Senior Care Tips for Families in Allentown, PA

Senior Care Tips for Families in Allentown, PA

If your loved one receives family senior care in Allentown, PA, you may wonder how you can best support them and yourself as their caregiver. Providing support to elders is an important role that many family members are happy to fulfill, but it isn’t without challenges. If you’ve embraced an at-home family care position for your loved one, here are a few tips that help you give the most compassionate, quality care possible.


Tips for Caring for the Senior in Your Life   

Familial caregiving is such a gift. It allows your elderly or disabled loved one to receive the loving support they need within the comfort of their home. Agencies like AmeriBest Home Care are honored to come alongside family caregivers and provide them with the training and resources they need to excel as a family personal aid. 

Routine Assistance and Daily Care  

Your family member’s needs can vary, ranging from assistance with transportation to help with basic needs like dressing. It’s important to continually assess how much support your loved one requires. While you want to ensure they receive adequate care, especially regarding nutrition, hygiene, and medication management, giving them some autonomy is also crucial. Collaborating with your relative regarding things like meal planning or social activities can help them maintain their sense of independence. 

Companionship and Emotional Support  

Aside from assisting with daily routines, being there for companionship and emotional support is a valuable aspect of family caregiving. Emotional wellbeing is important for their overall health, so take time to check in with them about how they’re feeling. Keep your communication open and honest, showing patience and compassion when they express struggles or concerns. Your mental wellbeing as a personal aide is important too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, connecting with family caregiver support groups who can listen and empathize can be a worthwhile activity. 

Reach Out for Support and Resources  

Aging and the need for care can take a toll on both caregivers and the individual receiving support. You may experience financial concerns, need professional support, or just want to connect with resources in your area. Fortunately, home care agencies like AmeriBest, and local coalitions on aging, such as your State’s Aging Services Department, are often a wealth of knowledge and resources for family caregivers. 

Financial Considerations and Legal Concerns  

While family caregiving is a wonderful option for most families, it’s important to have a plan in place for long-term care if and when the time comes. Budgeting, deciding advance care directives, and understanding your legal responsibilities should all be discussed before the need arises. An attorney or financial planner can help you get these items squared away so you can continue providing quality care to your loved one without the stress of future planning.


Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver  

Being a family caregiver is undoubtedly rewarding. Still, that doesn’t mean it is without challenges. Take some time for self-care and balance your responsibilities and wellbeing with the support duties given to your loved one. It’s essential to recognize when you’re becoming overwhelmed or stressed and seek support when you need it. Utilizing respite care or a personal aide through a home care agency can help give you a break while ensuring your relative receives the best care possible.

Senior Care Tips for Families


Let Us Help You with Senior Care in Allentown, PA

AmeriBest Home Care is a preferred agency for individuals seeking senior care in Allentown, PA. Not only do we support family caregivers with training, resources, and financial compensation, but we can also step in when needed. Our home care services staff are compassionate, skilled, and able to give you some respite. We are conveniently located in Allentown, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia to assist you with your senior care needs. 

Call us at 1-800-HOMECARE to learn more about how we can help.

Comprehensive Senior Care in Harrisburg, PA: What You Need to Know

Choosing the best care for your elderly loved one is an important decision. There are various options for senior care in Harrisburg, PA, including family caregiving and professional in-home caregiving services. Each option can give your family member the assistance and support they need. However, it’s important to understand the various types of senior care and assess how much help your loved one needs before selecting the best senior care option for your family.


What are the Types of Comprehensive Senior Care in Harrisburg, PA?  

Elder care services can range from transportation to and from appointments to senior living facilities that oversee all aspects of daily routines and wellbeing. Senior care services all aim to provide compassionate support to enhance your loved one’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, and quality of life. However, they can vary in how comprehensive they are.


Home Care Services 

Home care agencies, like AmeriBest Home Care, provide support to elders in the comfort of their own homes. They generally can assist with various aspects of daily living, such as meal preparation, shopping, bathing, transportation coordination, and medication reminders. In addition, home care services can offer companionship when you cannot be with your loved one.


Family Caregiving Services  

Individuals who want to provide quality care for their elderly loved ones can become family caregivers. Often, through a home care service agency, such as AmeriBest Home Care, individuals can receive the training, access to resources, and ongoing support needed to provide home care assistance to their elderly or disabled family members.


Independent Senior Living Facilities  

Independent living facilities can be a great choice for largely independent elders who would rather enjoy engaging in enriching activities than dealing with monotonous tasks like chores. These facilities offer various activities, plenty of social interaction, and freedom from daily hassles.


Assisted Living Facilities 

Assisted living facilities can be just as engaging as independent senior living, but they’re designed for individuals who need a little more support with routine tasks. Most assisted living facilities offer medication management, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, exercise classes, and social clubs.


How to Choose the Best Senior Care 

How do you pick the best senior care option in Harrisburg, PA? Here are a few things to consider.


Assess their needs  

It’s wise to start by assessing the senior’s physical, mental, and social needs. You may want to consider how mobile they are, whether or not they have health or memory concerns, and their interest in maintaining social connections. Working with a healthcare provider can sometimes help you make a quality assessment.


Consider the costs 

Caregiving of all types can come with a variety of costs. For example, assisted living facilities require financial compensation, but studies have also found that family caregivers often spend around 26% of their personal finances to assist with supporting their loved ones. Thankfully, there are usually assistance options for family caregivers and sometimes funding options for other home care services, too.


Think about location, convenience, and family involvement 

One of the biggest benefits of home care services like AmeriBest Home Care is that your senior can stay right where they are. This means you won’t have to travel further to visit them, and the family can stay closely involved in their care and life. If you do choose an independent or assisted living facility, be sure to consider its location and how convenient it will be for your family to visit and stay in constant communication about your loved one’s well being.

Senior Care


Ensure Quality Care with AmeriBest Home Care in Harrisburg, PA 

Ensuring your loved one receives the best quality care from a compassionate, highly trained individual is imperative. AmeriBest is one of the preferred providers of in-home care services in Harrisburg, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced staff offers various services, including medication reminders, transportation, light cleaning, meal preparation, and self-care assistance. We empower seniors by helping them lead more independent lifestyles and provide their family members peace of mind.
We also make care more affordable and comfortable for elderly loved ones by providing training so you can get paid to care for your relatives. We offer benefits, competitive pay, and a supportive environment. AmeriBest is conveniently located in the heart of Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Allentown; contact us to learn more about our Philadelphia home care services.

Navigating Healthcare Appointments: Our Role in Senior Transportation in Philadelphia, PA

Senior transportation is a key aspect of in-home caregiving services. Transportation can take many forms, from walking with a senior to driving them to and from medical appointments. Similarly, your elderly loved one may require transportation for various reasons. If you’re searching for senior transportation in Philadelphia for your elderly or disabled family member, in-home personal care aides may be an excellent solution.


The What and Why of Senior Transportation in Philadelphia  

Senior transportation is a broad term. It most often refers to vehicle transportation when an elderly individual can no longer drive themselves. However, personal care assistants can also aid with physical transportation, such as walking alongside your loved one to their neighbor’s house. Both forms of transportation can benefit elderly individuals in many ways. Transportation allows your loved one to access various resources, including medical appointments, grocery stores, and community events, and maintain social connections. In-home health aide transportation services for seniors keep them connected in a convenient and friendly manner.


Transportation To and From Healthcare Appointments; Our Role  

According to AARP, seniors should see their primary healthcare provider at least once a year. However, as you age, the number of medical appointments often increases. Having rides to and from these appointments is critical for your aging loved ones.


Effortlessly arrangement   

In-home personal assistance, like the support offered through AmeriBest Home Care, offers safe, reliable, and convenient transportation to and from medical appointments. Arranging transportation is easy and eliminates the hassle of navigating public transportation or commercial services like Uber or Lyft. Home health care means that you can arrange to have someone available to transport your loved one exactly when they need it.


Friendly service    

Unlike public transportation or rideshare services, which can be unfamiliar and daunting, senior transportation in Philadelphia through a home care aide is friendly and comforting. Your loved one will likely develop a report with their assistant. Similarly, their aide may learn your family members’s preferred routes or arrival times, ensuring their journey is as smooth and pleasant as possible.


A decrease in time and stress   

Traditional transportation methods, like buses, ridesharing, or commercial services, aren’t always easy, timely, dependable, or accommodating. It can be stressful for elderly or disabled individuals to figure out the logistics of making it to and from their medical appointments, potentially increasing the likelihood of them not going at all. While family members often make every effort to help when they can, taking time off from work or family activities to transport an elderly loved one can be stressful and time-consuming. Using a home health care aide to provide transportation is a convenient solution for everyone.

Adaptable care    

Prioritizing transportation for elderly or disabled loved ones is a vital service. Still, sometimes, these individuals may need more support than a ride. In-home assisted living services go beyond transportation. You can work with home care agencies, like AmeriBest Home Care, to find support for various aspects of daily living, including help with personal routines, medication management, companionship, meal preparation, and light housekeeping.  Home health aide services are versatile and adaptable, helping your loved one maintain the best quality of life as they age.

Navigating Healthcare Appointments


Find Out How AmeriBest Home Care Can Transport Your Loved One    

If you’re searching for senior transportation in Philadelphia, PA, AmeriBest Home Care can help you navigate the array of services available. We are conveniently located in the heart of Philadelphia, as well as Harrisburg and Allentown, which are ideal locations to provide senior transportation to your loved one. Whether it’s a medical appointment, personal errand, or long-awaited visit with friends, our transportation services can make the journey as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Call us at 1-800-HOMECARE to learn more about how we can help. 

Understanding the Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors in Philadelphia, PA

Assisted Living for Seniors

Assisted living personal aides can offer your loved ones the support, safety, social interaction, and fulfilling lifestyle they deserve. Your senior loved one likely spent much of their life helping provide these things for others, maybe even you. Now, through assisted living in Philadelphia, PA, you can return the favor, ensuring they’re well-cared for and enjoying a physically and mentally rich and convenient lifestyle that suits their unique needs – all from the comfort of their own home.


Benefits of Assisted Living in Philadelphia, PA   

In-home assisted living caregivers can tailor their support and services to each person, offering just the right amount of care to largely independent seniors who may need some help with daily tasks.


Help with Routine Needs    

Activities of daily living are often one area where seniors may need support. How much support can vary, ranging from bathing to providing meals and offering transport to and from doctor’s appointments. Assisted living caregivers, like those at AmeriBest Home Care, can help coordinate all of these things, providing transportation coordination, aid, and medication management. During the times when you’re unable to provide family caregiving, you can be confident that your loved one is getting the help they need.


Companionship and Stimulation      

Continued care isn’t the only benefit of assisted living in Philadelphia, PA. A personal care assistant can provide intellectual stimulation and opportunities to socialize. According to the Alzheimer’s Society, individuals who complete mentally stimulating activities may have a lower risk of cognitive decline. Your loved one’s aid may be able to play games, help them with technology, or even just engage in friendly conversation to make sure they stay mentally engaged and fit.
Socialization is just as important as stimulation. While you and your family probably make every effort to see your loved one as much as possible, having an assisted living caregiver fill in the gaps is excellent for companionship. The transportation caregivers offer is yet another way they can help seniors remain socially active, reducing feelings of isolation.


Active Lifestyle    

If some routine activities are challenging for your loved one, they may be less likely to maintain an active lifestyle. However, some studies have found that decreased physical exercise may be associated with increased cognitive decline. Fortunately, assisted living caregivers may be able to make an active lifestyle more convenient and enjoyable. Whether your loved one wants to go for a short walk or engage in some simple stretching, having the knowledge that a trained staff member is supervising them and ready to step in should they need help may make them more likely to get active!


Peace of Mind    

Personal care assistants are great for providing family members peace of mind. You can rest assured that your senior is safe and secure. It can be simple things, like checking a smoke detector if there is a low battery warning, or, just the assurance that your loved one isn’t alone.
Perhaps one of the most comforting aspects is that in-home living assistance allows families to stay involved. Top-notch assisted living facilities may be far from your home, sometimes even across state lines. But when you use at-home caregivers, like those at AmeriBest Home Care, your elderly family member can stay right where they are, comfortably at home and close enough for regular visits!

Support for the elderly


Learn more about the benefits of assisted living for your elderly loved one    

AmeriBest Home Care in Philadelphia, PA, is honored to provide support services to elderly loved ones in Philadelphia, PA. If you think your family member could benefit from support or you would like to discuss home care vs senior care communities, contact us. We can review the different types of care available and help you find the perfect fit for your family member. AmeriBest Home Care is available in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Allentown, PA. 

How to Become a Paid Caregiver for a Family Member in Allentown, PA

Caregivers in Allentown

Caregivers in Allentown, PA, are likely facing the same rewards and responsibilities as caregivers nationwide. AARP estimates that 50.3 million adult caregivers in the United States provide unpaid care to their family members. Many of them probably want to give the best support to their loved ones, caring for them in the comfort of their own home instead of using an unfamiliar caregiver or assisted living facility. But at the same time, that can mean making tough decisions.

Family caregivers often spend their earnings or savings on care-related resources, like transportation. They may also have to endure long commutes to and from their relative’s home and take time off work to provide support. The value of family caregiving can’t be understated, but neither can the challenges.

Fortunately, there are resources available to caregivers in Allentown, PA, who want to be paid for their compassionate care.


Ways Caregivers in Allentown, PA Can Get Paid for Family Caregiving 

If you’re considering becoming a paid family caregiver in Pennsylvania, it’s essential to understand the eligibility requirements and steps needed to receive financial assistance for your care.


Pennsylvania’s Medicaid Programs 

Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that offers waivers that can compensate family caregivers. Various programs and waivers are available to residents, like the Managed Long-Term Services and Supports program (MLTSS) and the Home and Community-Based Services waiver (HCBS), which are available to caregivers in Allentown, PA.

To qualify through Medicaid, eligibility criteria must be met by both the caregiver and the recipient. These requirements are often functional and financial. First, the recipient will need to be deemed as requiring care for daily living activities, which a medical practitioner usually does. Next, they will need to be considered financially eligible for Medicaid. Once considered eligible, they can work with their county’s case manager or Independent Enrollment Broker to be enrolled in the program and determine which waiver best suits their needs.

The caregiver is generally required to be a family member. However, there are sometimes additional stipulations regarding age and relation to the recipient. In most cases, the program or waiver requires the family caregiver to receive some sort of training. That’s where AmeriBest Home Care can help.


Partnering with a Home Care Agency like AmeriBest Home Care 

Medicaid waivers will not pay family caregivers directly. Instead, a participating home care agency, such as AmeriBest Home Care, must hire an approved family caregiver. The family member will become a regular employee, receiving compensation and accessing available benefits. Regular paychecks and benefits can take a huge burden off both the family caregiver and the loved one they are supporting.

Additionally, the agency will provide training, information, and ongoing development to ensure caregivers can offer the best support possible. AmeriBest Home Care is dedicated to providing continuing mentorship and development to all of its staff. We’re proud to partner with family caregivers in Allentown, PA, who are selflessly committed to their loved ones.


Are There Other Avenues for Caregivers in Allentown, PA, to Be Paid? 

Medicaid is often the most sought-after way to get paid as a caregiver in Pennsylvania. Medicare does not offer payment for long-term care, regardless of whether the caregiver is a family member.

However, there are sometimes other possibilities for financial support. The US Department of Veteran Affairs is one option. For veterans who meet the eligibility requirements, an Aid & Attendance offering can increase the recipient’s monthly budget, which can then be used to pay a family caregiver. Alternatively, the Administration on Aging and Department of Aging Services may be able to offer some assistance for transportation, meal plans, respite, care, and housing, although they cannot pay you as a caregiver directly.

A final option is long-term care insurance. Certain insurance providers offer compensation for caring for a dependent family member. Still, it’s important to be aware of your coverage and premiums.


Family Caregiving


Why Caregivers in Allentown, PA, Turn to AmeriBest Home Care 

AmeriBest Home Care is the ideal solution for families as a home care agency that hires, trains, and mentors family caregivers. We give you the resources and training you need to care for your loved one and receive compensation for doing so. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for both caregivers and their family members.

Contact AmeriBest today to learn more about becoming a paid family caregiver and all of the resources we have to offer.

Empowering Philadelphia’s Unsung Heroes: How Medicaid Supports Family Caregivers in the City of Brotherly Love

Family Caregivers

How Medicaid Supports Family Caregivers Philadelphia, PA 

According to one statistic, as many as one in five Americans are family caregivers. You may be part of this group as a Medicaid Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA. It’s undeniable that caring for a family member is one of the most rewarding experiences. You can provide them quality care from the comfort of their own home and care from someone they know and trust. In most cases, the same level of compassionate support and familiarity just isn’t attainable through a caregiving service. While there are many capable and highly skilled caregivers out there, receiving caregiving from a family member or loved one is often the best way to put everyone at ease.

However, as enjoyable as spending quality time with and caring for your family member is, the choice to do so isn’t always easy. The impacts of family caregiving can range from emotional concerns to financial stressors. Family caregivers often pour a lot of resources into caring for a loved one. They put in a lot of hours, which can mean long commutes around their work schedule or giving up a career entirely. Some may choose to sacrifice portions of their income or savings to help cover the cost of medical equipment or transportation. These things can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining.

These effects of family caregiving don’t go unnoticed, though. Fortunately, there are various programs available that may be able to help family caregivers financially.


Is It Possible to Use Medicaid for a Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA? 

Family caregivers in Philadelphia, PA, can often use Medicaid to receive payment for caring for a loved one. In fact, Medicaid Waivers, or Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers, are among the most common resources used by residents. The program is also referred to as 1915 (c) Waivers or Section 1115 Waivers. In all, the state offers approximately ten support service waivers for caretaking.

In Philadelphia, these waivers can help pay for care services for individuals who are not residents of a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home or assisted living center. Support services covered by the federal government program include assistance with daily living activities, such as dressing and bathing, as well as household chores.


Designating a Family Member as a Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA 

Although there are some stipulations, the recipient of the Medicaid funds can generally use the money to pay a familial caregiver for home care services. In some cases, the dependent family member must be over 18 years of age to select their relative as their caregiver. Then, they can oversee schedules and timesheets, but a fiscal agency will manage payments to the caregiver.

There are eligibility requirements and certain steps the caregiver must take. For example, the recipient may need to work with a case manager in their county to determine how much care is needed and what the budget should be for those services. Then, from that budget, they can pay their family member instead of receiving care support directly from the state.


Taking Advantage of Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia, PA 

Although the family member needing care may not want to receive services from a caregiving agency, the agency may still be able to help them pay a family caregiver. For example, AmeriBest HomeCare can help family caregivers in Philadelphia, PA. 

There are programs available that provide training to become a caregiver, such as the self-directed personal assistant program, the Structured Family Caregiving program, or Community HealthChoices. These programs typically compensate individuals who give in-home care to their loved ones while educating them on how to provide the best support possible.

A home care agency like AmeriBest can hire a familial caregiver. They will then become a general company employee, receiving both paychecks and benefits. The care recipient can choose their family member as their caregiver through the company. Still, they will not have to be responsible for compensation.

It’s important to note there are eligibility requirements, such as income limits, physician certification, the prohibition of a spouse as a caregiver, and program parameters.


Can Medicare be Used for Family Caregivers Living in Philadelphia, PA?

The government health care insurance plan, Medicare, does not pay for long-term care services, including in-home care support, and does not offer reimbursement for caregiving services. In some cases, the insurance plan may cover things such as transportation or meal delivery, but these offerings are limited.


Supports Family AmeriBest


Become a Medicaid Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA

A rewarding job like family care for a loved one shouldn’t be daunting. With the variety of programs available in Philadelphia, PA, you can find the appropriate support network for you and your family members. AmeriBest HomeCare can help you on your journey; reach out today! 

Unlock Financial Support in Philly: A Guide to Getting Paid as a Family Caregiver in Pennsylvania

Family Caregiver Ameribest

As a family caregiver, you are a valuable asset to your loved one. Not only are you providing support, but it is coming from someone they feel comfortable with and given in the familiarity of their own home. Being a family caregiver is a rewarding experience that offers benefits to all involved. Still, it’s likely that you may also incur expenses associated with your role.

Family caregivers often draw from their earnings or savings to afford care-related expenses. In fact, AARP reports family caregivers can spend as much as 26% of their income on related expenses. Additionally, they may take time off work and face long commutes to provide for their loved ones. If you find yourself in this position, you may want to consider getting paid to be a family caregiver in Philadelphia, PA.


Options for Getting Paid to Be a Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA 

Family caregivers are individuals who support their loved ones who are sick, elderly, disabled, or require long-term care for other reasons. They help with transportation, daily routines, and obtaining medical supplies or other resources. Family caregivers occupy the same role as paid caregivers, but most engage in this rewarding experience because they care about their loved ones, not for financial gain.

That said, family caregivers in Philadelphia, PA, typically can get paid for their services.


Getting Paid Through Medicaid 

Medicaid participates with Personal Assistant Services (PAS) in Pennsylvania. The PAS program offers individuals who need help completing day-to-day activities services for assistance. It’s possible that a family caregiver can qualify for PAS under various waivers.

These waivers include OBRA, Act 150, and Community Health Choices (CHC). However, it’s important to note that each waiver has its own stipulations. For example, to qualify for CHC, the individual receiving care must qualify for long-term care after an evaluation by their doctor. Across the board, the care recipient must be over 18 (in some cases 21) and enrolled in Medicaid for their family caregiver to receive payment.


How to Qualify

Getting paid to be a family caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, does not happen directly through Medicaid. Instead, the person giving care will need to be hired by a home care agency, like AmeriBest Home Care. The company can provide quality training, allowing the caregiver to provide the best support possible to their loved one.

Furthermore, the caregiver will become a regular employee of the company. This means that while they will be able to care for their relatives, they will also receive paychecks like every other employee and have access to other benefits offered by the agency. How can you get paid to be a family caregiver in Philadelphia, PA?

First, your loved one must ensure they qualify financially and functionally for both Medicaid and the applicable waiver program. This can often mean obtaining physician certification and certification through the local County Assistance Office (CAO). 

Once approved, your family member will need to choose a home care agency that allows family members to be employed and is approved by the state waiver program. AmeriBest Home Care is pleased to employ family caregivers, offering training and continual development opportunities in a supportive environment.


How Much Will Medicaid Pay Family Caregivers in Philadelphia, PA?

The amount depends on Medicaid’s rates. Medicaid has fixed rates dispersed to home care agencies that the company uses to pay caregivers, including family caregivers. The rate is also what the state of Pennsylvania deems a suitable hourly rate for home care services managed through Community HealthChoices. Agency rates can vary slightly but generally fall within a similar range.


Will Medicare Pay Family Caregivers? 

Medicare does not pay for long-term care services, including in-home care support. The government insurance health coverage plan does not pay — regardless of whether the in-home caregiver is a family member.

Getting Paid as a Family Caregiver


Why Partner with AmeriBest Home Care?

AmeriBest Home Care has a lot to offer caregivers, including compensation, benefits, and excellent training so that you can provide the best support possible for your loved one. Reach out to AmeriBest to learn more about how to join our team and get started today.

Transforming Compassion into Income: Exploring Opportunities to Get Paid to Care in Harrisburg, PA 

Medicaid Family Caregiver

Family caregiving is both rewarding and a significant responsibility. Supporting your loved one in the comfort of their own home is a valuable experience that many wish to provide for their relatives. However, it can also strain caregivers financially, emotionally, and physically.  Know that if you’re looking for ways to ease your financial burdens while providing compassionate care to your family member, you’re not alone. The unique set of concerns faced by family caregivers in Pennsylvania leaves many exploring avenues to get paid to give care in Harrisburg, PA. 


Ways to Get Paid to Care in Harrisburg, PA 

Medicaid is perhaps the most advantageous way to get paid for being a family caregiver in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or the surrounding area. Medicaid waivers, in particular, can be used to compensate family members caring for their disabled or elderly family members who still live at home. 

These government waivers allow the state, via home care agencies, to financially assist caregivers in providing in-home personal care and household services to individuals living outside assisted care facilities. There are various Medicaid waivers, each with its own eligibility requirements. Regardless of the type of waiver, the majority are overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.


How Can My Family Member Become Eligible for Paid Family Caregiving in PA?

First, the relative needing care must qualify to receive payment via a Medicaid waiver. A physician who can certify that long-term support or services are needed can determine eligibility for functional requirements. Financial eligibility is set and reviewed by the state, as income limits must be met to qualify for the Community HealthChoices (CHC) Medicaid waiver. 

Once qualified, the CHC managed care program offers various plans. Working with a Pennsylvania Independent Enrollment Broker can help you determine eligibility, enroll, and understand the services available


How Do Home Care Agencies in PA Help with Compensation?

Once your family member is confirmed to be eligible, they will need to choose a home care agency that allows the employment of family members as caregivers, like AmeriBest Home Care. The agency facilitates training, development, and ongoing support of the family caregiver to ensure they are able to provide the best care possible for their loved one. 

Additionally, the agency is responsible for payment, benefits, and continued development opportunities. Once hired, the family caregiver becomes a regular company employee and is put on the payroll just like every other staff member. 

Home care agencies in Harrisburg, PA, such as AmeriBest, provide the best of both worlds. They help ensure you have the skills and knowledge needed to provide loving and effective care to your relative. Meanwhile, they also oversee payment and benefit disbursement (if applicable), helping to relieve some of the stress from you and your loved one. 


How Much Compensation is Offered to Get Paid to Care in Harrisburg, PA?

The fixed rate of the Medicaid waiver payment determines compensation for family caregivers in Pennsylvania. Medicaid gives a specific amount to home care agencies that is then used to pay family caregivers. Rates can also vary by the home care agency, but most have a similar pay range. 


Family Caregiver AmeriBest


Choose a Supportive Home Care Agency; Choose AmeriBest Home Care 

Receiving compensation for supporting your relative can help relieve financial stress and allow you to fully enjoy the rewarding experience. But it is only part of the equation. Don’t choose a home care agency based on pay alone. 

It’s important to consider the training, development, and additional benefits provided by the company. AmeriBest Home Care understands the complexities and concerns of being a family caregiver. We work to empower and support family caregivers across Pennsylvania – equipping them with the resources, information, and skills they need to make paid family caregiving as easy a journey as possible. Reach out today to learn more about joining our team.

Navigating the Options: How to Choose the Right Philadelphia Home Care Agency

How to Get an In-Home Caregiver in Harrisburg, PA

When it comes time to get additional care for your loved one, you want to choose a Philadelphia home care agency that offers the very best. But without a reference point, finding the agency best suited to your loved one’s needs can be difficult. This article will discuss what to look for in a home care provider so you can make the best choice for your loved one.

What to Look for in a Philadelphia Home Care Agency

Service Options

Families must ensure the agency they choose is suited to their loved one’s needs. Some seniors require basic care, such as meal preparation, cleaning, and mobility assistance.

Others have more advanced needs for medical conditions. They may require vital sign monitoring, medicine administration, and other types of specialized care.

Find out what services the agency offers to ensure they provide the care your loved one requires.


Affordability is not only about the rates the agency charges. Agencies can offer other services that make care more affordable.

For example, they may work with Medicaid to provide government-funded services. They may even train family members so they can get paid to care for loved ones.

Families should also look for agencies that accept their insurance and offer private pay plans that allow relatives to split the bill.

Skilled Workers

Find out about caregiver skill level. Do the aides receive ongoing training? Are they required to hold a certification to perform certain tasks?

A skilled caregiver is more likely to provide your loved one with the care and attention they require.

Referrals, Reviews, and Recommendations

Modern technology makes it possible to look online and learn about the level of service a Philadelphia home care agency provides. Research reviews and customer ratings. Determine if you feel the agency will be the right fit for your loved one.

Ask friends and family if they have an agency they would recommend. They may provide a trusted opinion.

You can also ask the agency if they can put you in touch with past and current clients. They will provide insight into the agency’s quality of service.

Caring, Compassionate Caregivers

It can be difficult to determine whether caregivers are caring and compassionate until you work with them. However, if you meet with the agency and staff, you will get an idea of their level of empathy and understanding. Your gut will tell you whether they will provide the loving care your senior relative deserves.


Home Care Assistance in Harrisburg, PA


AmeriBest is a Preferred Philadelphia Home Care Agency

You can spend hours, days, or weeks navigating your home care options or save yourself time by choosing AmeriBest first. AmeriBest has been rated one of Pennsylvania’s top five home care agencies. We take a patient-centric approach ensuring each client receives the personalized care they deserve.

We make care more affordable by allowing family members to get paid for caregiving. We offer competitive pay and an impressive benefits package. Caregivers train in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

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Understanding Eligibility for a Family Members in Harrisburg, PA

Home Health Care in Harrisburg, PA

Caregivers often face financial difficulties. They must take time off work to care for loved ones. If they seek professional assistance, out-of-pocket expenses will add up. The state of Pennsylvania offers a solution. Through the CDPAP program, you can get paid to care for family members in Harrisburg, PA. Read on to find out how it works.

Why Become a Caregiver for Your Love d One

·  Relieves the financial burden of caregiving: When caregiving becomes your career, you will no longer need to take time off work to care for your loved one. You will receive a paycheck for the care you provide.  

·  You know your loved one is in good hands: When you provide care, you know your loved one will always be looked after by a trusting aide.

How to Get Paid to Care for Family Members in Harrisburg, PA


A caregiver must meet the following qualifications to be eligible for the CDPAP program:

·  Must be at least 18 years of age

·  Must be a Pennsylvania resident

·  Must have completed caregiver training

·  Must have obtained necessary certifications.

Program Options

Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waivers

The HCBS waiver allows Medicaid recipients to appoint a caregiver of their choice. The waiver can also cover certain care expenses. Medicaid provides limited HCBS waivers, so applicants must apply promptly to qualify.

PDA 60+ Waiver

The PDA 60+ waiver is available for Medicaid recipients 60 and older with dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other types of cognitive issues. It allows family members to care for older relatives in familiar surroundings. Eligibility requirements can vary by county.

Pennsylvania Caregiver Support Program

This program provides financial reimbursement for family caregiver costs, including services and supplies. Caregivers are also provided access to resources for respite care and other services to avoid burnout. 

Families that qualify will be assigned a care manager who will evaluate the family’s needs and create a customized plan. Financial eligibility requirements apply.

PCAFC for Veteran Family Members

The PCAFC is available for veterans who sustained disabling injuries or illnesses in the line of duty. To be eligible, the veteran must require assistance with at least one daily living activity. 

The program provides a $2750 monthly stipend to cover care costs. It also provides caregivers access to training, counseling, and respite care.

Family Members in Harrisburg, PA


Work for a Home Care Agency

Working for a home care agency may be the most straightforward way to get paid to care for family members in Harrisburg, PA. The agency will determine your eligibility and provide the training you require. They will allow you to follow a new career path and reduce the financial burden of caregiving.

Many caregiver agencies offer training so you can get paid to care for a loved one, but AmeriBest stands out as a preferred provider. We offer competitive pay and benefits, consistent hours, and a supportive environment. Our ongoing training will help you establish yourself in the industry.

We also provide services for families that require professional caregivers. Our caring and compassionate aides offer various non-medical services. We will provide an easy process that puts your mind at ease.

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