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When it’s time to get your loved one home care, you must go with an agency you can trust. Many home care agencies Allentown, PA advertise themselves as offering quality services. But how do you know if they will walk the walk? There are several qualities to look for in home care agencies, but safety, reliability, and compassion are among the most important. This article will look at these three traits so you can find the best care for your loved one.


Safety occurs on several levels. Here are some to consider:

  • Keeping Your Loved One Safe: A home aide should prioritize your loved one’s safety. They should make sure all doors and windows are locked at night and before leaving a client home alone. They should clear areas so they are free from tripping hazards. They should see to it that your relative does not end up in a dangerous situation.
  • Making Sure They are Safe: It’s sad but true. Seniors are often victims of abuse. It’s critical to find home care agencies Allentown, PA that hire staff that have been thoroughly vetted and background checked.
  • Familiarity with Medical Treatments: A caregiver with medical training will know what medical treatments your loved one needs. They will administer them with great caution. They will make sure their clients get the therapy they need.


Reliability is essential in the field of home care.

You may be providing care for an elderly loved one part-time and may hire a caregiver to relieve you when you are at work. If the caregiver doesn’t show up on time, you may be late for work. It’s even worse if they don’t show up at all.

It’s also essential that your loved one receives consistent care. A client will get used to their caregiver and may become agitated if a stranger shows up suddenly. When interviewing home care agencies Allentown, PA, ask them what their turnover s like. This will give you an idea of how likely it is that your loved one will receive care from the same person regularly.


Compassion is a trait that’s expressed when a person sees someone suffering and immediately thinks of what they can do to relieve that suffering. It’s a necessary characteristic in healthcare workers. It will enable them to find ways to make your loved one’s life easier. It will inspire them to take action if they see your loved one in danger.

AmeriBest Home Care of Allentown, PA Can Help

There are several home care agencies Allentown, PA to choose from. But which can you trust to provide safe, reliable, and compassionate care? AmeriBest is recommended.

AmeriBest prides itself in offering quality care to respected members of our community. Our staff is carefully vetted to ensure they are trustworthy, qualified, and compassionate. Our low turnover rates mean your loved one will get consistent care.

Don’t trust your loved one’s care to just anyone. Call AmeriBest at 1800-HOMECARE to get the assistance you can trust. Click here to learn more.

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