This year’s Thanksgiving will be unlike any other. The cost of turkeys has skyrocketed and the fear of coronavirus continues to ominously hang overhead. You can still celebrate the holiday by taking the proper precautions at your Philadelphia home. 

The Safe Thanksgiving You and Your Loved Ones Deserve

The Thanksgiving celebration does not have to spread coronavirus throughout your family. If possible, move the celebration outdoors so everyone can breathe in the fresh air while enjoying turkey and all the fixings. There is no shame in wearing a mask while around loved ones until Thanksgiving dinner is ready. 

Above all, it will help to keep your celebration small. Limit the number of participants at your Thanksgiving dinner and you will have done your part to prevent the potentially deadly transmission of coronavirus between loved ones. 

Encourage Family Members to get Vaccinated

Vaccination is essential to safeguarding yourself as well as loved ones from COVID-19. If anyone invited to your holiday celebration is not vaccinated, encourage them to get the jab as soon as possible. Even one shot prior to Thanksgiving will help protect your family. 

Ideally, everyone who attends your Philadelphia Thanksgiving celebration will be fully immunized. Immunization helps to reduce the chances of severe illness as well as death. If everyone who attends your get-together is fully vaccinated, the event will be as close to normal as possible.

Thanksgiving 2021, Thanksgiving for seniors

Include the Kids

Kids between the ages of 5 and 11 are now eligible for vaccination. Have your kids vaccinated as soon as possible and you will be able to include them in your Thanksgiving celebration without even the slightest worry. Though your kids will not be fully vaccinated by the big day, partial vaccination will make a meaningful difference both in terms of health and wellness as well as your peace of mind. 

So don’t make any plans for a second “kids” table that is socially distanced from that of the adults. You can include vaccinated kids at the regular dinner table without worry by getting them vaccinated today.

Mind the Ventilation

If those attending your Thanksgiving celebration are not vaccinated, they can still interact with revelers at your home. However, it is in your interest as well as that of attendees to ventilate the area to the best of your ability. Open up the windows, turn on the ceiling fans and use air purifiers. Even opening a door every hour or so will improve ventilation, reducing the chances of a breakthrough case. 

Consider Rapid Testing

Though some family members might scoff at the idea of being rapid tested prior to socializing with their loved ones, it is in the interest of the collective family unit for such testing to be performed. Rapid tests generate results in mere minutes, providing everyone who attends the family get-together in Philadelphia, Allentown, or a nearby community with a truly invaluable peace of mind.

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