Staying Safe as a Home Health Worker (Official Guidance)

As home health workers, we care for those vulnerable and at-risk to get severely ill from COVID-19. Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your clients. Below is the City of Philadelphia – Department of Public Health’s official document for home health workers.

You can also download this brochure by clicking here. Stay safe!




Caregiver in Philadelphia PA: Building Rapport

The relationship between the caregiver and the patient is one that should not be mechanical. Instead, the two should have the opportunity to build rapport and to establish a relationship. Whether the recipient of a caregiver or a loved one who is helping with the process, taking steps to facilitate this relationship can make for a truly amicable bond to form. Expressing that In-home caregiver in Philadelphia PA is there for certain needs helps to start this connection. Consider a relationship between two people; it is often defined by the boundaries and expectations discussed. Knowing that AmeriBest Home Care representative is there for can help the patient to better understand what to expect.

Some may assume that no common ground exists between the caregiver and the patient, but that is a dangerous assumption. Even if they are in two entirely separate parts of their lives, they may find that they share a common passion for a television show, movie, hobby, or activity. The two may both discover that they simply like to chat with others. Two people who are good at listening and speaking make for a suitable pair. The patient may spend time talking about the days before injury or illness, and the In Home Caregiver in Philadelphia PA may listen attentively and share related experiences.

If the patient can leave home and the caregiver’s role involves transporting the patient in the manner, arranging for activities is another way for the two to build a connection. They may go to programs at a local senior center or go for a meal at the patient’s favorite restaurant. On the other hand, the caregiver may be asked to attend family parties to help the individual. Not only is the caregiver meeting with members of the family, but he or she is also seeing the patient in a new light. The two can begin to form their memories together. The bond between a patient and a caregiver is one that may last for quite a while, and they may see each other daily. Therefore, nurturing this connection is important.

Rely on In-Home Care Service Daily

If you have a family member who is physically unable to take care of themselves, it is likely they need constant attention. Often, older people don’t like the idea of going to live in a rest home. It can be costly, and they don’t like leaving the comfort of their own home. This is why many people rely on an In-Home Care Service. This is someone who is going to stop several times throughout the day. They will take care of medical needs. They will also make sure their patient is eating correctly and choosing the correct dosage of medication.

Sometimes, patients need help with bathing. It can be a bit embarrassing to ask a family member to help with giving a bath. Somehow, it seems more natural to rely on a nurse for this type of thing. Rest assured, someone from the In-Home Care Services in Philadelphia PA is happy to help out whenever possible. Sometimes, a ride to the doctor is needed. Rather than turning to family, think about hiring someone to take on the responsibility. They will make sure the patient arrives on time for their doctor’s appointment, and they will take them to get prescriptions after the meeting. This is going to be their responsibility. This can be very helpful for family members because everyone is so busy. Rather than spending the afternoon running errands, leave the responsibility to someone else, and spend free time together visiting with one another.

Check out the website today. Learn more about these services and decide whether or not it would be beneficial to use them. Rest assured, all caregivers will go through an extensive background check, and they are tested for drug and alcohol use. Employees understand the importance of giving professional experience to their patients. The caretaker is fully aware of what to do in an emergency, and they are prepared for the unexpected. Set up an appointment to meet with someone in your home today. They will answer any questions and go over where to begin the process. Someone is available to help every step of the way. Give them a call, and they will get started right away. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

Sit Back and Relax with Passive Stretching for Seniors

What is passive stretching?

When it comes to stretching, there are two important categories to know: active and passive.

Active stretching is when you target a specific joint or muscle and work to stretch it using only that same joint or muscle.

Passive stretching, on the other hand, is when you target a specific joint or muscle using external pressure to stretch it out.

For instance, if seniors were interested in stretching their fingers, here is what the two types of stretching might look like:

  • For active stretching, seniors would try to wiggle and move their fingers about, with no external help.
  • For passive stretching, seniors would use their other hand (or something else) to physically push the fingers back and forth.

What are the benefits of passive stretching?

If you try out the finger stretching example, you’ll see that passive stretching (moving your fingers with external pressure), allows you to stretch your finger much further and much faster than active stretching. Because, you can push your fingers further than they can bend on their own.

This means, that with passive stretching, seniors can get to their stretching end goal much faster than with active stretching.  Not only that, but passive stretching can give seniors an opportunity to sit back and relax while someone else does the hard work for them. Since the stretching is coming from an external pressure, seniors can get help from friends, family members, or caregivers. This makes passive stretching more enjoyable for many seniors, and makes it easier to psychologically maintain a steady schedule.

Note: If you’re still not sold on the benefits of passive stretching, here’s a fun fact that might just change your mind. According to research published in the Journal of Physiology, regular passive stretching done for a consecutive 12 weeks can help reduce stiffness in arteries, allowing for improved blood flow. This, in turn, can help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more.

How to successfully engage in passive stretching?

As with all types of stretching, passive stretching requires consistent work if you want to reap the benefits. Stretching a little bit every day is better than stretching a lot every few days.

Each day that you stretch, your body builds on what it could do the day before. Like steps on a ladder. The more rungs you move up, the higher the rungs you can reach.

However, when you skip a day (or days) of stretching, your body doesn’t just stay where it was before. It actually moves down a rung.

So, essentially, on days that you miss stretching, you’re not just not moving forward, you’re actually moving backward. Which is why, consistency is key when it comes to passive stretching. 

Passive stretching tips for caregivers.

As a caregiver, your job is two-fold for helping your senior successfully stretch.

First, you need to give your senior motivation and inspiration to keep stretching regularly. It can be difficult making a habit out of something new. And it’s all too easy to skip days or become lax with a new routine. However, for the best results, seniors need to passively stretch on the regular.

Second, you need to equip your senior with the tools to stretch whether you’re there or not. This might mean buying stretchy exercise bands so your senior can stretch on his or her own. Or, it might mean putting up signs around the house reminding your senior to stay on track.

And, just remember, stretching doesn’t have to be a chore. 

It can be a fun and relaxing activity too!

Protecting the Senior Community of Philadelphia During COVID-19

With so many heads turned toward the actual COVID-19 virus, the number of deaths caused by other indirect factors has received little to no attention.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of deaths during the pandemic have actually been caused by conditions other than the virus itself. Albeit, not unrelated to the virus.

With all hands on deck dedicated toward helping those immediately affected by COVID-19, fewer resources have been available to those in need of other types of care. Many seniors have suffered from not getting fast enough medical attention, as well as from lack of emotional and financial support.

The struggles have been especially hard for seniors who live alone and rely heavily on friends and family visiting. While social distancing has been a successful precaution against the virus, it has also caused many dilemmas for seniors who need help with daily activities.

In light of these deficiencies, many organizations and outreach groups have stepped up to give a lending hand to seniors in need. From grocery shopping to social phone calls, individuals have been working hard to ensure that our seniors stay safe and secure.

Supporting the Senior Community of Philadelphia

One such group that has persevered in its assistance for older adults is the leading home care agency – AmeriBest Home Care. Located in the heart of Philadelphia, AmeriBest has done nothing but focus on caring for its older adult community during the pandemic.

Here are just a few of the ways in which AmeriBest Home Care continues to care for its seniors and its caregivers.

Continual support for clients.

As an essential business, AmeriBest Home Care has been open and functioning throughout the entirety of the pandemic. AmeriBest’s caregivers have worked tirelessly to find careful and innovative ways of serving their clients in order to ensure that those in need still receive the medical and emotional help they require. AmeriBest caregivers continue to help seniors with acquiring food, medical supplies, medical treatments, doctors’ appointments, as well as help with everyday living activities.

Continual support for caregivers.

AmeriBest’s priority is not just its clients, but also its caregivers who give up so much to help those in need. Right from the start of the pandemic, AmeriBest’s administration dedicated its time to keeping caregivers in the loop with up-to-date information on the virus, as well as guidelines for how to handle COVID-19 situations that could arise with clients. AmeriBest continues to gather and share resources with caregivers to help them protect themselves and be the best caregivers they can be.

Taking COVID-19 precautions.

In order to ensure the safety of both caregivers and clients, AmeriBest Home Care has instructed all caregivers to wear personal protective equipment, wash hands for 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer, and to always be cognizant of coughing and/or sneezing into tissues and not touching their faces.

In addition to the above-mentioned precautions, AmeriBest Home Care also adheres to social distancing, increased office cleaning, the limiting of large social gatherings, and consistent monitoring of any and all virus updates.

For more information on how AmeriBest Home Care is taking steps to ensure the safety of seniors and caregivers alike, give us a call at (215) 925-3313.

We’re here for you.

4 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Home Care Aide

The right home care provider can affect the quality and level of care for your elderly loved ones. However, many people don’t even know how to look for a good one in the first place. To help you, here are several questions you’ll want to ask before hiring any home care aide services:

How Do You Recruit Your Home Aides?

Do they find them on Craig’s List, use newspaper ads or work with staff agencies? If they handle the recruitment process themselves, do they provide their staff with training? That’s a good sign.

What Are Your Hiring Requirements?

Does the company check the background of any prospective employee before letting those employees join their team? Do they hire qualified applications or inexperienced ones? The more qualifications and credentials the staff have, the better it is for you and your loved one. The last thing you want is an untrained home aide to look after your mom or grandpop.

How Do You Screen Applicants?

Does the company perform criminal background checks along with federal and state checks? They should. Otherwise, you could end up with someone who could try to take advantage of your loved one. Don’t forget to ask if the applicant has undergone drug screening as well, says AmeriBest Home Care.

Do They Know CPR?

If your loved one suffers from a medical condition and wants to make sure your s/he gets immediate medical help in case of an emergency, hiring home care aide in Philadelphia PA that can provide you with medically trained staff is a big help. That way, you’ll be sure that your loved one has the help s/he needs. That kind of assistance is invaluable and could mean the difference between living with negative long-term effects and a full recovery. If you want your loved ones safe and healthy, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

Hire Home Care Agency in Philadelphia PA Today

If you have a family member who is physically or mentally unable to live alone, there may be some concern regarding who is going to care for them. Sometimes, it may be tempting to think about putting them into a rest home. Even though this is very convenient, it isn’t always necessary. Check into Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA today. This is where a nurse will come to the home to take care of anything that may be needed.

Perhaps the patient has Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression, mental illness, or even diabetes or heart disease. If this is the case, it is essential to make sure they have someone available 24 hours a day. A nurse is going to want to meet with the patient to assess their specific situation. Ask what type of care is needed. Sometimes they need someone to stop by several times throughout the day. Other times, they may need someone to come in every day to make sure they take their medication and even possibly get a bath. Every situation is going to be different. Don’t get overwhelmed at the idea of a beloved family member living alone. Instead, learn more about home care agency in Philadelphia, PA.

Learn more about what type of services would be covered under the patient’s insurance policy. If the insurance company is willing to pay for everything, it makes sense to go ahead and utilize these services. There are plenty of resources available for anyone who is suffering. Set up an appointment today and rest assured, everything is going to work out for the best.

It doesn’t matter whether these services are needed for a few months or a lifetime. Either way, someone is always available. This is a great way to relieve the burden of family members. It is essential to have a nurse who knows how to care for a patient properly. Hire someone who is insured and rest assured, they will make sure this patient is comfortable as much as possible. Set up an appointment today, and someone will be there to answer any questions.