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Aging can leave us feeling disempowered as we face changes in our lives and in our health. Technology, improved healthcare, and senior services in PA help seniors live longer, and more fulfilling lives. Their caregivers, family and friends and home health care aids, can help empower seniors to be involved in their own care and regain control over their lives. Let’s look at the ways you can support your senior loved one.


Encourage Seniors to Age at Home

One of the most important ways you can empower your senior loved one is to help them age at home. Studies have found that older adults who live in long-term care facilities require more assistance and are at greater risk for disabilities and hospitalization due to increased frailty. While frailty is a natural part of aging, living in facilities can accelerate the development of frailty due to poor self-perception and greater caregiver dependency compared to independent living.


Senior care services like AmeriBest Home Care and family/friend caregivers provide seniors aging adults with help when and where they need it while encouraging them to live independently. Because in-home services are tailored to a senior’s specific needs, seniors are less likely to become dependent on their caregivers and more likely to have a positive self-perception.


Encourage Self-Care

Self-care is healthcare. When we take time to care for ourselves, we improve our overall health as well as our emotional and mental wellbeing. This is especially important as we age, when depression, chronic health conditions, and potential social isolation can increase. Encourage your loved ones to take time for themselves in simple ways. Some simple self-care seniors can provide themselves include,


  • Setting aside time to relax with music, reading, or a simple hobby.
  • Writing a daily journal.
  • Writing a memoir to preserve memories.
  • Doing exercises like yoga or low-impact aerobics.
  • Walking outside or working in a garden.
  • Eating a healthy diet, including healthy “treats” like a favorite fruit.
  • Creating a grooming routine.


Prepare the Home for Aging in Place

Help your senior loved one age at home safely by preparing their home. From slippery bathtubs to high shelves, many homes aren’t made with seniors in mind. Do a home audit to determine potential safety hazards and plan changes. Some changes to consider include,


  • Installing grab bars in the shower and next to the toilet.
  • Change cabinet and pantry storage to remove the need for seniors to stretch or bend to reach items they need daily.
  • Install a ramp or chair lift for those with limited mobility.
  • Provide nightlights in hallways and in the bathroom.
  • Remove clutter and trip hazards from the home.


Take Advantage of Senior Care Services in Pennsylvania

From Medical Assistance to community programs, you can find help for seniors throughout Philadelphia. At AmeriBest Home Care, we can help connect you to valuable services that can help you care for your loved one and help empower them as they age at home. We also provide personal care, companionship, transportation, and respite care services to empower you and your loved one.


Are You Looking for Senior Care Services in PA?

At AmeriBest Home Care, we want to empower you to choose the right care for you or your loved one. Whether you’re caring for elderly parents or someone with a disability, it’s important to consider your options carefully. Contact us today to discuss your options with one of our program coordinators.

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