?

If you’re looking for home health care for you or a loved one, contact us today. One of our program coordinators can discuss your needs and help you select the program and services that are right for you.


Navigating Medicare in Philadelphia, PA: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Health Insurance Options

Did you know that Medicare covers almost 3 million Pennsylvania residents? In addition to Traditional Medicare, seniors have at least 50 Medicare Advantage plans available to them, which can seem overwhelming. At AmeriBest Home Care, we strive to help seniors make the best choices for their home and health care. Here is our comprehensive guide to your options available through Medicare in Philadelphia PA.

Medicare Philadelphia PA: Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare, or Traditional Medicare, includes hospitalization insurance (Part A) and medical insurance (Part B). The government pays for healthcare costs and a beneficiary can obtain care anywhere in the country so long as they accept Medicare. With Medicare Part A, if you or your spouse paid into Medicare through your wages, coverage is typically free. Medicare Part B typically has a monthly premium.

Original Medicare Part A and B cover hospitalization and most outpatient services. However, it doesn’t cover prescription drugs. Likewise, it doesn’t cover dental care or routine vision care.

Medicare Advantage is a private coverage alternative to Original Medicare. Where Original Medicare only includes hospitalization and medical coverage, Medicare Advantage often includes prescription coverage (Part D), as well as other supplemental benefits such as vision and dental.

Because Medicare Advantage is managed through private insurers, consumers have multiple options for coverage, based on their needs and services available in their area including HMOs (health maintenance organizations) and PPOs (preferred provider organizations).

Advantage plans cover the essential services of Medicare Part A and Part B. However, Advantage plans don’t cover hospice care. Fortunately, Original Medicare covers hospice, even if you’re enrolled in Medicare Advantage.

The costs for Medicare Advantage vary based on the insurance provider. Some plans offer integrated Part D, meaning that beneficiaries only pay premiums for Part B, just as they would with Original Medicare. While premiums are widely variable, they’re often less expensive for consumers than Original Medicare with the addition of Medigap coverage. When considering cost, it’s important to look at the out-of-pocket costs on Medicare Advantage plans, as these establish how much a patient must pay for care before Medicare picks up the costs.

How to Choose from Home Health Care Agencies in Allentown, PA



Medigap is supplemental coverage that helps to pick up the gaps left behind by Medicare Part A and Part B. This includes covering co-pays and deductibles as well as plans that cover emergency expenses when traveling outside of the country. If you’re enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, you can purchase Medigap coverage.


Medicaid is a government-funded program that provides low-income and disabled Americans with health insurance coverage. Seniors who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, may receive full benefits under both programs (known as full-benefit dual-eligibles) or have Medicare but receive Medicaid to help pay expenses like Medicare premiums (called partial duals).

Are You Considering Options for Medicare in Philadelphia, PA?

At AmeriBest Home Care, we want to empower you to choose the right plan and care for you or your loved one. Whether you’re caring for elderly parents or someone with a disability, it’s important to consider your options carefully. Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our program coordinators.

How to Choose from Home Health Care Agencies in Harrisburg, PA

It’s important to choose the home health services that you need, whether for yourself or for your senior loved one. With so many providers to choose from, how do you choose from the home health care agencies in Harrisburg, PA? Let’s look at what you should consider when choosing a provider for yourself or your loved one.

A Checklist of Questions

As you consider providers, it’s important to ask the right questions to help you judge their services. Here are some questions you should include in your checklist.

  • How long has the provider been serving the community?
  • Do they provide literature that explains their services, eligibility, cost, fees, and funding?
  • Do they have a “Patient’s Bill of Rights” and what does it contain?
  • Do they have an annual report for the public or other educational materials for the public to review?
  • How do they select and train their employees?
  • What credentials and certifications do they require of employees?
  • Does it provide personnel policies, benefits, and malpractice insurance?
  • How do they go about evaluating a patient’s needs? Who do they speak with to determine specific needs?
  • Does the provider include the patient and family members in creating a care plan?
  • How does the provider handle request to change the care plan?
  • Do the patient and family receive a copy of the care plan?
  • Are treatments and tasks documented?
  • Do caregivers educate the patient and family members about the care being administered?
  • Do supervisors oversee patient care? How often?
  • Who can the patient or family contact with concerns, questions, or complaints?
  • How does the provider resolve problems or follow up on concerns?
  • What are the emergency procedures that caregivers follow?
  • If necessary, are caregivers available 24/7?
  • What are the financial procedures of the provider?
  • Is there a statement explaining costs and fees provided to the patient and family?
  • What are payment options?
  • Does the agency provide education or guidance regarding financial and health care assistance?
  • How does the agency ensure patient privacy and confidentiality?
  • What references can the agency provide?

When you receive references, be sure to follow up on them. Ask them questions like,

  • Do you frequently refer clients to this provider?
  • Do you have a contractual relationship with the provider and do you require that they provide a certain quality of care?
  • Have you received feedback from other patients about this provider and what kind of feedback did you receive?

How to Choose from Home Health Care Agencies in Harrisburg, PA

Assessing Home Health Care Agencies in Harrisburg, PA

Once you’ve received answers to the questions on your checklist, it’s important to review them with your loved one, family, and their physician. Determine what questions are most important to the needs of your loved one. If you’re unhappy with the answers that you received, then the agency may not be the right choice for you. Interview multiple agencies to match the services and care they offer with what your loved one needs.

Looking for a Top-Rated Home Care in Harrisburg, PA?

If you’re looking for home health care for you or a loved one, contact us today. One of our program coordinators can discuss your needs and help you select the program and services that are right for you.

Looking for a Home Health Caregiver in Allentown, PA? Consider AmeriBest!

As we age, we often require more assistance and care, especially if we have health conditions that limit our mobility and ability to perform daily tasks. While nursing homes and assisted living facilities may seem like a great option, many seniors prefer to remain in their own homes, surrounded by their familiar environment and loved ones. This is where home care services come in. If you’re looking for a home health caregiver in Allentown, PA – we’ll be happy to help!

Who Is AmeriBest Home Care?

AmeriBest Home Care is a licensed home care agency that has been providing compassionate and reliable home care services to seniors and people with disabilities in Pennsylvania for over a decade. Our mission is simple but important to us and the families we serve: to improve the quality of life for our clients and their families by providing personalized care that meets their individual needs and preferences.

Our ability to meet this mission lies in our team of caregivers. We carefully screen and select our caregivers to ensure that they have the right skills, experience, and personality to provide exceptional care. All caregivers undergo extensive background checks, reference checks, and training before they are assigned to a client, even if it’s their loved one or a family member. This ensures that clients receive care from knowledgeable and trustworthy caregivers who are dedicated to their well-being.

Home Health Caregiver in Allentown, PA

Quality Services from a Home Health Caregiver in Allentown, PA

AmeriBest Home Care offers a wide range of home care services in Allentown PA, including,

  • Personal care services include assistance with
    • Bathing
    • Grooming
    • Toileting
    • Dressing
    • Other activities of daily living
  • Companion care services including
    • Companionship
    • Transportation
    • Meal preparation
    • Light housekeeping
    • Medication reminders
  • Respite care services providing temporary relief to family caregivers

In addition to our high-quality care services, AmeriBest Home Care also offers a variety of resources and support to our clients and their families. We provide regular updates and communication to keep clients and their families informed about their care and progress. We also offer info help, advice and local resources to help clients and their families better understand and manage their health conditions.

A Commitment to Care

AmeriBest Home Care is committed to providing accessible home care services to all who need them. We accept a variety of payment options, including Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay. We also offer free consultations to help clients and their families determine the best care plan for their needs and financial situation.

Are You Looking for Home Health Care in Allentown, PA?

If you’re looking for home health care for you or a loved one, contact us today. One of our program coordinators can discuss your needs and help you select the program and services that are right for you.

Independent Living in Philadelphia, PA: The What, How, Cost, and Alternatives

Independent Living in Philadelphia, PA: The What, How, Cost, and Alternatives

If you or a loved one is aging, you may be looking for alternatives. Should you consider aging at home or an assisted living facility? What about independent living in Philadelphia PA? At AmeriBest Home Care, we’re committed to educating our communities on the alternatives available to them. Let’s look at the option of independent living and what it entails.

What Is Independent Living?

Independent living is a housing arrangement aimed at seniors aged 55 and older. These are living communities that offer services and amenities that seniors generally need as they age. While specifics vary by community, they typically offer,

  • Home maintenance
  • Transportation services
  • Security
  • Meal plans

Who Is Independent Living Ideal for?

For seniors who want to live independently and don’t need assistance with daily living activities, independent living is a good alternative. It provides additional security and allows seniors to live in neighborhoods with other seniors.

Independent Living in Philadelphia, PA: The What, How, Cost, and Alternatives

What Is the Cost of Independent Living?

The cost of independent living varies across different communities. In retirement communities, residents typically have the option to either rent or buy their homes, in addition to paying a monthly fee that covers maintenance and amenities, similar to a homeowner’s association fee.

On the other hand, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCSRs) may charge additional fees, as they have nursing staff and provide dining credits, among other things. Prospective residents are often required to pay a large entrance fee to reserve a space and gain access to medical care, with monthly fees after moving in potentially reaching as high as $5,000. Whether CCSR is a suitable option depends on factors such as whether the individual lives alone or with someone else and the level of care they require, as well as whether they can afford the entrance fee and monthly fees. (Source)

Do Medicaid and Medicare Pay for Independent Living in Philadelphia PA?

Medicaid and Medicare don’t cover the costs for independent living communities. However, seniors who need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) may qualify for financial assistance programs to help cover their care costs.

Independent Living in Philadelphia, PA: The What, How, Cost, and Alternatives

What Are the Alternatives to Independent Living?

Independent living isn’t the right choice for everyone. Fortunately, seniors have other options to independent living communities. Depending on a senior’s needs, some of these alternatives may be covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Assisted living facilities provide a high level of care for seniors. While the highest cost option, the facilities can be the best choice for seniors who are unable to live independently and need 24-hour care.

Home care services allow seniors to age at home without needing to move to an independent community. Service providers like AmeriBest Home Care provide a variety of services that help seniors manage everything from meals and personal care to transportation.

Living with the family is another option for aging seniors. For seniors who are able to live independently without personal assistance, living with a child or other relative allows them to stay in their communities and close to family. Often family members will provide care when a senior loved one needs daily living assistance. For these caregivers, providers like AmeriBest Home Care can provide respite care to allow them to see to emergencies and other needs.

Are You Looking for Home Care or Independent Living in Philadelphia?

At AmeriBest Home Care, we want to empower you to choose the right care for you or your loved one. Whether you’re caring for elderly parents or someone with a disability, it’s important to consider your options carefully. Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our program coordinators.

Senior Services in PA: April Is National Minority Health Month

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It’s April, a month for gentle showers, planting flowers, and focusing on elderly and disabled people in minority communities. Yes, it’s National Minority Health Month. Let’s look at the unique challenges minorities face and how senior services in PA can help.

The Origins of National Minority Health Month

This month’s awareness focus has its origins in 1915, when Booker T. Washington sought to bring health awareness to African American communities. In 2002, the US Congress officially recognized his efforts and designated April as National Minority Health Month. The purpose of this month is to,

  • Build awareness about the disproportionate burden of illness and premature death among people of color
  • Encourage action through education, detection, and treatment

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Why Addressing Health Disparities Matters

A 2011 study found that if preventable diseases such as hypertension and stroke were addressed in Latino and African American communities to the same degree as they were in non-Latino white communities, we would save almost $24 billion dollars in health care costs. While the amount of money alone is staggering, it points to something far more important: the number of people who suffer and die because of disparities in our healthcare system.

These are problems that persist over ten years after this study, as people of color are still more likely to be ignored or have their concerns dismissed. For example, black women are more likely to have complaints about pain being ignored compared to white women, which contributes to black women being more likely to die in childbirth compared to white women. Considering the risks that people of all ethnic and racial groups face as they age, such as osteoporosis and the increased risk of injury from falls, you can see how this disparity in treatment can result in poor outcomes for people of color.

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How Senior Services in PA Help Overcome Health Care Disparities

At AmeriBest Home Care, we ensure that our caregivers provide help for seniors in Philadelphia that addresses all their concerns. As we tailor our services to the individual needs of patients and families, we listen to not only understand the care services they want but the care they receive currently and in the past from other health providers. Through attention and care, in-home care professionals can help seniors get the healthcare they need by,

  • Ensuring healthcare providers understand the severity and impact of the condition in question
  • Noting and relating symptoms that a patient displays regularly that they may not consider
  • Acting as an advocate for care
  • Supporting the prescribed care plan and delivering care at home

Are You Looking for Help for Seniors in Philadelphia, PA?

At AmeriBest Home Care, we want to empower you to choose the right care for you or your loved one. Whether you’re caring for elderly parents or someone with a disability, it’s important to consider your options carefully. Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our program coordinators.

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