Boosting Your Immune System Using Supplements

Boosting Your Immune System Using Supplements - best home care agency in philadelphia

When you begin your search for a home healthcare provider, you want one who keeps up with the latest in best practices for ongoing health. At AmeriBest Home Care – the best home care agency in Philadelphia, we continually update our personnel and train them accordingly.

Supplements are one way of boosting your (or your loved one’s) immune system. None will prevent or cure diseases, but they give you extra tools to defend your body against bacteria, toxins, and viruses. You bolster your resistance even more with healthy eating, exercise, and proper sleep.

The biggest caution with supplements is that not all of them play nicely with current medications! Over the counter or not, you should always check with your primary about any supplement you plan on taking. Certainly, the advertising sounds promising, but keep thinking: safety first.

Potential Immune System Supplements 

At AmeriBest, Philadelphia, our team sometimes walks into a home and sees dozens of bottles on the counter. Some are outdated, some are duplicates, and others aren’t necessary. You don’t need 101 supplements, just a few GOOD ones. For example, many people have a Vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps protect you against respiratory infections.

A mineral you can consider for boosting your immune system is zinc, without which it will not function properly. As a result, you are at an increased risk of illness. About 16% of serious respiratory infections have ties to a lack of zinc. In the aging community, over 30% of people are zinc-deficient.

Another well-known supplement for health is Vitamin C. While you may have heard Vitamin C protects against infections and is a powerful antioxidant, it has another role. This Vitamin helps clear out old cells and replace them with new ones.

One of nature’s gifts to the immune system is Elderberry, which has been a prevalent part of the folk healer’s kit since the time of Charlemaign. Elderberry has antiviral and antibacterial properties, particularly useful in staving off the flu. It can also decrease the duration of a cold.

Then too, what about garlic? This spice has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It stimulates white blood cells. Garlic exhibits the potential to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, too. The Greek physician Hippocrates (after which the Hippocratic oath is named) prescribed garlic for various maladies. There is no need to process garlic in any particular way. Just add it to your recipe, and enjoy.

The Bottom Line

AmeriBest Home Care agency in Philadelphia, PA recognizes the benefits of supplements for aging people that boost immune functionality. However, nothing surpasses a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, healthy eating, good sleep habits, and medication management are part of the picture.

When you have a professional aide, they can help your loved one strive toward that goal. Our staff is highly trained to meet daily needs, protect your confidentiality, and focus on the individual’s sense of involvement and dignity.

Hire The Best Home Care Agency in Philadelphia!

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Walk on the Bright Side: Keys to Greater Happiness

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Working with people needing home care services Allentown PA, we constantly see individuals struggling with their sense of purpose, depression, and anxiety because of their condition. These feelings are normal but can get in the way of being happy.

Some organizations are working on what should be an easier question: How to be happy? Studies show that there is a correlation between mental well-being and things like chronic pain and longevity. People who are unhappy focus on their pain more than on activities. People who are happy are more likely to be active, contributing to their body’s overall hardiness.

In-home healthcare, an aide like those at AmeriBest can encourage ideas for improved happiness. They can also redirect individuals trying to break bad habits. The idea is to make new routines and new practices that support positivity. You’d be surprised at how simple some things are, like smiling more. Smile at someone when you pass them (watch their eyes light up).

Smiling releases dopamine, the “feel good” chemical. Here are some more ideas:

  1. Sleep:
    Adequate sleep is vital to your body and mind. Otherwise, you live in a fog. Create a quiet time before bed, and stick to a routine of when you sleep and when you get up. Avoid eating and drinking before bed or actively engaging your mind in something like an online puzzle. You’re trying to wind down, not up. Also, get bedding and pillows that feel good. Believe it or not, that little bit of comfort affects how well you sleep. Read up on sleep hygiene.
  2. Remain active as practicable:
    You don’t need to jog or lift weights. Instead, take short walks. And, when you wake up, stretch before you get out of bed.

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  3. The attitude of gratitude:
    Instead of focusing on perceived negatives in life, look for the blessings, both big and small. Create a daily journal of things that improved your day. Maybe you snuck in 15 minutes more sleep before getting ready for the day. Or, perhaps, you saw a lovely bird outside your window. Redirecting your mind to “good stuff” improves happiness.
  4. Random acts of kindness:
    Give someone a compliment (nice scarf, love your hat). How does it make you feel? Even just making eye contact and saying good morning can boost how you feel inside. It’s satisfying to do good things.
  5. Acknowledge your feelings:
    No one is happy every moment of every day. Don’t dismiss those moments when you feel lousy. Don’t just put on a happy face and push feelings away. Instead, try to figure out the trigger. What made you feel bad? Knowing this helps you avoid similar situations in the future.
  6. It’s your story:
    You cannot compare your life to anyone else’s. For example, in recovery from surgery, you might hear about someone who was up and going while you are still struggling. You are NOT them. Every person is different, so keep going without making unreasonable expectations.
  7. Finally, keep your space tidy:
    Clutter impacts how you feel and think.

Home Care Services Allentown PA

Our AmeriBest caregivers can help with this, among many other daily tasks covered by the home care services in Allentown, PA. If you’d like more information on getting home healthcare, you can contact us online. Our email is The phone number for our Allentown, PA office is 610-596-9070. Our trained professionals are happy to help in any way.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

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Tossing, turning, adding blankets, or removing them…the time seems to slow to an aching pace, and all you pray for is going to sleep. At AmeriBest senior care Harrisburg, PA, we’ve encountered many individuals, particularly seniors, who struggle with sleep. Small losses here and there are normal. But when it becomes nightly, the lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, including heart disease and depression.

What is Sleep Hygiene?

In recent years you may have heard the term “sleep hygiene.” Basically, sleep hygiene is a matter of creating healthy habits that help you get better sleep.  Both your environment and pre-bed routine contribute to sleeping deeply. When we say “routine,” not all suggestions here work for everyone, so you want to craft a sustainable pattern that, with time, becomes natural.

Factoid: Insomnia 

Over 70 million Americans exhibit sleep disorders every year. Between 30 and 50% of the adult population have ongoing insomnia problems. Chronic insomnia is defined as having sleep interruptions or difficulties three times a week for more than three months. Stress is the number one contributor to sleep problems, along with pain, depression, diseases, and medications, all common to the aging population. 

How to Get Started 

Sleep hygiene aims to create a pre-bed routine and harness habits that may contribute to getting to sleep and staying asleep. The aides at Ameribest, Harrisburg, PA, can help individuals stick to their routines using simple reminders.

For example, they can remind a person of all the steps before going to bed. Dress, brush your teeth, and take a half hour to wind down using gentle lighting and relaxing music. Find the things that really settle your mind and spirit.

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Sleep Schedule

First things first, it’s time to set a sleep schedule. Try to wake up at the same time daily, creating a bio-rhythm for consistency. Do not put off sleep unless it’s absolutely necessary. It may take a little time to adjust, but that’s to be expected.

Cat Naps & Electronics

Avoid napping. You haven’t slept well, so it’s not surprising you want a nap. However, the more you nap, the more it impacts your night’s sleep. Limit naps to early afternoon. Also, avoid all electronics (cell phones, tablets, etc.). Electronics stimulate the mind, which is the opposite of what you want. Instead, try relaxation methods like deep breathing and meditation.

Tip: Don’t just lie there awake

When you spend hours in bed, unable to sleep, the connection between you and your bedroom becomes contrary. You want to look forward to bed. So if you’re still awake after a half hour, get up for a bit. Stretch, perhaps read a book, and then try again. Still, avoid electronics, though.

Other Helpmates for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Get as much natural light as possible. Sunlight creates a rhythm in your body that can decrease sleep problems. Don’t drink caffeine in the evening because it’s a stimulant. Late-night meals aren’t great, either. Digestion can disrupt sleep.

Senior Care Harrisburg

If you are caring for a loved one, it can be difficult to help them achieve solid sleep habits. However, if you have a professional aide like those from AmeriBest Harrisburg, PA, they can step in with guidance during their shift. Make it a team effort!

Call us to see how home care in Harrisburg, PA can best help your family. You can reach our Harrisburg office at 717-545-2920, by email at, or by using our online contact form.


National Glaucoma Awareness Month

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Our senses are the key to the ways in which we engage with the world. When one begins to fade, it changes everything, including how others treat us. We begin to be seen as our condition, not the person behind it. Glaucoma, called the “sneak thief of sight,” is one such disorder projected to affect over 4 million people by 2030. Without raising awareness of how important eye exams are to preserving vision, the numbers will only continue rising. At AmeriBest Homecare in Philadelphia, we get calls from families who do not know how to handle this issue on top of any other health limitations their loved one has. They worry about the quality of life and effective care going forward. After all, Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness, especially for Latinos and African Americans. The numbers will only continue rising without raising awareness of how important eye exams are to preserving vision.

Glaucoma up Close

Glaucoma can affect people from all walks of life and of all ages. Nonetheless, it primarily affects people when they hit middle age and upward. Everything begins in the optic nerve, which is responsible for sending thousands of images to the brain for processing. When there is damage to the nerve, the clarity decreases and begins fading. When an eye doctor detects glaucoma in its early stages, it improves their ability to treat the issue.

Two Main Types of Glaucoma

Primary open-angle glaucoma is one of the two primary forms of the disorder. It results from increased pressure inside the eye. Secondary glaucoma occurs because of an underlying disease, causing, or contributing to, eye pressure.


The problem with glaucoma is that most people don’t even know it’s developing because it begins in peripheral vision. There are no early warning signs. The only way to check for glaucoma is through an eye exam in which the eye is dilated. When discovered early enough, some eyesight can be protected. Note that if your family has a history of glaucoma, it’s doubly important to have regular exams as there appear to be genetic correlations.

Tests for glaucoma look at five factors. First, the eye doctor examines the pressure inside the eye. Next, they look at the shape and color of the optic nerve, followed by checking your field of vision. The last two things are examining the angle where the iris meets the cornea and the thickness of the cornea.

Accessing Homecare in Philadelphia

If your loved one has a glaucoma diagnosis, you may need help with their daily care, especially as the vision fades. Our trained staff is ready to show compassion and kindness, particularly since the individual probably feels vulnerable. Give us a call to learn how we can make things at home run with less stress while also providing experienced care you can trust.

There are many good home care agencies in Philadelphia, but if you’re looking for a GREAT one, contact AmeriBest!

You can contact our office in three ways:

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Cervical Health Awareness Month

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Not that long ago, cervical cancer was the predominant cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States, one-quarter of which were over the age of 65. Thanks to screening and prevention, those numbers have been slowly reducing, but there is still a long way to go. Thousands of women still die of this disease annually. Many will require the help of home health care agencies in Harrisburg, PA.

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. At AmeriBest Home Care Harrisburg, PA, we recognize two major barriers to continuing the fight against Cervical Cancer. One is education. The other is prevention by ongoing screening and inoculation. Nearly all cases (70%) of Cervical Cancer begin with an HPV infection; vaccines designed to protect against HPV (Gardasil and Cervarix) could potentially prevent many cases. Pap smears may also catch the problem. So why are these preventatives used more often?

That question returns us to education. There is a general lack of public awareness. Girls and boys between the ages of 11-12 should receive the HPV injection, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). While primary physicians may stress getting the inoculations, something in communication often falls through, leaving children at risk of future HPV cancers.

Two Types of Cervical Cancer

The type of cervical cancer a person has depends on where the disease began. Squamous Cell Carcinoma develops in the outer part of a woman’s cervix, visible during gynecological exams. This is where 90% of cervical cancer originates.

Adenocarcinoma begins in the inner part of the cervix. It is rare. Sometimes both types of cancer appear simultaneously, again a rare occurrence.

How Can PAP Tests Help?

Because cervical cancer is usually a slowly growing problem, a Pap test may detect abnormalities that act as a red flag for future checkups. Pap can also detect cancer in its early form. In both cases, there is a better chance of recovery when the disease is caught in the initial stages.

The good thing is that testing can be done in a clinic or doctor’s office rather than the hospital. If you have a professional home caregiver, they can transport your loved one to and from the appointment, leaving your time open for other matters. For those without health insurance, there are programs offering low-cost screening.

The Aging Population

The mortality rate of cervical cancer in elderly women is high. Studies indicate that delayed diagnosis and insufficient treatment are two correlating factors. The average age of diagnosis is in the early 50s, but there is a second peak of this cancer in women that happens between 60-70. Because these women often have other issues like heart disease and diabetes, their risks are greatly increased.

Home Health Care Agencies Harrisburg PA

Looking for home health care agencies in Harrisburg, PA? When you hire professional caregivers, they are there to provide support, not just with daily tasks but with any protocols that a physician puts in place for “at home” care. AmeriBest staff has been trained to follow the care plans diligently. When you cannot be home, WE can be.

How To Access Home Care in Harrisburg PA?

Contact our Harrisburg office at 717-545-2920. You can also email us at or contact us here.

We’ll be happy to help you navigate the process!

Home Health Care Services in Allentown PA

Home Health Care Services in Allentown, PA

When you have a loved one who struggles with various daily needs, you want a high-quality, dedicated company like AmeriBest in Allentown, PA, on your side. Our goal is to provide comprehensive Home Health Care Services in Allentown, PA, to our community by focusing on compassion and maintaining individuals’ dignity. Studies show that a lack of self-worth greatly impacts an individual’s quality of life. Two key words in AmeriBest’s home care are “client-centered.” Our clients do not feel like they are on the outside looking in. We listen to their ideas, concerns, fears, and hopes when devising a plan of care. Next comes input from family and friends. And, of course, we include all of a person’s healthcare providers in the equation, so everyone is on the same page.

Dealing with Caregiver Uncertainty

Individuals requiring care often have misgivings about having a stranger in their homes. Or they aren’t sure exactly what to expect from the situation. These feelings are shared by families seeking the right situation for their loved ones. It’s not easy. There are many options out there, but think about what you want ideally and make a list, including your questions and use them during reviews of company options.

Remember that all home health agencies in Pennsylvania must have a license from the Department of Health. This license ensures they meet health and safety standards while adhering to rules and regulations. The Department will survey agencies unannounced to check on best practices.

The Best Home Health Care Services in Allentown, PA

Overall we want people to feel more comfortable and safe in their homes. We also want to educate families about risks and valuable insights into the current situation they may never have encountered. While we handle the professional end, families still have valuable roles to play as intermittent caregivers.

There are many good reasons to consider hiring home health services for the vulnerable population. You have responsibilities, and when you try to meet those along with those of your loved one, it becomes a struggle. There are many challenges to caregiving. Time management is at the top of the list. An aide can give you much-needed time away. They can:

  • Assist with bathing and dressing
  • Provide medication reminders
  • Prepare meals
  • Help with safe ambulation
  • Do laundry and light housekeeping

Most importantly, AmeriBest’s home caregivers in Allentown, PA, provide socialization. Whether it’s recounting favored memories, playing cards, or watching TV, the aide is a person who can give your loved one their whole attention.

Taking the Next Step

When ready, reach out to AmeriBest’s Allentown, PA office at 610-596-9070. We also have offices in Harrisburg, PA, and Philadelphia. Seek the one closest to you for convenience. Don’t feel awkward about what may seem to you as an odd question. Thousands of people have probably asked likewise.

We have a professional staff ready to review the process and respond to all your questions. Call us at 610-596-9070. If you prefer, email AmeriBest at or use our online contact form for your initial communication.

Home for the Holidays in Harrisburg: Family Activities

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With Harrisburg being the capital of PA, you can anticipate a flurry of activities around the holidays. You read the descriptions and get all excited, but then wonder how well the event will be when bringing your family, including elder members. If you have an in-home caregiver in Harrisburg, PA, breathe a sigh of relief. Your aide can provide many supports to make the event memorable with less fuss on your part.

So where might you go? Since it’s a sweet time of year, why not visit Christmas is Sweet Lights at Hershey? This is a drive-through event (hey, no walking!) with over 600 displays. If you cannot go, your AmeriBest aide can drive for you. Do not miss getting hot chocolate. It’s fantastic.

There’s also Hershey Park, filled with decorations and presenting special programming; You’ll see 5,000,000 lights everywhere you go. Stop at the ticket office for complete accessibility information should your senior family member require it.

For something laid back, head to the Capitol in Harrisburg with your AmeriBest aide and enjoy the incredible tree in the rotunda. While you are there, you may stumble across a concert.

A half-hour away from Harrisburg in York, you can check out a model railroad display featuring a 2,700 ft. layout (a quarter-mile track). The engines might not be circling your tree, but there are regular open houses that will fit your schedule throughout the holidays.

Watching movies at home is fun, but what about going to a real movie theater for your senior’s favorite holiday title? The Majestic Theater (Gettysburg – under 1 hr away from Harrisburg) will show A Christmas Carol on various dates. Take your trusted AmeriBest aide with you so they can settle your senior in, and you grab the popcorn.

About 30 minutes south of Harrisburg, you can gather the family together for the Trail of Lights at Country Creek Produce Farm. There is a driving trail for those with mobility issues. Food and beverages are available (tip: try the doughnuts).

Twenty minutes away on December 1st, your aide could take your loved one to a relaxing, fun wreath decorating. It takes place at the Costwater Distillery.

Move It Inside If You Wish

If you don’t want to travel or the weather makes it impossible, there’s a lot you can do with your family, including seniors! For example, while you’ve seen dozens of outdoor lights, how about making your light festival inside the house?  Even if your senior cannot manage the strings of lights, you can bet they’ll want to direct the action.

Play holiday trivia (you can make up the questions or buy a game set). Have a family bingo night, or bake cookies. Just think about the things your family has always enjoyed together and make minor adaptations suited to your loved one’s condition.

Home for the Holidays in Harrisburg Family Activities

In-Home Caregiver in Harrisburg, PA

If AmeriBest already serves your family, your aide will come with a bucketload of ideas for celebrating the holidays. This person can help with planning, shopping, and decorating, making your job much easier.

Considering getting a professional in-home caregiver in Harrisburg, PA? Or becoming one? AmeriBest will answer all your questions! You can reach us in three ways:

Our online contact form: HERE

Email:, or

Call 717-545-2920

Do I Qualify for In-Home Care Services in Harrisburg, PA?

Do I Qualify for In-Home Care Services in Harrisburg, PA

If you’re facing a short-term recovery with assistance or a long-term plan for your health and well-being, you may ask yourself, “Do I qualify for in-home care services in Harrisburg, PA?”. Or perhaps you’re looking into this option for a loved one. You are not alone. Many people seek out highly qualified caregivers, like those provided by AmeriBest Home Care, as an alternative to respite or nursing homes. It’s far more comfortable and soothing. You know where everything is and everyone who enters your door.

Of course, not all caregiving services are created equal. When you care for a vulnerable individual with physical, intellectual, or emotional challenges, you are left in the unenviable position of making responsible choices in their stead. Nonetheless, there are certain qualifying factors for getting aide services at an affordable price.


A significant determining factor is insurance. Each carrier has its definitions of the individual’s condition and what type of care they can receive at home. You’ll see the term “medically necessary” frequently. Most often, a physician has to delineate the present needs and the means required to keep the individual safe.


Age is also a factor. Medicare is designed for people over 65, but it also covers people who become disabled before that. So, a 50-year-old individual who becomes disabled can qualify for having at least part of their home care costs covered. The beauty of medicare is consistency. Regular insurance companies don’t have that.

AmeriBest Home Healthcare Provider Harrisburg, PA 

The basic qualifications for in-home care services in Harrisburg PA are:

  • Attestation by a physician as to your specific needs (like physical therapy or skilled nursing)
  • Having a provider that is properly registered in your state (like AmeriBest).
  • Having a plan of care reviewed and updated regularly by your health team.

So, Where Do You Begin?

Pennsylvania has a “one-stop” resource for information, including home health agency licensure qualifications. The Department of Aging offers Medicare counseling and a program called Options. You qualify for this program if you’re 60 or older, a Pennsylvania resident, a legal US citizen, and have unmet needs regarding daily functionality.


Be prepared to gather various types of paperwork as proof of qualification. Examples include a driver’s license, social security card, and proof of insurance; If there is a spouse or family member assisting, they may need a Power of Attorney to ask questions about you over the phone.

It’s expected that the State of Pennsylvania will review services regularly due to the rapidly growing elderly population. When you use a home care health provider like AmeriBest, they keep abreast of these changes and guide you through any that affect your care or that of a loved one.

AmeriBest: Home Healthcare Provider in Harrisburg, PA

Our agency prides itself on the quality of services offered, professionalism, and caring staff. Your situation, or that of your loved one, is wholly unique. Personalization is a big key to the overall happiness of our clients.

We also gladly train family caregivers to provide proper care and get paid for it!

You can use our online contact form HERE

You can also email us at

Our Harrisburg office number is 717-545-2920; you can also call 1800-HOMECARE

Do I Qualify for In-Home Care Services in Harrisburg PA?


Private Duty Home Care in Philadelphia, PA

Private Duty Home Care in Philadelphia, PA

As someone grows older, they may become chronically ill or have mental limitations due to age. Only some families are prepared for this situation. They have busy lives and cannot provide their loved ones with the kind of care that would provide peace of mind. When you think about your options, you may have heard about private duty home care in Philadelphia, PA.

Think of how much more comfort an individual has in their home vs. a facility. A house is a place filled with a person’s memories, their favorite chair, and the perfect bed! Private duty home care resolves this issue. The team at AmeriBest allows a person to stay in their own house while receiving excellent care.

What, Exactly, Is Private Duty Caregiving?

When we talk about caregiving, questions remain as to what services you can receive from private duty home health agencies in Philadelphia. The list is impressive:

  • Professional Assistance, including vocational, supportive, medical, and psychological help. Medically there are nursing services and speech therapy. Psychological services include cognitive treatments and counseling.
  • Personal Assistance includes offering an individual an extra hand with things like showering, dressing, hair and skin care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and, most importantly, medication monitoring.
  • Companionship: Studies show that having socialization decreases the chance of someone becoming depressed and anxious. At the heart of it all, people really do need people.
  • Family Relief: with a private duty home care aide in place, you have more freedom to take care of business and family. Aides help you avoid burnout. Knowing you have knowledgeable professionals (like those at AmeriBest Philadelphia, PA) with your loved one helps you focus and have peace of mind.

Caregiver Guide to Home Healthcare Philadelphia, PA

What Benefits Can You Expect from a Private Duty Home Care Assistance?

One of the beauties of private duty caregiving is the knowledge professionals provide. You not only have someone close at hand for answers to nagging questions, but you also have our office where you can get further information. At AmeriBest, we aim to create a smooth interaction between physicians, families, and our services.

This is not a paint-by-numbers operation. Personalized care plans are at the heart of our initial intake. You and your loved one are always involved. As the client’s needs change, so does the plan.

Finally, there’s the gift of knowing your loved one is taking the right medications at the right time. Three-quarters of all people over 50 have at least one daily prescription.

When you have pain or suffer from cognitive decline, it’s easy to get things wrong. Having private duty home care deters errors that could prove deadly.

Taking The Next Step

As a Private Duty Home Care Philadelphia PA, AmeriBest wants to answer your questions. Healthcare paperwork and processes can be overwhelming. Having an agency helping you navigate these waters makes things So. Much. Simpler.

There are three ways to contact us:

Call: 215-925-3313 or 1800-HOMECARE

Email:, and

Use our online contact form.

We look forward to assisting you and your family with this transition.

Potential Career Paths for Family Caregivers

Home Care Jobs Philadelphia, PA

Caring for others takes a particular person. Empathy and compassion cannot develop from a training class. Truth be told, many people who are now HHAs, DCWs, PCAs, and CNAs, started with caring for a family member or a friend. Knowing how much you are helping a family can be incredibly fulfilling, and home care jobs are always available.

The demand for home care services grows daily. At AmeriBest Homecare, we always hire and offer our staff add-on, ongoing training. We know you have choices to make in terms of your potential career paths as a caregiver. Example options include

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Gerontology
  • Home Health Aide
  • Nutritionist
  • Personal Caregiver
  • Private Duty Nurse
  • Social Worker

And much more.

Specializations allow you to follow your interests and passions. For example, you might train to help patients with dementia. When clients have unique circumstances that go beyond typical home care assistance, education like that which AmeriBest provides gives you the knowledge. In turn, you can serve a wider range of individuals.

Nursing acts as a bridge between doctors and the family. They can take care of things like medication administration and taking vitals. Some nurses work in an office and also act as home caregivers. Nursing requires specialized schooling for certification.

A Certified Nursing Assistant might be a perfect alternative if you cannot attend college. If you take the training for being a CNA (typically a program certified by the state), you can work in the home and become part of medical facilities.

A fast-growing potential career path as a caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, is Gerontology. Because people are living longer lives, there are more elders in need of assistance. Sadly, a long life does not always equate to a healthy one. A Gerontology certification course can focus on one or more issues. Possibilities include psychology, mobility, and dentistry.

Then too, there’s becoming a Home Health Aide. At AmeriBest, we have jobs at home and community-based programs for which you can apply. The need is great. In this capacity, you help people with everyday living challenges, including

  • Bathing
  • Housework
  • Med management
  • Oral hygiene
  • Traveling to and from appointments
  • Socialization

The Home Health Aide comes to know the individual. Everything is personalized. You work with the family to help them better understand the care their loved one needs. You also alert the family and physicians to potential problems.

Home Care Jobs for Family Caregivers in Philadelphia, PA

If you’d like to become a member of a caring company with a holistic culture, reach out to us and start your application. We offer some of the industry’s best benefits, including

  • 7 paid holidays; time and a half for working those days
  • Medical, Vision, and Basic dental covered at 100%
  • 15,000 life insurance at no cost for full-time workers
  • 5 days of paid maternity leave

Among others. Read more about our benefits HERE.

AmeriBest values its staff, knowing you are essential to client satisfaction. We aim to keep good people by showing them the support and respect they deserve.

There are three ways to contact us about your potential career path as a caregiver in Philadelphia, PA:

    1. Our online contact form
    2. Telephone 1800-HOMECARE
    3. And e-mail: