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Home Care Aids for the Win - AmeriBest Home Care

What does caregiving mean to you?
Responsibility. Kindness. Assistance. Medical expertise.

These are the four core aspects of good caregiving for seniors. These are the four core aspects needed to keep your senior healthy, happy, and living a good life.

Yet, it’s hard for family caregivers to satisfy all four needs when they’ve got their own lives to live. When family members become caregivers, they have to dedicate a significant amount of their own free time to their senior’s wellbeing.

Which is great, if you have the time. But many of us, have full time jobs, families, and errands we need to attend to. And this makes the job of a family caregiver extremely complicated.
Causing many to now opt for professional home care aids.

Because, home care aids are the future of caregiving.

What is a professional home care aid?

A professional home care aid comes to you, as opposed to you going to them. This means, that your senior can enjoy the comforts of his or her own home, while also getting the necessary medical and personal assistance needed. Home care aids can help in a variety of ways, anywhere from simply changing bed linens, to overseeing hygiene care, to emptying urinary bags.

Essentially, they do a lot.

Female nurse visiting senior patient for checking blood pressure

How can a professional home care aid meet the 4 core caregiving needs?

Responsibility – Professional home care aids take their jobs seriously. They understand the meaning of reliability and efficiency. When you’re caring for someone else’s life, you’ve got to be there for them, and ready to help them with whatever they need.

Kindness – You don’t just want someone who will come in, do the bare minimum, and leave. You want someone who loves what they do, so that they will go above and beyond. You want someone who will show kindness to your senior, because they really care for your senior. And that’s exactly what home care aids are trained to do.

Assistance – There are all different jobs that a home care aid can do. Housekeeping, meal prep, transportation, personal care– just to name a few. Home care aids provide assistance to your senior, so that your senior can keep living the life they want.

Medical Expertise – In addition to basic living assistance, professional home care agencies can also get you skilled nurses and doctors. So your senior can get all the medical and emotional help they need.

Where can I find a professional home care aid that will satisfy the 4 core caregiving requirements?

Are you located in Philadelphia, PA? Then come on by AmeriBest Home Care agency to get a reliable home care aid today!

At AmeriBest Home Care, we match your needs with our experienced and talented staff. Whether your senior needs skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical social work, or a home health aide, we’ve got it all.

Give us a call today at 1800-HOMECARE.
So that we can help you make the life that’s right for you.

Summer Tips for Seniors – Playing it Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer Tips for Seniors - AmeriBest Home Care

One of the biggest dangers of summer is heat stroke and fatigue. But don’t let that stop you from spending good, quality time out in the fresh summer air. Here are 4 tips to help you stay healthy and safe in the hot summer heat.

Keep your body happy with lots of liquids.

The best way to fight against heat stroke and heat fatigue is… water! It goes without saying, that our bodies absolutely need water to survive. And being out in the sun all day, really depletes our bodies’ water reserves. For this reason, it’s important to constantly be drinking water all day during the summer. Even if you stay indoors. And if you don’t like water (or simply get bored of it), don’t forget that other liquids like seltzer and tea can keep you just as hydrated.

So, how much water should you be drinking a day? It’s said that we need about 11 cups of water a day, but that everyone has their own water needs based on a variety of factors. And, whatever your normal water intake is, you may want to raise it even more for the summer heat.

Just make sure to always take a water bottle with you when you go outside.

Senior woman drinking water in the kitchen.

Don’t overexert yourself.

When the weather is just so beautiful outside, it’s hard to resist spending hours upon hours out in the fresh summer air. But, it’s important not to overexert yourself. Yes, sunshine is extremely crucial for our bodies. And yes, too much of even a good thing can be a bad thing. It’s all about finding a middle ground, and knowing when to give your body a rest.

If you’re planning to spend a good amount of time outdoors, be sure to stagger the outdoors time with some air-conditioned indoor time. And, make sure to give yourself plenty of moments to rest and catch your breath.

Umbrellas aren’t just for rain.

Using an umbrella against the sun is a nifty trick that can be the barrier between you and a heat stroke. We usually only think to use umbrellas for rain, but they work wonders against the sun’s blazing rays as well. There’s only so much shade you can find on any given street. But with an umbrella, you get to bring the shade with you. And it makes being outdoors in the heat, so much better. So, take your morning walks and evening strolls with a nice big umbrella that keeps you cool and in the shade.

Don’t go to the beach during peak hours.
Even with your big sun umbrella, it’s best to stay clear of peak heat hours. The sun is at its strongest usually between 12 pm and 3 pm. Plan your summer outings for the early morning or late afternoon. And stay in the safety of good air conditioning during peak hours.

This way, you still get some healthy sunshine on your bones, while not overdoing it.