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When you begin your search for a home healthcare provider, you want one who keeps up with the latest in best practices for ongoing health. At AmeriBest Home Care – the best home care agency in Philadelphia, we continually update our personnel and train them accordingly.

Supplements are one way of boosting your (or your loved one’s) immune system. None will prevent or cure diseases, but they give you extra tools to defend your body against bacteria, toxins, and viruses. You bolster your resistance even more with healthy eating, exercise, and proper sleep.

The biggest caution with supplements is that not all of them play nicely with current medications! Over the counter or not, you should always check with your primary about any supplement you plan on taking. Certainly, the advertising sounds promising, but keep thinking: safety first.

Potential Immune System Supplements 

At AmeriBest, Philadelphia, our team sometimes walks into a home and sees dozens of bottles on the counter. Some are outdated, some are duplicates, and others aren’t necessary. You don’t need 101 supplements, just a few GOOD ones. For example, many people have a Vitamin D deficiency. This vitamin acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps protect you against respiratory infections.

A mineral you can consider for boosting your immune system is zinc, without which it will not function properly. As a result, you are at an increased risk of illness. About 16% of serious respiratory infections have ties to a lack of zinc. In the aging community, over 30% of people are zinc-deficient.

Another well-known supplement for health is Vitamin C. While you may have heard Vitamin C protects against infections and is a powerful antioxidant, it has another role. This Vitamin helps clear out old cells and replace them with new ones.

One of nature’s gifts to the immune system is Elderberry, which has been a prevalent part of the folk healer’s kit since the time of Charlemaign. Elderberry has antiviral and antibacterial properties, particularly useful in staving off the flu. It can also decrease the duration of a cold.

Then too, what about garlic? This spice has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It stimulates white blood cells. Garlic exhibits the potential to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, too. The Greek physician Hippocrates (after which the Hippocratic oath is named) prescribed garlic for various maladies. There is no need to process garlic in any particular way. Just add it to your recipe, and enjoy.

The Bottom Line

AmeriBest Home Care agency in Philadelphia, PA recognizes the benefits of supplements for aging people that boost immune functionality. However, nothing surpasses a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, healthy eating, good sleep habits, and medication management are part of the picture.

When you have a professional aide, they can help your loved one strive toward that goal. Our staff is highly trained to meet daily needs, protect your confidentiality, and focus on the individual’s sense of involvement and dignity.

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