Independent Living in Philadelphia, PA: The What, How, Cost, and Alternatives

If you or a loved one is aging, you may be looking for alternatives. Should you consider aging at home or an assisted living facility? What about independent living in Philadelphia PA? At AmeriBest Home Care, we’re committed to educating our communities on the alternatives available to them. Let’s look at the option of independent living and what it entails.

What Is Independent Living?

Independent living is a housing arrangement aimed at seniors aged 55 and older. These are living communities that offer services and amenities that seniors generally need as they age. While specifics vary by community, they typically offer,

  • Home maintenance
  • Transportation services
  • Security
  • Meal plans

Who Is Independent Living Ideal for?

For seniors who want to live independently and don’t need assistance with daily living activities, independent living is a good alternative. It provides additional security and allows seniors to live in neighborhoods with other seniors.

Independent Living in Philadelphia, PA: The What, How, Cost, and Alternatives

What Is the Cost of Independent Living?

The cost of independent living varies across different communities. In retirement communities, residents typically have the option to either rent or buy their homes, in addition to paying a monthly fee that covers maintenance and amenities, similar to a homeowner’s association fee.

On the other hand, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCSRs) may charge additional fees, as they have nursing staff and provide dining credits, among other things. Prospective residents are often required to pay a large entrance fee to reserve a space and gain access to medical care, with monthly fees after moving in potentially reaching as high as $5,000. Whether CCSR is a suitable option depends on factors such as whether the individual lives alone or with someone else and the level of care they require, as well as whether they can afford the entrance fee and monthly fees. (Source)

Do Medicaid and Medicare Pay for Independent Living in Philadelphia PA?

Medicaid and Medicare don’t cover the costs for independent living communities. However, seniors who need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) may qualify for financial assistance programs to help cover their care costs.

Independent Living in Philadelphia, PA: The What, How, Cost, and Alternatives

What Are the Alternatives to Independent Living?

Independent living isn’t the right choice for everyone. Fortunately, seniors have other options to independent living communities. Depending on a senior’s needs, some of these alternatives may be covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Assisted living facilities provide a high level of care for seniors. While the highest cost option, the facilities can be the best choice for seniors who are unable to live independently and need 24-hour care.

Home care services allow seniors to age at home without needing to move to an independent community. Service providers like AmeriBest Home Care provide a variety of services that help seniors manage everything from meals and personal care to transportation.

Living with the family is another option for aging seniors. For seniors who are able to live independently without personal assistance, living with a child or other relative allows them to stay in their communities and close to family. Often family members will provide care when a senior loved one needs daily living assistance. For these caregivers, providers like AmeriBest Home Care can provide respite care to allow them to see to emergencies and other needs.

Are You Looking for Home Care or Independent Living in Philadelphia?

At AmeriBest Home Care, we want to empower you to choose the right care for you or your loved one. Whether you’re caring for elderly parents or someone with a disability, it’s important to consider your options carefully. Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our program coordinators.

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