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Holidays redirect our focus to home and family. Celebrations abound. You may wonder what amusing and engaging holiday activities in Philadelphia you can enjoy with seniors. Then, you start thinking about how to take care of them, particularly in public areas. That’s where Home Care Services Philadelphia come into play.

Light Displays

Our aides can help you plan your entertainment, prepare for it, and assist you during fun and games. Philadelphia has numerous activities in which you can participate. There are also breathtaking light displays like Wild Lights at Elmwood Park Zoo and the drive-through Holiday Light Show at Shady Brook Farm (ideal for individuals with mobility issues). You can find other light show options HERE.

For a shorter excursion, go to City Hall on December 1 for the tree lighting celebration. Your aide from our home care service in Philadelphia can spot your loved one so everyone can enjoy the view.


Then there’s shopping. Seniors love looking for treasures for their families. From November 18 – January 15, the Peddler’s Village hosts over 60 specialty shops. 1 million lights surround the shopping area. Don’t miss the Gingerbread display.

You can find more vendors in the Christmas Village, 110 all told. Gifts from local artists and international crafters abound. You’ll find seasonal delights throughout the area, including hot apple cider. This event has wheelchair accessibility. Let your AmeriBest caregiver push along at a pace everyone can enjoy comfortably.


What about attending The Nutcracker, taking place from December 9-28? It takes place at the Academy of Music. As a classic holiday event, seniors will find themselves humming to the music with delight.

At Home

There are times when you don’t want to leave the house. Thankfully there are a lot of activities you can enjoy with your loved one in the comfort of your home. And your AmeriBest caregiver can assist or guide them.  Examples include:

  • Digital Greeting Cards. Have the individual create a list of people they want to whom they want to send holiday wishes. There are tons of E-card companies from which to choose. Just Google it!
  • Fireside Gathering: Set a day at the hearth for sharing family stories over hot cocoa. Your chat can become a holiday tradition.
  •      Movie Binging: Have your aide help you gather a list of nostalgic classics for the day. Prepare a snack tray and beverages. Create your movie theater by closing the curtains. Watch for as long as your individual desires.
  • Remote Shopping: If your senior has mobility issues, shopping in stores may prove difficult. So, why not have your caregiver sit down with that person with catalogs and a computer at the ready? Go through gift ideas one-by-one, so your loved one feels wholly involved.

There’s also scrapbooking, putting up holiday decorations, making cookies, and wrapping presents.

Home Care Services Philadelphia PA

In-Home Care Services Philadelphia

The holidays get hectic, but having professional caregivers on hand releases a lot of stress and worry. You can go out and take care of your holiday errands with one of AmeriBest Home Care aides taking wonderful care of your loved ones.

By the way, our services aren’t just for the holiday season. We can help your family year-round. Contact us to learn more. Our Philadelphia office number is 215-925-3313.

Or email info@ameribest.org


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