Honoring Our Caregivers on National Caregivers Day

Dear Caregivers,

Today, on National Caregivers Day, we pause to express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who tirelessly dedicate your time, energy, and love to caring for your loved ones. Whether you’re a family member, a friend, or a professional caregiver, your selfless commitment to providing care makes a profound difference in the lives of those you support.

Did you know that caregiving is more prevalent than ever before? With an aging population and increasing instances of chronic illnesses, the demand for caregivers has skyrocketed. In fact, statistics show that nearly 53 million Americans are providing unpaid care to an adult or child with special needs. This staggering number highlights the crucial role caregivers play in our society.

In Pennsylvania, caregiving holds a special significance within the fabric of communities. Our state’s rich history and diverse population foster an environment where caregiving flourishes. From Philadelphia to Harrisburg to Allentown, caregivers in Pennsylvania come from all walks of life, united by their dedication to providing compassionate care to those in need.

At AmeriBest Home Care, we also understand the sacrifices that come with caregiving. We recognize the physical, emotional, and financial toll it can take on individuals and families. That’s why we’re here to offer support every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive home care services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and their caregiver.

We know the importance of financial stability, especially for those who have chosen caregiving as a profession. That’s why we offer competitive compensation packages and opportunities for professional growth and development. We believe that caregivers deserve to be valued and rewarded for their hard work and dedication, and we’re happy to stand by your side in doing so.

On this special day and every day, we want to extend our deepest thanks to all caregivers for the hard work you do. Your compassion, patience, and resilience inspire us every day. Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. AmeriBest Home Care is here to support you. Call 1800-HOMECARE with any questions!

Thank you for all that you do.


AmeriBest Home Care

Making the Most of Family Time with Personal Home Care Services in Allentown PA

personal home care services allentown pa

Families can bond and stay together longer with personal home care services in Allentown, PA. Read on to find out how to make the most of family time this winter, and how we can be of help!

Magic Moments

Here’s how personal home care services promote healthy family time:

Improve Mental Health: Seniors receiving home care are in a more positive mental space. Aides provide companionship, their company reduces feelings of anxiety and depression.

Boost Physical Wellness: Caregivers oversee their client’s physical health. They ensure that they eat a healthy diet and get some exercise. They provide medication reminders to keep them in line with their treatment plan. As a result, seniors are in better shape for family gatherings and beyond.

Family Members Stay Close: Families often place seniors in assisted living facilities far from their relatives. Older adults who get home care can stay close by, benefiting everybody!

Families are More Involved in Care Decisions: When seniors receive in-home care, families can be more involved in care-related decisions. They can work with their relatives to decide the best course of action. This process often brings families closer.

Families Can Provide Care Part Time: At times, families offer part-time care to their relatives, aiming to provide support, maintain connections, receive compensation for caregiving, and enhance outcomes for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Increases Independence: Home care promotes senior independence, fostering a sense of happiness in their familial surroundings. This independence, in turn, diminishes reliance on family members, alleviating strain on relationships.

Become a Caregiver to Strengthen the Bond

Some families choose to save money and provide family caregiving as needed. Allentown, PA residents who make this decision can enjoy more bonding moments with their relatives, but it can also cause issues as unpaid family caregivers are often stressed out. They may have to miss work to care for their loved ones, losing wages, benefits, and opportunities.

AmeriBest offers a solution. We provide opportunities for family members to get paid to care for their senior relatives. People who apply can receive competitive pay, bonuses, and flexible hours, take advantage of ongoing training opportunities, and more.

AmeriBest Offers High-Quality Personal Home Care Services in Allentown, PA

AmeriBest does more than offer opportunities to get paid for taking care of family. We also provide non-medical home care services. Our staff offers meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation assistance, medication reminders, and more. We improve your loved one’s well-being so you can enjoy more terrific family moments.

Contact us to learn more about our senior in-home care services in Allentown, PA. Discover how we can help bring your family together.

How to Find a Reliable Caregiver Home Health Aide in Harrisburg, PA

caregiver home health aide harrisburg pa

As a family caregiver, you know how difficult it is to be present everywhere and take care of everything. You need a break, so you start searching for an agency to provide home health care services to your loved one in need. But if you are new to the home care industry, you may not know what to look for in caregivers and the agencies that employ them. This article will review how to find a reliable caregiver home health aide in Harrisburg, PA!

What to Look for in Home Health Care Services in Harrisburg, PA

Caregiver Screening

Choose an agency that screens its caregivers to ensure they have clean background checks.

Continuous Training

Many agencies require their caregivers to have specific training under their belt before they hire them. Some may even require their caregivers to become certified. The agency you choose should provide a staff of highly skilled workers and sufficient support.

Online Reviews

Online reviews will give you an idea of what to expect when you work with the agency. Pick an agency with mostly good reviews and expertise in the services you require.

Works with State Programs

Pennsylvania offers several programs that allow seniors to receive free or low-cost healthcare, hire a home care agency that works with the state various insurance companies.

Accepts All Insurances

If you plan to pay for home care with insurance, naturally you need to find a home health care provider near me that accepts your plan.

Caring and Compassionate

Care and compassion are essential in the home care industry. Work with an agency that focuses on care and compassion in the services they provide and fosters a positive, nurturing work environment.

Years in Business

Choose an agency that has plenty of years of experience under its belt. An experienced provider will have a built reputation for serving their community, they will know how to handle any challenges in the care spectrum as none of them are new!

Opportunities to Get Paid to Care for Loved Ones

Many agencies offer training so you can get paid to care for your loved ones. The training reduces the financial burden of elder care as it opens doors for new career opportunities!

Customized Care

The agency should provide customized care suited to your loved one’s needs, and work with your schedule to ensure your relative gets the care they need when they need it. Still looking for a caregiver/home health aide in Harrisburg, PA?

AmeriBest is a Top-Rated, Reliable Provider of Home Care Services in Harrisburg, PA

AmeriBest offers reliable in-home care to Harrisburg families in need. We screen our caregivers carefully. Our well-trained team members are caring and compassionate. And our customer reviews speak for themselves!

We work with Community Health Care Choice to keep costs low. We also accept several types of insurance. Families can relieve their financial burden by training to care for their loved ones through our comprehensive program.

Contact us to find the reliable care your loved one deserves.

Is Your Loved One the Right Candidate for Assisted Living in Philadelphia, PA?

assisted living philadelphia pa

As your loved one gets older, they may need additional care. At this point, many families will have to decide between a nursing home and assisted living facility. An AARP study shows that most seniors prefer to age in place. However, some conditions may require a nursing home community. So, what’s right for YOU? Let’s find out! This article will examine the pros and cons of nursing care and assisted living in Philadelphia, PA.

What are the Benefits of Assisted Living in Philadelphia, PA?

Assisted living in Philadelphia, like in many other places, offers several benefits for seniors seeking a supportive and enriching living environment:

  • Professional Care and Assistance:

Trained staff is available around the clock to assist with daily activities, medication management, and healthcare needs.

  • Safety and Security:

Assisted living facilities are designed with safety in mind, including features like emergency call systems, secure entrances, and staff monitoring.

  • Socialization Opportunities:

Residents have ample chances to engage in social activities, fostering companionship and reducing feelings of isolation.

  • Nutritious Meals:

Regular, balanced meals are typically provided, accommodating dietary needs and preferences.

  • Housekeeping and Maintenance:

Many assisted living facilities handle housekeeping and maintenance tasks, allowing residents to focus on enjoying their time.

  • Transportation Services:

Facilities often offer transportation for medical appointments, shopping, and other outings.

  • Structured Activities and Programs:

Assisted living communities organize various activities, classes, and events to keep residents mentally and physically active.

  • Personalized Care Plans:

Tailored care plans are developed for each resident, ensuring that individual needs are met and preferences are considered.

  • Respite for Family Caregivers:

Assisted living can provide relief for family members who may have been acting as primary caregivers, offering them peace of mind.

  • Access to Medical Services:

Many assisted living facilities have partnerships with healthcare providers, making it easier for residents to access medical services on-site.

  • Beautiful Surroundings:

Philadelphia boasts a rich history and diverse culture, providing a vibrant backdrop for assisted living residents to explore and enjoy.

  • Fitness and Wellness Programs:

Regular exercise and wellness activities are often incorporated into daily schedules to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Memory Care Services:

For those with memory-related conditions, some facilities offer specialized memory care programs with staff trained in dementia care.

  • Independence with Support:

Assisted living strives to promote independence by providing support where needed, allowing residents to maintain a sense of control over their lives.

  • Cultural and Recreational Opportunities:

Philadelphia’s cultural richness offers residents opportunities to attend concerts, museums, and other events that contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle.

  • Pets Allowed:

Many assisted living facilities are pet-friendly, recognizing the positive impact of animal companionship on well-being.

  • Financial Flexibility:

Assisted living options often come with various pricing structures, allowing residents to choose a plan that fits their budget.

  • Peace of Mind for Families:

Families can feel reassured knowing that their loved ones are in a secure and supportive environment, receiving the care they need.

assisted living philadelphia pa

The Downsides of Assisted Living in Philadelphia

While assisted living offers numerous obvious benefits, it’s crucial to consider potential downsides as well. The challenges can vary based on individual preferences and needs, but here are some common considerations:

  • The Cost:

Assisted living can be expensive, and not all individuals may have the financial means to cover the associated fees.

  • Loss of Independence:

Some seniors may perceive the move to assisted living as a loss of independence, as they are no longer solely responsible for their living arrangements.

  • Limited Privacy:

Shared living spaces and communal activities can limit personal privacy, which may be a concern for individuals who value a high degree of solitude.

  • Adjustment Period:

It can take time for seniors to adjust to a new living environment, and the process may be emotionally challenging.

  • Healthcare Services Limitations:

While assisted living facilities provide certain healthcare services, they may not be equipped to handle complex medical needs, and residents might need to transition to a higher level of care if their health declines significantly.

  • Staffing Levels:

Staffing levels can vary, and in some cases, there may be limitations on the number of caregivers available, potentially impacting the level of attention each resident receives.

  • Potential for Social Isolation:

While assisted living facilities aim to foster socialization, some residents may still experience feelings of isolation, especially if they struggle to engage in group activities.

  • Limited Flexibility in Daily Routine:

The structured nature of assisted living may not suit everyone, as it can limit the flexibility of daily routines compared to living independently.

  • Quality Varies Between Facilities:

The quality of assisted living facilities can vary widely, and it’s important for individuals and their families to thoroughly research and visit potential options.

  • Distance from Family and Friends:

Moving to an assisted living facility may mean being farther away from family and friends, which can be emotionally challenging for both the resident and their loved ones.

  • Potential for Staff Turnover:

High staff turnover can impact the continuity of care and the relationships formed between residents and caregivers.

  • Rules and Regulations:

Some residents may find the rules and regulations of assisted living facilities restrictive, affecting their lifestyle preferences.

  • Limited Control over Environment:

Residents may have limited control over their living environment, as changes to policies, roommates, or communal spaces are typically managed by the facility.

  • Possibility of Facility Closure:

Facilities may close or change ownership, potentially requiring residents to relocate.

It’s important for individuals and their families to thoroughly research and visit potential assisted living facilities, ask questions, and consider the specific needs and preferences of the senior in question.

Additionally, consulting with healthcare professionals and seeking input from current residents can provide valuable insights.

  • Risk of Contagious Diseases:

Communal living in assisted facilities can pose a risk for the spread of contagious diseases, including respiratory infections like COVID-19. Despite stringent health and safety measures, the close proximity of residents may increase the potential for the transmission of illnesses. 

When is In-Home Care Recommended?

Home care is often recommended in situations where individuals require personalized and non-medical assistance within the comfort of their own residences. This option becomes particularly relevant when seniors or individuals with health challenges wish to maintain their independence while still receiving the necessary support.

Home care is a suitable choice for those who need help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and medication management. It’s also beneficial for individuals recovering from surgery or illness, as they can receive focused attention in a familiar environment, promoting a faster and smoother recovery.

Additionally, home care is recommended for those with chronic conditions that don’t necessarily require the comprehensive services provided by a nursing home or assisted living facility, allowing them to age in place with dignity and a sense of autonomy. The personalized nature of home care ensures that individuals receive tailored assistance that meets their specific needs, fostering a higher quality of life.

AmeriBest Home Care is an Agency with Choice

Our valuable clients can choose the services they require, plan a schedule, work with a caregiver that’s suited to their needs. We provide a team of over hundreds well-trained caretakers, making it easy for families to get the care they need.

We also provide opportunities for relatives to get trained and paid to care for their loved ones. They will enjoy a caring work environment, fantastic benefits, competitive pay rates, stable pay, and more.

Contact us to learn more about our home care services. Call 1800-HOMECARE

Personalized Care Plans: Tailoring Home Health Aide Services in Allentown

home health aide services allentown pa

Today’s care providers realize the importance of a personalized approach. Quality care keeps clients happy, healthy and families together. There are several things family caregivers can do to create and access efficient personalized care plans. This article will discuss the customized home health aide services Allentown, PA seniors prefer.

Creating a Personalized Care Plan with Home Health Aide Services in Allentown, PA

Family caregivers can download and fill out a care plan form from the CDC website. It requests the following information:

  • Personal information: This includes the client’s name, birth date, contact, and emergency contact info.
  • Health conditions the client is dealing with
  • Medicines the client is taking, doses, and how often administration is required
  • Health care provider information
  • Health insurance information
  • Caregiver Resources: This includes everything the caregiver needs to know about providing services like transportation, meal preparation, self-care, and more.

The plan ensures everyone is on the same page, making care easier and more streamlined.

Tips for Care Plan Development

Talk to your primary care provider to ensure your care plan is correct. Reach out to family members to get more information.

Review your care plan frequently. Make updates every time there is a change in care.

Use Care and Compassion: Care and compassion may seem like a blanket approach, but it involves a sense of empathy to care, as simple as that.

What are the Benefits of Having a Care Plan?

A good care plan can streamline the home health aide services. Allentown, PA clients and caregivers benefit in the following ways:

  • Reduces Medical Emergencies: Care plans ensure seniors take their medications on time and follow their treatment plans to reduce the risk of emergencies.
  • Better Care: Caregivers who follow a care plan will provide better care to their clients.
  • Higher Caregiver Satisfaction: A care plan lays everything out for the caregiver so they feel less stressed. Win-win!

AmeriBest Offers Personalized Home Care Aide Services in Allentown, PA

AmeriBest strives to provide tailored care plans to our clients. We offer resources and support for each of our client’s individual needs.

We also offer training for family members so they can care for their loved ones. You can’t get more personalized care than that. A family caregiver will know their relatives best. They will ensure the best care possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our customized in-home health care services.

How to Financially Plan for Home Care Assistance in Harrisburg, PA

home care assistance harrisburg pa

Families must plan carefully to maintain a high quality of life for loved ones as they age. Elder care is expensive. Fortunately, some programs offer benefits for home care assistance in Harrisburg, PA.

One program to consider is Medical Assistance and Payment of Long-Term Care Services. The program is available through Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services. This article will explain how to see if you qualify.

What is Medical Assistance and Payment of Long-Term Care Services?

Long Term Care (LTC) services cover home, community-based, and nursing home services. You can apply for LTC and Medicaid Assistance online through the COMPASS website. Or you can mail or give your application to your local county assistance office. The program provides home heating assistance, long-term living services, health care coverage, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and services for children.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for LTC, you must:

  • Have a doctor’s form confirming you require long-term medical services
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a qualified non-citizen
  • Be a Pennsylvania resident
  • Have a social security number

The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The limit for non-money payment (NMP) is 300 percent of the federal benefit rate (FBR) which changes annually.
  • The limit for medically needy only (MNO) is $2500 for semi-annual net income.
  • If your income is more than 300 percent of the FBR limit, you can deduct the cost of 6 months of long-term care to reduce your monthly income

Resource limits for one person are as follows:

  • The resource limit is $2000 with an additional $6000 resource disregard for people with income at or below 300 percent of the FBR
  • The resource limit is $2400 for people with an income above 300 percent of the FBR
  • You may also pay for LTC with your funds and eventually reduce your resources to the Medicaid LTC limits

Get Paid for Caregiving with Home Care Assistance in Harrisburg, PA

Training to become a home aide will also help you afford home health aide services. Harrisburg, PA residents may enroll in a training program with their chosen home care agency. They will get paid to care for their loved ones when they require additional care, as determined by their health care provider. It makes care more affordable and reduces caregiver’s financial losses incurred when they must take off work to care for their loved ones.

AmeriBest offers training for people who wish to get paid to care for their loved ones. We offer competitive pay, impressive benefits, and consistent hours, including holiday and overtime pay. Our caregivers train and work in a supportive environment. You may continue your education through our program to advance your career.

Affording at-home care can be challenging. Check out state programs to learn more about benefit eligibility for home care assistance in Harrisburg, PA. Contact AmeriBest to familiarize yourself with our caregiving options.

We will help you find the solutions best suited to your family situation.

Top Resources for Family Caregivers in Philadelphia, PA

family caregiver philadelphia pa

Spoiler alert! Caring for a loved one is NOT easy. Many caregivers find themselves taking time off work and completing mentally, physically, and financially demanding tasks to ensure their relative’s well-being. Luckily, if you’re a family caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, the state recognizes your hardships and contributions. The government offers support in the form of hands-on and financial assistance. Here are some home and community-based services Philadelphia, PA caregivers should learn more about.

Home and Community-Based Services in Philadelphia, PA

Caregiver Support Program

The Caregiver Support Program supports family caregivers, offering access to respite care, benefits counseling, education and training, and reimbursement for out-of-pocket caregiving expenses. The local Area Agency on Aging administers the program.

Each caregiver who enrolls is assigned a case manager who comes to the home, assesses the care situation, and works out a management plan suited to everyone’s needs.

There are three eligibility categories for the program. However, category one is best suited to most senior needs. The caregiver must be 18 and over. The care receiver must be 60 and over and have deficits. Care is also available for individuals of any age with a cognitive disorder.

You do not have to meet any income requirements to qualify. However, your income will affect your reimbursement amounts.

Eldercare Locator

The U.S. Administration on Aging’s Eldercare website provides information on services for seniors and caregivers nationwide. You can learn more about support services, housing, elder rights, insurance benefits, health, and transportation near you.

Pennsylvania Living Independence for the Elderly (LIFE)

The LIFE Program provides services to seniors with health challenges who wish to continue living independently. It is a Medicare/Medicaid-sponsored program that provides a comprehensive hands-on approach that distinguishes it from other programs. Participants who are eligible for Medicaid or Medicare usually pay nothing for the services.

Follow this link to find a LIFE program in your area.

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS)

The DHS administers services that provide care and support to seniors and other vulnerable Pennsylvania residents. They aim to improve the lives of families and individuals in the community.

Their most relevant program for seniors may be Community Health Choices. It allows Pennsylvania seniors and people with physical disabilities to receive long-term care at home. The program covers expenses through Medicaid.

AmeriBest Offers Home and Community-Based Services in Philadelphia, PA

If you are a family caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, AmeriBest Home Care services can make your life easier! We provide opportunities so you can get paid to care for your loved one. Competitive pay and benefits, a supportive environment, and room for advancement are waiting for you.

Our staff provides various non-medical in-home care services. We offer light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, companionship, and more.

Contact us to learn how we can reduce stress for caregivers and help your loved ones achieve their home health goals.

How to Get Paid to Take Care of a Family Member in Allentown, PA

Get Paid to Take Care of Family Allentown PA

Older adults often require extra care. But hiring a caregiver is expensive. Many families cannot afford home care. As some families choose to care for their loved ones themselves, they often become stressed out by the added responsibility. Some must take off work to provide care, not to mention the financial burden. The loss of income leads to additional financial difficulties, and just like that, your finances are spiraling out of control. Luckily, the state of PA offers a solution to families that struggle while caring for their loved ones. Learn how to get paid to take care of the family in Allentown, PA and get back on track today!

How Can I Get Paid to Take Care of Family in Allentown, PA?

This state program is available to anyone whose loved one requires care. No experience is necessary. Here’s what we have to offer.

  • Competitive Pay: We offer competitive pay rates. Our workers get paid on time. We also offer a DailyPay option for people who need to get paid sooner.
  • Good Benefits: Our caregivers receive health care benefits, paid time off, paid holidays, and a $500 sign-on bonus.
  • Consistent Flexible Hours: Caregivers can look forward to consistent hours and a schedule suited to their lifestyle.
  • Supportive Environment: Workers train in a state-of-the-art facility with a support staff that sees to their needs so they can focus on their clients. We emphasize collaboration and camaraderie.
  • Advancement Opportunities: Aides who become passionate about caregiving can make it into a career. We offer ongoing training and continuing education courses.

What are the Advantages of Caring for a Loved One?

People who get paid to take care of their family can look forward to great pay, terrific benefits, flexible hours, supportive co-workers, and an opportunity to develop a career!

But more than that, they provide customized care to a loved one.

This deeply rewarding experience will offer benefits, such as:

  • Trustworthy Care: Unfortunately, abuse and neglect are common in the home care industry. People who care for their loved ones know they will be in good hands.
  • Bonding Moments: When you care for your loved one, you will have opportunities to bond with them. You will create memories that last a lifetime.
  • Eliminates Financial Hurdles: Many families struggle to pay for home care. The AmeriBest program pays you to care for your loved one. We eliminate home care expenses and provide you with a steady income.

AmeriBest Provides Opportunities to Get Paid to Take Care of Family in Allentown, PA

AmeriBest offers the ideal solution to families struggling to afford home care for their loved ones. We give you the training you need to get paid to take care of the family. Allentown, PA residents can save money and know their senior relatives receive quality care!

And we do more than offer training for caregivers. We also provide great care to those who don’t have a caregiver as well! Choose from various non-medical services, including light housekeeping, transportation assistance, medication reminders, and self-care help, as long as it is state-approved and signed off by your doctor. Please call us at 1800-HOMECARE for more info!

Contact AmeriBest today to learn more about what we have to offer. We will improve the quality of life for you and your family members.


Making the Most of Family Time with Senior In-Home Care Services in Allentown PA

Senior In-Home Care Services Allentown PA

The holiday season has a unique charm that can warm even the coldest of hearts. It’s a time of togetherness, joy, and celebration. For family caregivers providing senior in-home care services in Allentown PA and looking after their elderly loved ones, this season brings both challenges and opportunities.

At AmeriBest Home Care, we understand the significance of spreading not only love and joy, but also SUPPORT during the holidays. In this blog, we’ll explore the art of caregiving during this festive season and share fresh ideas for family-friendly entertainment in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Allentown, PA.

Senior In-Home Care During the Holidays: A Special Bond

Caregiving is a unique experience, often strengthening the bond between the caregiver and their elderly loved one. Here are some tips to make this season special for both of you:

  1. Plan Ahead: Ensure you have a well-thought-out plan to manage your caregiving responsibilities. Coordinate with family members and AmeriBest Home Care to arrange for any respite care if needed.
  2. Incorporate Traditions: Incorporate your loved one’s favorite holiday traditions. Decorating the home, baking their favorite cookies, or simply listening to classic holiday songs can bring back cherished memories.
  3. Embrace the Present: Sometimes, the best gift you can give is your time and PRESENCE. Engage in heartfelt conversations, reminiscing about the past holidays with those they love and loved.
  4. Health and Safety: Keep an eye on their health and safety. Be mindful of their dietary restrictions and medications amidst the holiday feasts.
  5. Gratitude: Encourage an attitude of gratitude. Share what you’re thankful for, and encourage your elderly loved one to do the same.

Fresh Ideas for Family-Friendly Entertainment in Philly, Harrisburg, and Allentown

The Greater Philadelphia and Harrisburg areas offer a plethora of family-friendly entertainment options during the holiday season:


  1. Franklin Square Holiday Festival: This enchanting park transforms into a winter wonderland with thousands of twinkling lights, a holiday market, and a carousel.
  2. Macy’s Christmas Light Show: Head to the historic Macy’s Center City for a captivating light show featuring music and storytelling.
  3. Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps: Recreate the iconic scene from “Rocky” with a family run up the “Rocky Steps,” which are beautifully adorned for the season.


  1. Hersheypark Christmas Candylane: A sweet destination for families, with millions of lights, thrilling rides, and opportunities to meet Santa and his reindeer.
  2. Christmas in Hershey: Immerse yourself in the town’s festive charm with holiday lights, parades, and Christmas-themed shows.
  3. Cocoa Beanery: Visit this cozy spot for hot chocolate, cookies, and a chance to relax by the fire.


  1. Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square: Explore a breathtaking display of holiday lights, fountain shows, and seasonal music.
  2. Koziar’s Christmas Village, Bernville: Wander through this Christmas wonderland featuring countless twinkling lights and festive displays.
  3. A Brandywine Christmas, Chadds Ford: Enjoy holiday festivities at the Brandywine River Museum of Art, including an extensive model train display.

This December, let your caregiving journey be filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments. AmeriBest Home Care is here to support you every step of the way and provide senior in-home care services in Allentown PA that you deserve!

We hope these fresh ideas for family-friendly entertainment in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Allentown bring you and your elderly loved one joy during this special season. Wishing you a heartwarming and peaceful holiday season!

How to Get Paid to Take Care of Your Loved One in Harrisburg, PA

Get Paid to Take Care of Your Loved Ones Harrisburg PA

Our loved ones often need extra care as they get older. When health issues interfere with their ability to perform everyday tasks, a paid caregiver may be necessary. Unfortunately, too many families are unable to afford caregivers! Some choose to provide care themselves. The added responsibility becomes stressful as many must take time off work to care for their loved ones, not to mention how time-consuming caregiving can be. Caregivers are often the “sandwich generation”, caring for both kids and parents (in-laws, grandparents, fill in the blank…) Now listen up because AmeriBest presents a solution – get paid to take care of your loved ones in Harrisburg, PA!

How to Get Paid to Take Care of Your Family Member in Harrisburg, PA

Family members can take care of their family members with no experience necessary. Here’s what our program has to offer:

  • Competitive Pay: Caregivers receive competitive pay rates. Employees can count on getting paid on time. Workers who need money sooner can use our DailyPay option.
  • Great Benefits: We provide fantastic healthcare benefits, paid time off, paid holidays, a $500 sign-on bonus, and more.
  • Consistent Hours: Workers can look forward to consistent, flexible hours.
  • A Team-Oriented Environment: Caregivers train in a collaborative, team-oriented environment. Our support staff will oversee your needs so you can focus on your client. We emphasize pride and camaraderie.
  • Top-Tier Training: Aides train in our state-of-the-art facility.
  • Grow Your Career: We offer ongoing training and additional education so you can expand your career beyond caregiving when you’re ready! We take pride in training and promoting our employees.

What are the Benefits of Caring for Your Elderly Relative Yourself?

Here are some additional benefits you will find when you get paid to take care of your loved one in Harrisburg, PA.

  • A safe environment for your loved one: It’s sad but true: neglect and abuse commonly occur in the adult care industry. When you care for your loved one yourself, you know they are in good hands.
    (Please note: all AmeriBest caregivers are screened and trained)
  • A bonding experience: Caregivers will form a bond with their loved ones. They will make memories that they treasure forever.
  • A better financial outlook: Individuals who care for their loved ones will not incur caregiver costs. They will make income that benefits their financial situation.
  • Job Opportunities: If you discover you enjoy caregiving, you can make it into a career. Expand your expertise with our ongoing training and consider taking on additional clients, to begin.

AmeriBest Offers Opportunities to Get Paid to Take Care of Your Family Member in Harrisburg PA

Gain rewarding experiences and put your financial woes behind you. Our training will teach you everything you need to know. We will ensure your loved one receives top-notch care. So contact us today!

We can also help families who prefer care from an outside provider. We offer various non-medical services. Our caring team can assist with light housekeeping, medication reminders, transportation, companionship, self-care, and more.