Has your aging loved one expressed a desire to age at home, but you worry about their care and safety? In our modern age, family members aren’t always able to serve as primary caregivers for their aging loved ones. For those who started their families later, they still have young children they’re caring for. Others have careers and financial responsibilities that demand too much of their time. In many cases, they simply live too far away from their loved ones to be a caregiver. If you need elderly care in Harrisburg, PA for your loved one, it’s important to know what to look for and how to find the best services.

Plan Ahead for Senior Home Care in Harrisburg, PA

The first step to finding elderly care services is to plan before you need them. Consider what you or your loved one may need as you age and how your living situation might change. Will you age in the home you live in, or do you plan to move into a smaller home or apartment? Do you have a chronic health condition that will create complications as you age? You should also consider your family history and how your parents and grandparents age.

If you’re approaching this as you need home care for yourself or a loved one, these are still key questions to ask.

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What Support Does Your Loved One Need to Age at Home?

Once you’re looking at the reality of aging at home, it’s important to consider what your loved one needs to live independently. You have many choices for elderly care in Harrisburg, PA. Knowing what your loved one needs will help you make the right choices. It’s important that you,

  • Talk to your loved one about their needs and concerns.
  • Look at their personal care routines and if they need assistance with them.
  • Consider the household chores they have, including shopping, and determine if they need help with them.
  • Look at their diet and dietary needs.
  • Take into account their health and medical care needs.
  • Look at their financial situation to see what they (and you) can afford and what financial support options are available to them.
  • Consider their community activities and if they have regular access to family and friends.

Match Needs with Resources

In some cases, your loved one may have most or all the resources they need to age at home. If they don’t have a chronic illness or limited mobility, for example, they may not need additional assistance with household chores or personal care (however, you should still plan). If they are part of a religious organization, they may have volunteers around them willing to help with household chores, transportation, or even personal care needs. They may have family members around them that can serve as part-time or even full-time caregivers.

As you consider your loved one’s homecare needs, it’s important that you take these resources into account. You empower your loved one to stay connected to family and community, which leads to better outcomes when aging at home. You also help them focus on what additional services they may need to ensure all their needs are met.

Are You Looking for Home Health Care in Harrisburg, PA?

If you’re looking for home health care for you or a loved one, contact us today. One of our program coordinators can discuss your needs and help you select the program and services that are right for you.


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