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How Medicaid Supports Family Caregivers Philadelphia, PA 

According to one statistic, as many as one in five Americans are family caregivers. You may be part of this group as a Medicaid Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA. It’s undeniable that caring for a family member is one of the most rewarding experiences. You can provide them quality care from the comfort of their own home and care from someone they know and trust. In most cases, the same level of compassionate support and familiarity just isn’t attainable through a caregiving service. While there are many capable and highly skilled caregivers out there, receiving caregiving from a family member or loved one is often the best way to put everyone at ease.

However, as enjoyable as spending quality time with and caring for your family member is, the choice to do so isn’t always easy. The impacts of family caregiving can range from emotional concerns to financial stressors. Family caregivers often pour a lot of resources into caring for a loved one. They put in a lot of hours, which can mean long commutes around their work schedule or giving up a career entirely. Some may choose to sacrifice portions of their income or savings to help cover the cost of medical equipment or transportation. These things can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining.

These effects of family caregiving don’t go unnoticed, though. Fortunately, there are various programs available that may be able to help family caregivers financially.


Is It Possible to Use Medicaid for a Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA? 

Family caregivers in Philadelphia, PA, can often use Medicaid to receive payment for caring for a loved one. In fact, Medicaid Waivers, or Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers, are among the most common resources used by residents. The program is also referred to as 1915 (c) Waivers or Section 1115 Waivers. In all, the state offers approximately ten support service waivers for caretaking.

In Philadelphia, these waivers can help pay for care services for individuals who are not residents of a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home or assisted living center. Support services covered by the federal government program include assistance with daily living activities, such as dressing and bathing, as well as household chores.


Designating a Family Member as a Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA 

Although there are some stipulations, the recipient of the Medicaid funds can generally use the money to pay a familial caregiver for home care services. In some cases, the dependent family member must be over 18 years of age to select their relative as their caregiver. Then, they can oversee schedules and timesheets, but a fiscal agency will manage payments to the caregiver.

There are eligibility requirements and certain steps the caregiver must take. For example, the recipient may need to work with a case manager in their county to determine how much care is needed and what the budget should be for those services. Then, from that budget, they can pay their family member instead of receiving care support directly from the state.


Taking Advantage of Home Care Agencies in Philadelphia, PA 

Although the family member needing care may not want to receive services from a caregiving agency, the agency may still be able to help them pay a family caregiver. For example, AmeriBest HomeCare can help family caregivers in Philadelphia, PA. 

There are programs available that provide training to become a caregiver, such as the self-directed personal assistant program, the Structured Family Caregiving program, or Community HealthChoices. These programs typically compensate individuals who give in-home care to their loved ones while educating them on how to provide the best support possible.

A home care agency like AmeriBest can hire a familial caregiver. They will then become a general company employee, receiving both paychecks and benefits. The care recipient can choose their family member as their caregiver through the company. Still, they will not have to be responsible for compensation.

It’s important to note there are eligibility requirements, such as income limits, physician certification, the prohibition of a spouse as a caregiver, and program parameters.


Can Medicare be Used for Family Caregivers Living in Philadelphia, PA?

The government health care insurance plan, Medicare, does not pay for long-term care services, including in-home care support, and does not offer reimbursement for caregiving services. In some cases, the insurance plan may cover things such as transportation or meal delivery, but these offerings are limited.


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Become a Medicaid Family Caregiver in Philadelphia, PA

A rewarding job like family care for a loved one shouldn’t be daunting. With the variety of programs available in Philadelphia, PA, you can find the appropriate support network for you and your family members. AmeriBest HomeCare can help you on your journey; reach out today! 

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