Get Paid to Take Care of Your Loved Ones Harrisburg PA

So many of us have lost loved ones to lung cancer. Honor them in November during Lung Cancer Awareness Month. You can make a difference by raising awareness to ensure lung cancer doesn’t take more lives. Additionally, if you are currently caring for someone battling cancer or another disease or disability, reach out to AmeriBest to see if you can get paid to take care of your loved ones in Harrisburg PA.

About Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung Cancer Awareness Month became official on October 31, 2022, when President and First Lady Biden issued a Presidential Proclamation. If you’d like to learn more, the Lung Cancer Initiative offers several ways for you to get involved.

What You Can Do to Honor Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Attend Events: The Lung Cancer Initiative hosts several events that honor Lung Cancer Awareness Month. People worldwide can attend the Online Survivor Luncheon on Nov. 1. NC residents and visitors can participate in in-person events like the Evening of Hope, the Jodi Koviach Memorial 5 K Run & Walk, and the Community Education Community. Find out what events are happening in your area!

Get Tested: Make sure lung cancer doesn’t happen to you. Getting tested is crucial to early detection. It increases survival rates. Learn about testing resources in your community.

Wear a White Ribbon: Wear a white ribbon to raise awareness about lung cancer. The LCI will mail out white ribbons upon request. Give them to your family and friends to draw attention to the cause.

Tell Your Story: Share stories about your battle with lung cancer. You can share them through social media, in person, or send them to the LCI.  They may feature your story in one of their publications.

Learn: The LCI provides educational materials you can request through their website. You can also view their educational seminars online. Or invite an LCI member to speak at your church or community event.

Donate: Donate to the LCI and other lung cancer organizations. Your money will raise awareness and fund research.

Get Paid to Take Care of Your Loved Ones in Harrisburg PA

AmeriBest understands that many of our clients are affected by loved ones who lost their lives to lung cancer. We do our part by providing seniors with companionship and other non-medical in-home care services. We can also help people with lung cancer or affected by lung cancer by ensuring they eat healthy and follow their treatment plans; or ease the financial burden by providing opportunities to get paid to take care of your loved ones. Harrisburg PA residents can apply to take advantage of competitive pay and benefits. You will learn in a supportive environment and receive ongoing education.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we have to offer!

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