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Gratitude is an essential character trait, providing a scientifically proven positive impact on overall well-being. Philadelphia PA caregivers and their clients can practice gratitude to reap the benefits it can provide. Read on for valuable tips that bring gratitude into caregiver-senior relationships.

How the Science of Gratitude Can Help Seniors

Seniors often deal with mental health issues. They suffer from anxiety and depression due to failing health, deaths, and isolation. A grateful attitude will help them overcome downfalls.

The benefits of gratitude in older people are outlined in Marilyn Schlitz’s Grateful Aging Program. The program was discussed in a 2017 NIH study.

The program requires seniors to take nine steps to embrace graceful aging. They include:

  1. Answer the call to transformation – question assumptions on aging to change your belief system
  2. Cultivate curiosity- find wonder in life
  3. Formalize a Grateful Aging practice- such as meditation, visualization, affirmations, and mindful breathing
  4. Set intention for Grateful Aging- Formulate an intention statement that outlines your gratitude goals
  5. Pay attention to the gifts of aging- be aware of the things you take for granted
  6. Build Grateful Aging habits- such as exercising and eating healthy
  7. Find guidance- Some seniors may require guidance in the form of books, podcasts, live events, and friendships
  8. Move to acceptance – change your mindset so you are ready to accept change
  9. Transform self and society- increase your wisdom to develop compassion for yourself and others

The Grateful Aging program can improve senior health, well-being, and quality of life.

How Gratitude Benefits Caregivers in Philadelphia PA

Many caregivers and health workers deal with professional burnout and depression. Some healthcare systems find gratitude combats these negative emotions. It also improves cardiovascular health, mental health, and stress resilience.

One 2020 NIH review studied the benefits of gratitude in the caregiver space. An included 2017 study showed that gratitude reduces stress in caregivers caring for people with dementia. A 2019 study showed appreciation for others and a “lack of sense of deprivation” reduced healthcare burdens.

Caregivers can practice gratitude through mindfulness, meditation, and affirmations. Agencies can also promote gratitude by launching campaigns that encourage gratitude and reward staff for showing gratitude. They can distribute pamphlets, create Gratitude trees, and so much more.

When both seniors and caregivers express gratitude, it enhances the relationship and brings overall improvements.

Caregivers in Philadelphia Are Doing Their Part

AmeriBest encourages our workers to integrate gratitude into everything they do. We do our part by hosting an annual Thanksgiving celebration. Staff and family members can enjoy delicious meals and giveaways.

We also provide opportunities for becoming a caregiver for a family member. Philadelphia PA residents can use our program to turn their caregiving efforts into careers. We offer competitive pay and benefits, a supportive environment, and ongoing education.

Gratitude helps caregivers and seniors enjoy a higher quality of life. AmeriBest is here to support life-improving efforts. Contact us to find out how we help our community.

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