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Caring for others takes a particular person. Empathy and compassion cannot develop from a training class. Truth be told, many people who are now HHAs, DCWs, PCAs, and CNAs, started with caring for a family member or a friend. Knowing how much you are helping a family can be incredibly fulfilling, and home care jobs are always available.

The demand for home care services grows daily. At AmeriBest Homecare, we always hire and offer our staff add-on, ongoing training. We know you have choices to make in terms of your potential career paths as a caregiver. Example options include

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Gerontology
  • Home Health Aide
  • Nutritionist
  • Personal Caregiver
  • Private Duty Nurse
  • Social Worker

And much more.

Specializations allow you to follow your interests and passions. For example, you might train to help patients with dementia. When clients have unique circumstances that go beyond typical home care assistance, education like that which AmeriBest provides gives you the knowledge. In turn, you can serve a wider range of individuals.

Nursing acts as a bridge between doctors and the family. They can take care of things like medication administration and taking vitals. Some nurses work in an office and also act as home caregivers. Nursing requires specialized schooling for certification.

A Certified Nursing Assistant might be a perfect alternative if you cannot attend college. If you take the training for being a CNA (typically a program certified by the state), you can work in the home and become part of medical facilities.

A fast-growing potential career path as a caregiver in Philadelphia, PA, is Gerontology. Because people are living longer lives, there are more elders in need of assistance. Sadly, a long life does not always equate to a healthy one. A Gerontology certification course can focus on one or more issues. Possibilities include psychology, mobility, and dentistry.

Then too, there’s becoming a Home Health Aide. At AmeriBest, we have jobs at home and community-based programs for which you can apply. The need is great. In this capacity, you help people with everyday living challenges, including

  • Bathing
  • Housework
  • Med management
  • Oral hygiene
  • Traveling to and from appointments
  • Socialization

The Home Health Aide comes to know the individual. Everything is personalized. You work with the family to help them better understand the care their loved one needs. You also alert the family and physicians to potential problems.

Home Care Jobs for Family Caregivers in Philadelphia, PA

If you’d like to become a member of a caring company with a holistic culture, reach out to us and start your application. We offer some of the industry’s best benefits, including

  • 7 paid holidays; time and a half for working those days
  • Medical, Vision, and Basic dental covered at 100%
  • 15,000 life insurance at no cost for full-time workers
  • 5 days of paid maternity leave

Among others. Read more about our benefits HERE.

AmeriBest values its staff, knowing you are essential to client satisfaction. We aim to keep good people by showing them the support and respect they deserve.

There are three ways to contact us about your potential career path as a caregiver in Philadelphia, PA:

    1. Our online contact form
    2. Telephone 1800-HOMECARE
    3. And e-mail: info@ameribest.org

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