Male And Female Residents Sitting In Chair And Talking With Carer In Retirement Home

Caregiving is Hard- Give Yourself a Break

Being a caregiver is a wonderful opportunity. It’s a role that allows you to finally give back to your loved ones, make them happy, and watch them enjoy life. But, it’s also a role that can be tiring, and a little difficult at times. Because being someone’s sole caregiver is full time job. And that[…]

Group of Senior Retirement Friends Activity Concept

Healthy Springtime Activities for Seniors

Start saying your goodbyes to freezing temperatures and icy winds because spring is on its way! Which means, it’s time to start planning those springtime outings and activities. As we get older, it can be harder to push ourselves to make time for meetups with others. But it’s extremely important for seniors to connect and[…]