The right home care provider can affect the quality and level of care for your elderly loved ones. However, many people don’t even know how to look for a good one in the first place. To help you, here are several questions you’ll want to ask before hiring any home care aide services:

How Do You Recruit Your Home Aides?

Do they find them on Craig’s List, use newspaper ads or work with staff agencies? If they handle the recruitment process themselves, do they provide their staff with training? That’s a good sign.

What Are Your Hiring Requirements?

Does the company check the background of any prospective employee before letting those employees join their team? Do they hire qualified applications or inexperienced ones? The more qualifications and credentials the staff have, the better it is for you and your loved one. The last thing you want is an untrained home aide to look after your mom or grandpop.

How Do You Screen Applicants?

Does the company perform criminal background checks along with federal and state checks? They should. Otherwise, you could end up with someone who could try to take advantage of your loved one. Don’t forget to ask if the applicant has undergone drug screening as well, says AmeriBest Home Care.

Do They Know CPR?

If your loved one suffers from a medical condition and wants to make sure your s/he gets immediate medical help in case of an emergency, hiring home care aide in Philadelphia PA that can provide you with medically trained staff is a big help. That way, you’ll be sure that your loved one has the help s/he needs. That kind of assistance is invaluable and could mean the difference between living with negative long-term effects and a full recovery. If you want your loved ones safe and healthy, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

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