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Shortages in the healthcare community have been plaguing the medical industry since the pandemic. They are acutely felt in the caregiving sector. As professional caregivers leave, countless people must give up their jobs to care for elderly and disabled relatives. AmeriBest is solving the caregiver shortage by offering the opportunity for people to become certified caregivers with no prior experience. Read on to learn more about this state program.

The Caregiver Shortage in America

America’s senior population is growing. It should surpass 80 million by 2040. More caregivers are needed to assist them with their health and personal care needs.

The pandemic hit the industry hard. Three years later, it is still trying to recover. But nursing home and in-home care workers are currently 8% below what they were in 2020.

A CVS Health and Harris poll found that 57% of Americans say there are not enough professional caregivers. 51% say it’s hard to find professional caregivers. 13% of caregiver respondents had to quit their jobs to become a caregiver. 24% had to cut their work hours.

The toll on caregivers is more than economic. They are also suffering emotionally. 49% say their mental health has suffered. 76% say they have sacrificed elements of their personal life for caregiving.

How Caregivers Can Get Help

Fortunately, there are programs available that aid caregivers and their loved ones. They include:

Medicare Advantage: Medicare Advantage offer benefits that cover dental, vision, and hearing exams and may also cover dental, eyeglass, and hearing aids. Some programs may also aid in purchasing over-the-counter medications, health aid supplies, and healthy foods.

Resources for Living: This program offers Aetna Health Advantage members and their caregivers access to consultants that help them find resources in their community for in-home care and respite care. They can also assist them in locating caregiver support groups that help with stress management.

Papa: Papa provides Aetna Medicare Advantage plan members access to Papa Pals- people who offer companionship and assistance with everyday tasks.

How AmeriBest Home Care is Making a Difference

AmeriBest is doing its part by offering caregiver certification to people who have no prior experience. Workers train in a supportive, team-oriented environment. We provide professional training in a state-of-the-art facility. Caregivers will enjoy the culture of a collaborative workplace.

They can also count on competitive pay and benefits. They can take advantage of consistent, flexible hours and perks like paid time off and holidays and a $500 sign-on bonus. They will work with one of the largest and fastest-growing providers in the state.

Our efforts are bringing more workers to the caregiver community. Our competitive pay and benefits present attractive options to unskilled workers. People caring for a loved one may join to get paid for their efforts.

AmeriBest’s “Become a Caregiver” program is one of the many ways we help our community. We also provide the best care to our clients and families. Contact us to learn how you can get started on your journey.

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