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The discussion you will have with your loved one regarding the decision to get home care is a challenging one to have. Often, they will feel as if their independence is being taken away. They can look at it as an end instead of a beginning. You can make your loved one feel better about home care by suggesting an agency with choice. An agency with choice will empower seniors with disabilities by allowing them input as to how they are cared for and when they are cared for. Seniors in control will have a better outlook on getting home care.

Read on to find out how to let your loved one’s voice be heard.

How to Empower Your Loved One with an Agency of Choice

You will make your loved one feel more empowered about the care they are getting by:

Asking Them What Type of Care They Need

Talk to your loved one about the kind of care they need. Do they require help getting dressed? Washing the dishes? Cleaning the house? Being able to ask for the care they need will help them maintain independence. It will also give them insight into how much easier their lives can be with home care.

Asking Them When They Want Care

An agency of choice will allow seniors to customize a schedule that works for them. They may decide they want round-the-clock care, or they may decide they only require care for a few hours a day. Seniors will feel more empowered getting the care they need when needed.

Letting Them Choose Their Caregivers

Many home care agencies will find a caregiver best suited to seniors’ needs and personalities. You can further empower your loved one by making them a vital part of the caregiver-choosing process. Allow them to review caregiver profiles to find one best suited to their needs.

Showing Them How a Caregiver Promotes Independence

Older people may feel that getting a caregiver means an end to independence. But often, caregivers can make seniors feel more independent. They can engage them in mental and physical activities that keep them physically strong and healthy. They can take care of tasks that allow them to be more active in their communities.

Giving Them Freedom Over Their Health Decisions

Your loved one should have a say regarding which type of medical treatments they want, their diet and exercise routine, and other health-related matters. A 2013 NIH study shows people who feel more in charge of their health have more positive health outcomes.

Ameribest Home Care is an Agency of Choice You Can Trust

Ameribest is dedicated to providing optimal home health services to members of our community. Our goal is to allow our clients to live dignified, independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. We account for the needs of each of our customers and match them with qualified and trustworthy staff members.

We are an agency of choice you can trust. Contact us for all your adult healthcare needs.

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