Living independently is closely linked to older adults’ overall health and well-being. However, remaining independent as we age can be a challenge. Fortunately, agencies like AmeriBest Home Care employ home health aide Allentown, PA, that can help you or your aging loved one maintain independence.

Promote Safety with a Home Health Aide Allentown PA

If your aging loved one lives with limited mobility or a chronic illness or if they’ve recently been injured or are recovering from surgery, safety is a primary concern. Home health aides help to ensure that seniors can navigate their homes safely. This includes,

  • Securing rugs
  • Installing handrails in bathrooms
  • Assisting in the repair of uneven flooring
  • Providing walkers and other mobility aids

Home health caregivers can also help ensure that rooms have adequate lighting, set up night lights in halls and bathrooms, and routinely check batteries in smoke detectors. They can also assist seniors with many household chores so that homes remain neat and free of clutter.

Home Health Aides Encourage Connections for Seniors

Independent living doesn’t have to mean living in solitude. Home health aides provide valuable companionship to seniors who live alone. They can also provide transportation assistance to help seniors visit family and engage with their communities. They also encourage the use of technology so that seniors can stay connected with family who live out of state.

Seeing to a Senior’s Health Needs

In addition to companionship and home care needs, home health caregivers can help seniors with their health care needs. This often comes in the form of,

  • Personal care to help seniors maintain good hygiene
  • Meal planning and preparation to ensure a balanced diet
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation for doctor visits
  • Keeping records of the senior’s activities and daily health

Feeling powerless in the face of aging is a fear many of us have. Home health care helps seniors live independently. By assisting with important daily activities, they ensure that seniors’ needs are met. They can also provide a voice for seniors, encouraging them to speak up to family and medical professionals about their needs. Home health aides can also be an advocate for seniors’ needs, helping to ensure they maintain their independence.

Are You Looking for a Home Health Aide Allentown PA?

If you’re looking for home health care for you or a loved one, contact us today. One of our program coordinators can discuss your needs and help you select the program and services that are right for you.

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