Support Systems: Resources Available for Family Caregivers in Philadelphia, PA

A caregiver’s job is not easy. Caregivers must deal with the emotional stress of caring for a loved one who is prone to health emergencies. They may need to take time off work, which leads to financial issues. Fortunately, several resources make a caregiver’s life easier. Programs are available throughout the state. Read on to learn more about how family caregivers in Philadelphia, PA, can find the help they require.

Resources for a Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Support for the Aging

The Philadelphia Support for the Aging (PCA) offers various support options for family caregivers. They will assess your situation and match you with a state-run program suited to your family’s needs.

They may refer you to Community HealthChoices so you can work with a Managed Care Organization, or they may have you enter the OPTIONS program so you can receive care on a sliding scale. If you enter the OPTIONS program, a service coordinator will develop a customized plan that ensures your loved one is well cared for.

Pennsylvania Department of Aging

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging aids family members who act as primary caregivers to senior loved ones. Each caregiver is assigned a care manager who comes to the home to assess the family’s needs and works with them to develop a plan. They offer care management, education and training, home modifications, and other services.


The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) pays family members to care for their loved ones. It also offers medical aid to people receiving care. It helps relieve the financial strain of caregiving.

Many relatives also find caring for their loved ones to be a rewarding experience. They know their senior relative will receive quality care. It allows aging family members to grow older in the comfort of their homes.  

Reach Out for Help

A family caregiver in Philadelphia should reach out for help when they need it. They should not feel too proud to ask a friend or family member to take over when they need support. They may also hire a caregiver or turn to a friend for respite care.  

Care for Yourself

Caregivers must prioritize their health. Caregiving can be stressful, but you must prioritize eating healthy and exercising. Stress management exercises can also lighten the load.

A caregiver should also maintain social connections so they feel less isolated and are not prone to burnout. Ensure you have the time to meet with family and friends. Caregiver support groups can also be helpful.


AmeriBest Can Help A Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA

AmeriBest offers several options to help family caregivers. We offer opportunities for caregivers to get paid for caring for loved ones. We provide competitive pay and benefits, a supportive environment, and opportunities to build your future.

We also provide supportive services for families seeking care. Our caring and compassionate caregivers offer various nonmedical services. We will ensure your loved one receives the assistance they require.

Contact AmeriBest today for the support you need in your caregiving efforts.  

Savoring Independence: How Meal Prep Services Empower Seniors in Allentown

Meal Preparation Services

Older adults often have trouble in preparing their meals. They may have mobility issues that make it challenging to work in the kitchen, or they may have cognitive conditions that interfere with their ability to make healthy meals. AmeriBest caregivers can help. We can assist seniors in preparing nutritious dishes that help them achieve higher levels of physical and mental health. Read on to learn more about how meal prep services in Allentown.

Local Meal Prep Assistance in Allentown, PA

Seniors are often vulnerable, low-income, and many are disabled. However, there is hope. They face daily challenges meeting basic needs. 

However, amidst these difficulties, there is hope. Local services offer a lifeline by providing affordable meals, ensuring our beloved elders have access to nourishment and support. They come together to ensure every senior goes hungry and feels remembered.

For example, Allentown, PA, offers several food banks. These non-profit organizations distribute food to low-income people at soup kitchens and food pantries. The city also provides a Meals on Wheels program that delivers food directly to seniors’ doors.

These programs are beneficial and can do even more to help seniors with comprehensive care from in-home aides. Additionally, many home caregiver agencies also offer programs that allow family members to get paid for caring for senior loved ones to make care more affordable.

What Does Meal Prep for Seniors in Allentown Entail?

Both family and professional caregivers can assist with meal prep, which may include:

  • Mixing ingredients
  • Heating things in the stove or microwave
  • Plating and serving food
  • Storing uneaten food

They may also provide services that are related to home care meal preparation, such as:

· Grocery shopping: Caregivers can provide transportation and accompany seniors on grocery shopping trips to ensure they get the healthy items they require

· Feeding Assistance: In-home aides offer feeding assistance to seniors who are unable to feed themselves

· Clean Up: Aides can wash dishes and wipe down surfaces after meals to ensure the home is clean.

Why are Meal Preparation Services for Seniors Important?

  • Ensures They Eat Regularly: Many seniors need to remember to eat or follow an irregular eating schedule. Caregivers maintain a regular eating schedule that benefits physical and mental health.
  • They Eat Healthy: When caregivers oversee meal preparation for seniors, they ensure they eat healthy foods and follow doctor recommendations.
  • Improves Physical and Mental Health: Home care meal preparation means seniors eat nutritious food that benefits physical health. They also feel cared for. They maintain a regular eating schedule that provides a sense of comfort and minimizes anxiety and depression.
  • Minimizes Accidents: Seniors are more likely to become injured in the kitchen. They can cut or burn themselves or trip and fall over items. 


Meal Preparation Services


AmeriBest Offers Meal Prep Help for Seniors in Allentown

AmeriBest provides meal prep for seniors in Allentown and so much more. We also help with housekeeping, shopping, laundry, self-care medication reminders, and appointment scheduling. Our caring and compassionate aides provide companionship to decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.

Family caregivers can get paid for caregiving with AmeriBest. We offer competitive pay and benefits, a supportive environment, and an opportunity to learn valuable career skills. We give you the tools you need to provide a high level of care.

Contact us to learn how we can ensure your loved one enjoys optimal physical and mental health.


A Day in the Life of a Personal Care Assistant in Philadelphia

Personal Care Assistant

Are you thinking of getting a personal care aide for your loved one? If so, you may want to know how the caregiver will ensure your loved one’s health and safety. This article will offer a fly-on-the-wall view of the day in the life of a personal care assistant in Philadelphia so you know what to expect.

What is a Day in the Life of a Personal Care Assistant in Philadelphia Like?

The Aide Arrives at Your Loved One’s Residence

Most personal care assistant services will allow you to customize hours to suit your needs. The aide can arrive in the evenings to take over for caregivers who need assistance during the day. They can also schedule daytime visits to cover regular work schedules. Some will care for your loved one throughout the day.

You can even work out a system to provide access to the home so you don’t need to be there when they arrive.

The Aide Starts the Day

A caregiver can create a daily or weekly schedule to offer your loved one comfort and stability. For example, they may know that Friday is a grocery shopping day. Or they may have Mondays reserved for doctor’s appointments.

Caregivers will work out a schedule to ensure necessary tasks are completed. They can remember functions that their clients may forget. They can provide transportation to ensure loved ones arrive at their destinations.  

Regular Tasks

Every day may be different, but many tasks are performed with regularity. They include:

· Medication Reminders: Caregivers will ensure your loved one takes their medication on time to maintain their treatment plans.

· Mealtimes: A personal care aide will assist with meal preparation and feeding. They will ensure your loved one eats healthy meals each day.

· Self-Care: Home aides can assist with self-care like bathing, dressing, and hair-styling.


Caregivers don’t only focus on necessary tasks. They ensure your loved one gets much-needed companionship. 

They engage them in hobbies, talk, and read to them. They teach them how to use social media so they can stay in touch with families and friends. They can also provide transportation to and from social functions.

The Aide Leaves Your Home

The aide leaves your home at the end of the day. If you cannot be there when they leave, they can lock up to ensure your loved one is safe.


Personal Care Assistant


AmeriBest Will Help You Find the Ideal Personal Care Assistant in Philadelphia

AmeriBest is a reputable provider of in-home care services in Philadelphia, PA. Our experienced staff offers various services, including medication reminders, transportation, medication reminders, meal preparation, and self-care assistance. We empower seniors by helping them lead more independent lifestyles.

We also make care more affordable by providing training so loved ones can get paid to care for their elderly relatives. We offer benefits, competitive pay, and a supportive environment. Our services will take the stress off your shoulders.

Contact us to learn more about our Philadelphia personal care assistant services.  


A Breath of Fresh Air: The Impact of Regular House Cleaning on Seniors’ Well-Being in Harrisburg

In-home care encompasses various services. Most caregivers provide light house cleaning for their clients. They will dust, mop, and vacuum to ensure clients enjoy a pleasant living environment.

However, house cleaning services for seniors do much more than improve the household environment. They can reduce stress and anxiety, minimize disease risk, and eliminate trip and fall hazards. They can boost clients’ quality of life. 

AmeriBest’s services include companionship, errands, and light house cleaning for senior Harrisburg residents. Read on to learn what we have to offer.

What are the Benefits of House Cleaning for Seniors in Harrisburg?

Reduces the Risk of Illness

Housecleaning with antibacterial products reduces the spread of germs. It decreases the risk of infections and allergies that can negatively impact senior health. It also prevents them from cleaning and possibly aggravating existing conditions.

Minimized Trip and Fall Risks

Seniors are prone to falling. Most caregivers will look around the home to identify and eliminate fall risks. However, cleaning will allow them to find less obvious risks. They can remove obstacles and keep their clients safe.

Improves Mental Health

Many seniors suffer from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and loneliness. An unclean household can worsen mental health issues. Seniors may become depressed by a dingy atmosphere or experience anxiety due to clutter.

A caregiver will make the home bright and shiny. They will remove clutter to promote a soothing environment. 

Caregivers also provide companionship to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. They become like family to their clients. The connection they forge solves various mental health issues. 

Better Sleep Quality

Seniors often have difficulty sleeping at night. A soothing environment that minimizes health issues will promote more restful sleep. Improved sleep quality is conducive to high levels of mental and physical health.

Other Services

Caregivers do so much more than housecleaning. They also provide the following services:

· Transportation: Caregivers provide transportation for clients. They can take them to doctor’s appointments, help them run errands, and accompany them on social visits.

· Meal Prep: Home aides can assist with meal prep. They will ensure seniors eat healthy meals regularly.

· Companionship: Caregivers will talk to seniors, listen to their stories, and help them engage in hobbies so they enjoy a higher level of mental health.

· Pet Care: Many seniors have pet companions, but some cannot fully care for their pets. In-home aides can lend a helping hand.

· Self-Care Assistance: Aides can help with self-care tasks like bathing, haircare, and bathroom trips.

House Cleaning for Seniors

AmeriBest Can Assist with House Cleaning for Seniors in Harrisburg

Spring is right around the corner. It’s the perfect time to think about senior home cleaning. AmeriBest will ensure your loved one’s home stays neat and germ-free.

We provide various services that improve physical and mental health. We offer companionship, meal preparation, transportation, self-care assistance, and more. We also train family members so they can get paid to care for elderly relatives.

Contact us to learn more about our cleaning services for the elderly and the many ways we can improve your loved one’s quality of life.


How to Get Care and Help at Home in Philadelphia, PA

Help at Home

Finding the right help at home care in Philadelphia, PA, is pivotal in enhancing the quality of life for individuals needing support. Navigating the options for home care can seem overwhelming, but understanding your choices and knowing where to look can make a significant difference. This is true whether the need is for elderly care, assistance for individuals with disabilities, or support during recovery after hospitalization. In Philadelphia, suitable and compassionate home care services are readily accessible to meet these diverse needs.

Identifying Your Home Care Needs

Understanding the specific needs of the individual requiring care is the first step in finding the right help for you and your loved one’s home care needs. This process involves an evaluation of both medical and non-medical requirements.

  • Medical Needs: For those with medical conditions or disabilities, it’s important to determine the level of medical care required. This can range from medication management and wound care to more complex medical procedures.
  • Daily Living Assistance: Assessing the need for assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing, meal preparation, and mobility is essential.
  • Emotional and Social Support: Consider the emotional and social needs, such as companionship, engagement in activities, and support for mental well-being.
  • Specialized Care Needs: If the individual has conditions like Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, specialized care that caters to these needs is crucial.
  • Safety and Accessibility: Evaluating the home environment for safety and accessibility and making necessary modifications to accommodate mobility issues or other physical limitations.

By thoroughly assessing these areas, families and caregivers can better understand the scope of care needed, leading to more effective and personalized home care solutions.

Exploring Home Care Services

When exploring home care services in Philadelphia, it’s important to consider the diverse range of options available to cater to individual needs and preferences. These services can broadly be categorized into:

  • Non-medical Home Care: This includes assistance with daily activities like cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and shopping. Ideal for individuals who need support with routine tasks but don’t require medical care.
  • Skilled Nursing Care: For those requiring medical attention at home, skilled nursing services offer care from licensed nurses. This includes wound care, administering medication, and monitoring health conditions.
  • Therapy Services: Home-based therapy services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy help individuals recover or maintain their functional abilities.
  • Specialized Care Services: Tailored to specific conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, these services provide specialized care focusing on the unique needs of the individual.
  • Respite Care: Offering temporary relief to family caregivers, respite care services ensure the individual receives professional care while giving family members a much-needed break.

Each of these services is designed to maintain the individual’s comfort and dignity while providing essential care. It’s crucial to assess the level of care needed and to choose a provider that aligns with these requirements. Additionally, considering the caregiver’s experience, training, and compatibility with the care recipient can lead to a more successful and satisfying home care experience.

Understanding Funding and Insurance Coverage

Funding for home care can come from various sources, including private insurance, Medicaid, or out-of-pocket payments. It’s important to understand what your insurance covers and what additional resources might be available.

  • Medicare and Medicaid: These federal programs can provide coverage for certain in-home care services, especially for those with limited income and resources. It’s important to understand the specific types of care covered under each program.
  • Local Assistance Programs: Pennsylvania offers a wide array of local programs and non-profit organizations that provide financial aid or subsidized home care services for eligible individuals. These programs often cater to specific groups, such as low-income seniors or individuals with certain medical conditions.
  • Veterans Benefits: Veterans and their spouses may be eligible for benefits that can help cover the cost of in-home care. The Veterans Administration offers various programs, such as Aid and Attendance, which can be used to pay for home care services.
  • Private Pay: Some individuals may choose to pay out of pocket for home care services. This option offers the most flexibility in choosing providers and services but requires financial planning.
  • Long-term Care Insurance: If you have a long-term care insurance policy, it may cover a portion of in-home care costs. Review your policy’s terms to understand the extent of coverage and any limitations.
  • Sliding Scale Fees: Some home care agencies in Philadelphia offer sliding scale fees based on income, making services more affordable for those with lower incomes.

Understanding the nuances of these funding sources can significantly impact the affordability and accessibility of in-home care services in Philadelphia. When exploring these options, AmeriBest can help, offering guidance and helping you navigate the journey of caregiving. 

Choosing the Right Home Care Provider

In selecting a home care provider in Philadelphia, consider a few important factors. Look into the provider’s community reputation by checking their history and client feedback. The qualifications and training of the caregiving staff are also relevant for ensuring adequate care.

It’s also useful to check the variety of services the provider offers to match them with the care recipient’s needs. Providers knowledgeable about Philadelphia’s specific cultural and community aspects might create a more relatable care environment. This aspect of cultural awareness is beneficial in making care recipients feel more comfortable and respected at home.

Help at Home

Connect With Trusted Help at Home Care in Philadelphia, PA

Choosing the right help with home care is a significant step towards ensuring comfort and enhanced well-being for yourself or your loved ones. AmeriBest Home Care focuses on delivering high-quality care, customized to suit the diverse and individual requirements of each person. Our services are designed not only to meet physical health needs but also to support the emotional well-being of our clients.

If you are considering help at home care in Philadelphia that is both compassionate and professional, AmeriBest Home Care is here to assist you. We are committed to guiding you through the process of home care, offering both our expertise and heartfelt care to ensure the best possible experience for you and your family. Our team is ready to provide support and answer any questions you may have about our services. Call us today at 1-800-HOMECARE to get started!


What home health care is offered to seniors and the disabled in Pennsylvania?

What home health care is offered to seniors and the disabled in Pennsylvania?

Home health care in Pennsylvania is designed to help seniors and people with disabilities live independently and stay in their own homes as long as possible. With home health care, you’ll receive the care you require while having the convenience of remaining in your own home. 

What is Home Health Care in Pennsylvania?

Home health care encompasses several different services, from primary care to skilled nursing. The benefit of choosing home care is that statistically, individuals who receive this kind of care are 5-15% less likely to enter a nursing home or a hospital.

The first step in finding home health care is understanding the available services. Home health care often serves as a way to provide skilled care after a hospitalization, injury, or illness. However, home health care can also be used to help seniors and the disabled continue to maintain their self-sufficiency. 

Home health care can be divided into two main categories: medical and non-medical. The services offered vary within each of these categories. Depending upon your situation, you may need one or the other, or both types of home care. 

Please note: AmeriBest is a non-skilled home care services provider, but we’ll be with you every step of the way, for hours a day, if needed and prescribed by your physician, instead of checking in on you once in a while. Call us at 1800-HOMECARE and ask about the services available!

Medical Home Health Care

Medical home health care, also referred to as skilled home health, is often required after hospitalization or an illness. Types of services offered under the umbrella of medical home health care include: 

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical therapy
  • Assistance with medical equipment
  • Wound care for surgical wounds or pressure wounds
  • Injections
  • Intravenous medications
  • Medical oversight of an unstable condition
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

To get medical home health care, you’ll need the individual’s health care provider to provide orders for services. Your medical home health care team will work directly with the health care provider to keep them up to date on your progress.  

Non-Medical Home Health Care

Non-medical home health care provides a broader level of service that helps provide assistance to help maintain self-sufficiency. Receiving non-medical home care without a doctor’s order will be an out-of-pocket expense. If you need insurance to pay (or even partially pay), you will need to get a doctor’s order to receive non-medical home health care in Pennsylvania. 

Care can be daily for several hours to just a few hours a week, depending on an individual’s needs. Services provided with non-medical home health care include: 

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Laundry
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Shopping
  • Companionship
  • Medication reminders
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Coordinating health transportation and care, and more.

Caregivers can work with an individual to maintain the hygiene and safety of their space and make sure individuals are eating properly and taking their medications according to the doctor’s orders. Non-medical home care is an appealing option for seniors and people with disabilities who want to remain in their own homes rather than move to a skilled nursing facility and don’t necessarily need skilled nursing services.

What home health care is offered to seniors and the disabled in Pennsylvania?

Choosing the Right Home Health Care in Pennsylvania for You

When choosing the right home health care for you and your loved ones, you want a team that is qualified to meet your needs and dedicated to providing the best care possible. AmeriBest’s sole focus is helping seniors and people with disabilities in Pennsylvania maintain as much independence as possible by providing non-medical home care from reliable caregivers.

With multiple programs and services available, the AmeriBest Team can help walk you through what’s available to help your loved ones get the right kind of care that will help foster their self-sufficiency and independence. Empower your loved one’s well-being – contact us today to discuss our available services and get paired with one of our compassionate caregivers.