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When given the option, most seniors prefer to stay in their homes as they grow older. The problem remains that they often have problems that keep them from being wholly safe when alone in that environment. Some with balance issues, for example, may trip and fall on a rug. Those with shaking hands may break a glass and get cut. At this point, a family is left to make hard decisions for their loved one. No matter how capable the individual is, there comes a point when they need more assistance, and sometimes family and friends simply can’t keep up with the demands on their time. The idea of nursing homes is unpleasant. They feel cold and impersonal. So you’d like to find a way of having your family member in their own house, with whatever extra care they require. That’s where home health care in Harrisburg, PA comes into play.

Opening Discussion

When you start looking for caregivers, the task seems impossible. There are a lot of options, but you can take certain steps to find a trusted provider in home health care in Harrisburg, PA. We strongly recommend beginning your journey with a family discussion. You don’t want to just surprise your loved one with a stranger entering the home! Also, you don’t want the individual to feel as if you are robbing them of their independence in any way. So, diplomacy really matters here.

Ask everyone what they envision for home care. Bring the individual’s opinions to the table and listen actively. There is sometimes resistance to an unknown person providing care. Compare that uncertainty to having dozens of unknown people in a strange environment, and you’ll likely see that wall giveaway.

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Appraise Your Needs

With that touchy situation out of the way, you can think about how much help you need. What level of assistance do you envision?

  • Help with chores?
  • Meal preparation?
  • Assisted mobility?
  • Personal care assistance?
  • Hygiene?
  • Private duty nursing?
  • Physical therapy?
  • Socialization?
  • Transportation to medical visits?

What Makes AmeriBest Home Health Care Different from Other Agencies in Harrisburg, PA?

The AmeriBest difference begins with our culture. We value excellence in our staff and show it. We know without the right people on the job, we cannot succeed in offering the best care experience. Once we’ve hired someone, we offer opportunities for ongoing professional training, so they always come to their shift prepared for a wide variety of emerging situations.

Before we hire our staff, we do background checks on each and every person. We ask about their level of experience and what they feel their role is in caregiving. We also discuss any concerns over transportation. The goal here is to give you peace of mind about the people we send to your home for ongoing care. Also, if you have any concerns about your aide, you can bring them to our attention for remediation. There is always the chance of mismatched personalities, and we know it’s vital for you to express your issues openly and honestly.

Speaking of which, AmeriBest stresses the importance of getting to know our clients. What do they enjoy doing? What are their favorite foods and TV shows? Our caregivers become a significant part of your household, and it’s important they build healthy relationships.

You probably have several questions. The learning curve about home care is pretty daunting. We’re here to help. Feel free to contact our offices any time:

Our online contact form

Phone: 717-545-2930

Email: info@ameribest.org

Our professionals stand at the ready with reliable answers.

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