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When someone you love comes to the point of being unable to wholly care for themselves, the family is faced with the choice between facilities, hiring an aide service, or applying for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance (CDPAP) – a program utilized by AmeriBest Home Care in coordination with Medicaid. All three of our offices in Philadelphia, PA, Harrisburg, PA, and Allentown, PA, can assist you in this matter.

The difference between a hired caregiver and someone hired through CDPAP is simple, familiarity. The CDPAP allows close family members of trusted friends to become a caregiver. Note this is a paying position. When you utilize Consumer-Directed Care, you have peace of mind that comes from knowing the person in your home regularly throughout the week. Better still, they’ll likely have some familiarity with your loved one, which makes that person feel more at ease.

Perhaps someone you know has already provided ongoing care freely to give you time away to do other things. AmeriBest can train that person. In this situation, CDPAP maintains continuity of care for the individual in need.

A Closer Look at The CDPAP Program

The Consumer-Directed program is part of Medicaid aimed at decreasing the cost of care among seniors. There are a few rules as to who you can choose as a caregiver, however. A spouse cannot receive compensation under this program with the exceptions of: New Jersey, Rhode Island, New York, California, and Washington. Why? Because from a legal standpoint, spouses are already responsible for each other.

A person seeking to utilize the CDPAP program must be eligible for Medicaid. Under Medicaid, they must also meet the criteria for personal care, certified home health care, or private duty nursing. Finally, an individual’s physician must provide an order using designated paperwork. There is yet one more step.

When a person qualifies for CDPAP services, a qualified professional comes to your home, determining the level of need. Afterward, you’ll be notified of how many hours a week your loved one can work and get paid. This is a firm number (no wiggle room).

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program Benefits

CDPAP provides a level of familiarity and rapport that takes weeks (if not months) to establish with a professional aide. Being part of the family, the caregiver already understands dynamics and the “lingo.” They recognize the people who may arrive at their doorstep.

Once in place, CDPAP permits your friend or family member a flexible schedule. You will coordinate hours with them directly. You can also create an “in-house” plan of care, outlining the expectations of your caregiver (family or not, this is important).

How AmeriBest Home Care Helps

Even the best in-home health care agency doesn’t fit all molds and situations. As the demand for caregivers grows, having someone you already know becomes an ideal solution. Plus, individuals on the CDPAP have a support consultant. They bridge the individual and the program, ensuring ongoing requirements are met. AmeriBest does that, and we also take care of their wage processing.

We are sure you have questions, and our professionals are happy to answer them. You can contact us at any of our three offices:

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