Walk on the Bright Side: Keys to Greater Happiness

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Working with people needing home care services Allentown PA, we constantly see individuals struggling with their sense of purpose, depression, and anxiety because of their condition. These feelings are normal but can get in the way of being happy.

Some organizations are working on what should be an easier question: How to be happy? Studies show that there is a correlation between mental well-being and things like chronic pain and longevity. People who are unhappy focus on their pain more than on activities. People who are happy are more likely to be active, contributing to their body’s overall hardiness.

In-home healthcare, an aide like those at AmeriBest can encourage ideas for improved happiness. They can also redirect individuals trying to break bad habits. The idea is to make new routines and new practices that support positivity. You’d be surprised at how simple some things are, like smiling more. Smile at someone when you pass them (watch their eyes light up).

Smiling releases dopamine, the “feel good” chemical. Here are some more ideas:

  1. Sleep:
    Adequate sleep is vital to your body and mind. Otherwise, you live in a fog. Create a quiet time before bed, and stick to a routine of when you sleep and when you get up. Avoid eating and drinking before bed or actively engaging your mind in something like an online puzzle. You’re trying to wind down, not up. Also, get bedding and pillows that feel good. Believe it or not, that little bit of comfort affects how well you sleep. Read up on sleep hygiene.
  2. Remain active as practicable:
    You don’t need to jog or lift weights. Instead, take short walks. And, when you wake up, stretch before you get out of bed.

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  3. The attitude of gratitude:
    Instead of focusing on perceived negatives in life, look for the blessings, both big and small. Create a daily journal of things that improved your day. Maybe you snuck in 15 minutes more sleep before getting ready for the day. Or, perhaps, you saw a lovely bird outside your window. Redirecting your mind to “good stuff” improves happiness.
  4. Random acts of kindness:
    Give someone a compliment (nice scarf, love your hat). How does it make you feel? Even just making eye contact and saying good morning can boost how you feel inside. It’s satisfying to do good things.
  5. Acknowledge your feelings:
    No one is happy every moment of every day. Don’t dismiss those moments when you feel lousy. Don’t just put on a happy face and push feelings away. Instead, try to figure out the trigger. What made you feel bad? Knowing this helps you avoid similar situations in the future.
  6. It’s your story:
    You cannot compare your life to anyone else’s. For example, in recovery from surgery, you might hear about someone who was up and going while you are still struggling. You are NOT them. Every person is different, so keep going without making unreasonable expectations.
  7. Finally, keep your space tidy:
    Clutter impacts how you feel and think.

Home Care Services Allentown PA

Our AmeriBest caregivers can help with this, among many other daily tasks covered by the home care services in Allentown, PA. If you’d like more information on getting home healthcare, you can contact us online. Our email is info@ameribest.org. The phone number for our Allentown, PA office is 610-596-9070. Our trained professionals are happy to help in any way.

Home Health Care Services in Allentown PA

Home Health Care Services in Allentown, PA

When you have a loved one who struggles with various daily needs, you want a high-quality, dedicated company like AmeriBest in Allentown, PA, on your side. Our goal is to provide comprehensive Home Health Care Services in Allentown, PA, to our community by focusing on compassion and maintaining individuals’ dignity. Studies show that a lack of self-worth greatly impacts an individual’s quality of life. Two key words in AmeriBest’s home care are “client-centered.” Our clients do not feel like they are on the outside looking in. We listen to their ideas, concerns, fears, and hopes when devising a plan of care. Next comes input from family and friends. And, of course, we include all of a person’s healthcare providers in the equation, so everyone is on the same page.

Dealing with Caregiver Uncertainty

Individuals requiring care often have misgivings about having a stranger in their homes. Or they aren’t sure exactly what to expect from the situation. These feelings are shared by families seeking the right situation for their loved ones. It’s not easy. There are many options out there, but think about what you want ideally and make a list, including your questions and use them during reviews of company options.

Remember that all home health agencies in Pennsylvania must have a license from the Department of Health. This license ensures they meet health and safety standards while adhering to rules and regulations. The Department will survey agencies unannounced to check on best practices.

The Best Home Health Care Services in Allentown, PA

Overall we want people to feel more comfortable and safe in their homes. We also want to educate families about risks and valuable insights into the current situation they may never have encountered. While we handle the professional end, families still have valuable roles to play as intermittent caregivers.

There are many good reasons to consider hiring home health services for the vulnerable population. You have responsibilities, and when you try to meet those along with those of your loved one, it becomes a struggle. There are many challenges to caregiving. Time management is at the top of the list. An aide can give you much-needed time away. They can:

  • Assist with bathing and dressing
  • Provide medication reminders
  • Prepare meals
  • Help with safe ambulation
  • Do laundry and light housekeeping

Most importantly, AmeriBest’s home caregivers in Allentown, PA, provide socialization. Whether it’s recounting favored memories, playing cards, or watching TV, the aide is a person who can give your loved one their whole attention.

Taking the Next Step

When ready, reach out to AmeriBest’s Allentown, PA office at 610-596-9070. We also have offices in Harrisburg, PA, and Philadelphia. Seek the one closest to you for convenience. Don’t feel awkward about what may seem to you as an odd question. Thousands of people have probably asked likewise.

We have a professional staff ready to review the process and respond to all your questions. Call us at 610-596-9070. If you prefer, email AmeriBest at info@ameribest.org or use our online contact form for your initial communication.