Important Update to Your Medicaid Plan

Important Update to Your Medicaid Plan

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, COVID is no longer considered a Public Health Emergency. As a result, people covered by Medicaid during the pandemic may lose their benefits.

People must be proactive if they want to retain their benefits. The State of Pennsylvania requires all Medicaid patients to go through a renewal process to see if they are eligible. A renewal application can be filed online, by mail, by telephone, and in person.

Why is Eligibility Changing?

Healthcare systems became more flexible during the pandemic to extend care to vulnerable groups. Emergency waivers, regulations, and sub-regulatory guidelines were put in place to make care more accessible and to ensure providers could meet healthcare needs. Now that the health emergency is over, there is no need for expanded care, and many of these waivers and regulations will no longer be effective.

The end of the Public Health Emergency doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose your benefits. Many waivers ended on May 11, 2023, but others will remain active for six months after the emergency ends. Some waivers and flexibilities may stay in place indefinitely, including those that cover community-based and home-based care.

Visit the CMS Waivers, Flexibilities, and the End of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency PDF for more details.

How to Keep Your Medicaid Benefits

Individuals who wish to maintain their Medicaid benefits must go through the renewal process. The process involves:

  • Update your information on the COMPASS website or by calling 877-395-8930 or 215-560-7226.
  • Renew your benefits by filling out the renewal forms mailed to you, completing renewal forms on the COMPASS website, or renewing by phone by calling 866-550-4355.

What If I Need Help Renewing My Medicaid Insurance?

Several resources are available for individuals who need assistance filling out their Medicaid renewal forms. These include:

  • PA.Gov and COMPASS
  • Pennsylvania Department of Human Services- Call 877-395-8930 or 215-560-7226
  • Pennsylvania Health Action Network helpline- Call 877-570-3642 or contact by email at
  • Call Philadelphia 311
  • AmeriBest 800-HOMECARE

What Can I Do if I Lose My Benefits?

If you lose your benefits, the Pennsylvania government offers other low-cost healthcare alternatives accessible through the state’s marketplace. If you have children under 19, you may also explore options at

AmeriBest Home Care Can Help

At AmeriBest, we understand you may be confused during this trying time. We are here to help. Call us at 1800-HOMECARE or read more here.
We will assist you in navigating the renewal and application process. We will ensure you have access to the high-quality care you deserve.

Nurturing Caregivers: A Solution to the Caregiver Shortage in PA

get paid for caregiving

Shortages in the healthcare community have been plaguing the medical industry since the pandemic. They are acutely felt in the caregiving sector. As professional caregivers leave, countless people must give up their jobs to care for elderly and disabled relatives. AmeriBest is solving the caregiver shortage by offering the opportunity for people to become certified caregivers with no prior experience. Read on to learn more about this state program.

The Caregiver Shortage in America

America’s senior population is growing. It should surpass 80 million by 2040. More caregivers are needed to assist them with their health and personal care needs.

The pandemic hit the industry hard. Three years later, it is still trying to recover. But nursing home and in-home care workers are currently 8% below what they were in 2020.

A CVS Health and Harris poll found that 57% of Americans say there are not enough professional caregivers. 51% say it’s hard to find professional caregivers. 13% of caregiver respondents had to quit their jobs to become a caregiver. 24% had to cut their work hours.

The toll on caregivers is more than economic. They are also suffering emotionally. 49% say their mental health has suffered. 76% say they have sacrificed elements of their personal life for caregiving.

How Caregivers Can Get Help

Fortunately, there are programs available that aid caregivers and their loved ones. They include:

Medicare Advantage: Medicare Advantage offer benefits that cover dental, vision, and hearing exams and may also cover dental, eyeglass, and hearing aids. Some programs may also aid in purchasing over-the-counter medications, health aid supplies, and healthy foods.

Resources for Living: This program offers Aetna Health Advantage members and their caregivers access to consultants that help them find resources in their community for in-home care and respite care. They can also assist them in locating caregiver support groups that help with stress management.

Papa: Papa provides Aetna Medicare Advantage plan members access to Papa Pals- people who offer companionship and assistance with everyday tasks.

How AmeriBest Home Care is Making a Difference

AmeriBest is doing its part by offering caregiver certification to people who have no prior experience. Workers train in a supportive, team-oriented environment. We provide professional training in a state-of-the-art facility. Caregivers will enjoy the culture of a collaborative workplace.

They can also count on competitive pay and benefits. They can take advantage of consistent, flexible hours and perks like paid time off and holidays and a $500 sign-on bonus. They will work with one of the largest and fastest-growing providers in the state.

Our efforts are bringing more workers to the caregiver community. Our competitive pay and benefits present attractive options to unskilled workers. People caring for a loved one may join to get paid for their efforts.

AmeriBest’s “Become a Caregiver” program is one of the many ways we help our community. We also provide the best care to our clients and families. Contact us to learn how you can get started on your journey.

AI in Home Care: Are Caregivers Being Replaced?

AI in Home Care: Are Caregivers Being Replaced?

The medical industry is changing. AI is now integrated into many health processes to produce more accurate diagnoses and minimize labor. But will the AI revolution reduce the demand for caregivers?

The answer is no. There will never be a replacement for the personalized care a caregiver can provide. However, AI can enhance caregiver services to make them more efficient. Read on to find out more about the blossoming relationship.

How is AI integrated into In-Home Care?

Health Monitoring: AI can monitor patient vital signs like heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and more. If unusual rates are detected, it can alert healthcare providers. It ensures caregivers are aware of changes that affect how they administer care. It also keeps them in the loop when they are away from their clients.

Mental Health Monitoring: AI can identify trends in behaviors and risk factors to assess the risk of depression, anxiety, dementia, and other cognitive issues. The information allows caregivers to tailor plans that include cognitive exercises and therapies that meet their client’s unique requirements. They can also alert caregivers when signs of mental deterioration are detected.

Increase Efficiency: Caregivers often play catch-up because they must juggle various tasks. AI helps them become more efficient by allowing them to easily coordinate with case managers, manage medications, and monitor patient progress. It also provides easy access to patient health records so they can determine the best patient care and minimize errors.

Improves Agency Operations: AI improves agency operations to provide better service directly and through their caregivers. It can optimize scheduling and routing so agencies minimize travel time. It provides data that helps agencies identify problem areas, improve efficiency and reduce costs. It streamlines operations like inventory, billing, and scheduling so staff members can focus on more pressing tasks.

Digital Chatbots: Caregivers offer companionship to seniors. They reduce feelings of depression and anxiety related to failing health and isolation. But digital chatbots provide a similar service when caregivers are not around. They use voice assistants, smart speakers, or algorithms to mimic natural language to keep clients company and collect information on their emotional states. The data is passed on to caregivers to determine the best-customized care plans.

AmeriBest Provides Opportunities in the Caregiving Space

AI may replace workers in some industries. But the caregiver industry will remain strong. AI will help employees and agencies improve their systems and provide an even higher level of care.

And nothing will replace the personal touch a caregiver provides. Caregivers offer companionship and customized care that is irreplaceable.

Caregiving is a thriving industry with lots of demand. If you wish to get in on the ground floor, AmeriBest can help.

AmeriBest provides training to individuals starting in the caregiver industry. We offer competitive pay and benefits and consistent, flexible hours. Workers receive professional training in our state-the-art facility.  They can thrive in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

Caregiving is a stable and rewarding career. Contact AmeriBest to get started today. It’s one of the best decisions you can make.


Transforming Lives: The Power of Home Care Assistance in Allentown, PA

Transforming Lives The Power of Home Care Assistance in Allentown, PA

Home care assistance in Allentown, PA, offers several benefits. It may seem like an overstatement to say it transforms lives. But don’t undermine its power. This article will discuss the many ways home health aides in Allentown, PA, can help you and your loved ones.

For the Senior

Improves Physical Health: A health home aide will ensure your loved one maintains a healthy routine. They will help them shop for and prepare healthy foods. They will encourage them to exercise. They will see to it that they take their medication on schedule.

Improves Mental Health: A caregiver will provide your loved one with companionship. They will take them to classes where they can engage with others. They will teach them to use social media to stay connected virtually. They will keep them from feeling lonely and depressed.

Helps with Daily Chores: An aide can assist with daily chores like meal prep, light housekeeping, and self-care. They will help around the home so your loved one stays functional. They will reduce the need for them to check into a residential facility.

Promotes Independence: Some seniors are against home healthcare because they feel it will reduce their independence. But a health aide will make it easier for your loved one to perform tasks around their home. They will make them more independent.

Keeps Them Safe:  A caregiver will clear walkways and reduce fall risks. They will make sure doors and windows are locked. If an emergency occurs, they will be there to call for help.

For the Relative

Less Stress: Home care assistance in Allentown, PA, reduces stress for the senior’s relatives. Family members will no longer worry about their loved one falling, forgetting their medications, or eating unhealthy food. A caregiver will be there to keep them safe and take care of them.

More Time to Focus on Their Personal and Professional Lives: Relatives who double as caregivers often experience high stress levels. A home health aide will take that stress off their shoulders. They will provide a service that allows them to focus on their personal and professional lives.

Less Expensive Than Residential Care: A home health aide in Allentown, PA, is a preferred alternative to residential care. It’s less expensive, and it offers a better environment for seniors. According to an AARP survey, most people over 50 would rather age in place.

Personalized Service: Families and caregivers can work together to create a convenient plan. They can devise a schedule that involves working certain days and hours or around the clock. They will provide the services the senior requires without add-ons that increase expenses.

AmeriBest is a Top Choice for Home Care Assistance in Allentown, PA

AmeriBest is a recommended provider for home care assistance in Allentown, PA. We offer non-medical services, including light housekeeping, medication reminders, transportation, and companionship. We will help your loved one maintain a high quality of life.

Contact us to find out how we can transform the lives of you and your loved one today.

Finding Peace of Mind with Reliable Home Care Services in Harrisburg, PA

Finding Peace of Mind with Reliable Home Care Services in Harrisburg, PA

Home care services in Harrisburg, PA, offer a variety of benefits to loved ones. But just as important is their ability to promote peace of mind. You will feel better knowing your elderly relative is well cared for.

This article will discuss the various ways home care agencies in Harrisburg, PA, take the stress of caring for a loved one off your shoulders.

You Know Your Loved One is Safe

You worry about your elderly loved ones. You may wonder if they will fall, eat something unhealthy, fail to take their medicines, or become the victim of a violent crime.

A caregiver will look out for them. They will make sure they eat healthy and take their meds. They will check that windows and doors are locked. They will assist them when getting up and down and keep walkways clean to minimize fall risks.

Home Care is Beneficial to Mental Health

Seniors often get depressed due to isolation and failing health. A home aide offers companionship and prevents them from dwelling on negative thoughts. They can take them to community events where they can interact with others. They can teach them to use social media so they can interact with others virtually.

Home Care Services Improve Physical Health

A caregiver will look out for your loved one’s physical health. They will make sure they stick to the medical routines. They will help them shop and prepare healthy foods. They will keep them safe from falls. If an emergency occurs, they will be there to call for help.

Finding Peace of Mind with Reliable Home Care Services in Harrisburg, PA

It Takes the Stress Off Your Shoulders

Many people care for their elderly loved ones themselves. They feel it will help them save money. They may also prefer to have someone familiar care for their relatives rather than a stranger.

But over time, caregiving takes its toll. You may not have the time or temperament to be a caregiver. You may feel put upon and may even think you are being taken advantage of. The right home care agencies in Harrisburg, PA, will match you with a caregiver that best suits your loved one’s needs and personality. They have senior care training, understand their clients’ temperaments, and can take some of the burden of caregiving off your shoulders.

Home Health Care Provides Resources

Caregivers can provide resources that make it easier to care for loved ones. They can recommend the best medical alert solutions, suggest community groups, and recommend equipment that helps loved ones get around. Their input will add value to your life.

AmeriBest is Your Perfect Solution for Home Care Services in Harrisburg, PA

AmeriBest is a top choice for home care services in Harrisburg, PA. We provide various non-medical services, including meal preparation, medication reminders, transportation, self-care assistance, and much more. We offer a professionally trained staff, quick and easy care, and the ability to deliver peace of mind.

Caregiving is tough. Don’t go it alone. Contact AmeriBest today. We will help you and your loved one achieve a higher quality of life.


Breaking Barriers: Home Health Aide Jobs With No Experience Needed in Philadelphia, PA

Home Health Aide Jobs with No Experience Needed in Philadelphia, PA

Are you looking for a meaningful career? AmeriBest offers opportunities for home health aide jobs with no experience needed in Philadelphia, PA. Read on to find out how to join our team.

What AmeriBest Home Care Philadelphia Offers

AmeriBest offers specialized training by professional nurses in a state-of-the-art facility. On-going training and additional education will keep you on top of the latest healthcare industry news. You do not require previous work experience to get started.

We provide team-oriented support. A recent employee survey shows that our support staff is the top reason why people like working for our company. Our collaborative environment focuses on camaraderie and infuses a sense of pride in everything we do.

Once you get started, you will benefit from competitive and reliable pay. You will consistently get paid on time and gain direct access to our payroll department. If you can’t wait for payday, you can get paid sooner through our Direct Pay Option.

Benefits include health care, paid time off, paid holidays, a $500 sign-on bonus, and more. As a fast-growing provider, we offer consistent hours and flexible schedules.

Why Work as a Home Health Aide?

Rewarding experience: Working as a home care aide is a rewarding experience. You will make a difference in your client’s life. They will benefit from your companionship and your ability to make them happier, healthier individuals. The family will be grateful for your efforts in improving their loved one’s quality of life and for taking the stress of caregiving off their shoulders.

Great Experience: Home care aide work can prepare you for other jobs in the medical field. You can use your experience to qualify for positions, such as medical assistant, social worker, and more.

Good Pay and Benefits: If you work at AmeriBest, you can take advantage of our competitive pay and terrific benefits.

Which Home Care Agencies Can I Work For?

AmeriBest offers terrific employment opportunities. But if you want to investigate your options, you can consult a list of home care agencies in Philadelphia, PA. They are available on the Pennsylvania Homecare Association website.

Go to the website to locate agencies based on the type of care provided and the counties served. Each agency listed is reliable and backed by the state.

How to Get Started Without Any Experience

You can begin your caregiver career by clicking the link on your website. You can fill out a form with your information, and one of our reps will get back to you. Or you can call to talk to someone directly.

AmeriBest offers home care aide jobs with no experience needed in Philadelphia, PA. We help the community find job opportunities and become gainfully employed. We offer rewarding experiences to those in need.

We also provide exceptional non-medical services to seniors. We offer meal preparation, light housekeeping, self-care assistance, medication reminders, transportation assistance, companionship, and more. We are known for our exceptional staff and our ability to provide comfort.

We offer home health aide jobs, no experience needed in Philadelphia, PA. Contact us now to learn how we can jumpstart your healthcare career!