9 Springtime Activities for Every Type of Senior

9 Springtime Activities for Every Type of Senior - AmeriBest Home Care

Welcome in the cheery spring weather with some new activities for your senior.

As spring is all about beginnings and renewals, what better way to enjoy the season than to explore some new hobbies.

Here’s a list of 9 springtime activities to help your loved seniors make the most of their time.

There is always something for everyone!

For active seniors:

Grow a vegetable garden.

Or flower, or fruit, or herb. It doesn’t matter what kind of garden your senior plants, as long as your senior is out in the fresh air and sunshine. This can be a great alone time activity. And, it can also be a great social activity if done with a gardening club.

Visit a nature reserve.

Nature walks are relaxing, alternative to hikes. Hiking can be strenuous for seniors, but walking around a nature reserve gives them the same amount of outdoor pleasure and exercise. Make it a trip and spend the day at a nearby nature reserve. Or, make it a quick activity and go for just an hour or two.

Start spring cleaning.

Like we mentioned before, spring is all about starting anew. And nothing says starting anew than a nice clean house. Kick off the springtime by throwing away old baggage and clearing a space for the new. Not to mention, a dust-free house makes for easier breathing.

For the meditative seniors:

Have a picnic.

If your senior is fond of simple relaxation, going for a picnic is a perfect way to get your senior soaking up the sun’s vitamin D and enjoying some crisp air. You can go to a nearby park. Or, you can stay in the comfort of your lawn.

Try outdoor yoga classes.

Outdoor yoga is another great way to get your senior outdoors. Yoga is perfect for seniors who love to meditate and unwind. And, it’s got plenty of health benefits to boot.

Go fishing.

If you’re looking for a quiet activity, away from others, fishing is a great escape. Your senior can enjoy buying a rod, trying new baits, and, best of all, catching some delicious dinner.

For the artsy seniors:

Take a walk along the beach.

Most people don’t go to the beach until the summer. Which makes going to the beach during springtime that much better, because you’ll have the whole beach to yourself. It may be too cold to actually swim, but walking along the shore, napping in the sun, and collecting seashells is always fun. And, the ocean air is great for healthy breathing.

Host a paint night.

Or even paint and sip. This could be a great night to bring the family together. Or, a time to bring over your senior’s friends. Whomever the company, it’s just important that your seniors socialize and have a good time.

For seniors at home:

Explore virtual reality.

Virtual reality headsets let you explore the world without going far. Your senior can fish, hike, walk, you name it. All from the comfort of their own home. Although slightly expensive, VR headsets are truly worthwhile experience for seniors stuck at home.

Summer Tips for Seniors – Playing it Safe in the Summer Heat

Summer Tips for Seniors - AmeriBest Home Care

One of the biggest dangers of summer is heat stroke and fatigue. But don’t let that stop you from spending good, quality time out in the fresh summer air. Here are 4 tips to help you stay healthy and safe in the hot summer heat.

Keep your body happy with lots of liquids.

The best way to fight against heat stroke and heat fatigue is… water! It goes without saying, that our bodies absolutely need water to survive. And being out in the sun all day, really depletes our bodies’ water reserves. For this reason, it’s important to constantly be drinking water all day during the summer. Even if you stay indoors. And if you don’t like water (or simply get bored of it), don’t forget that other liquids like seltzer and tea can keep you just as hydrated.

So, how much water should you be drinking a day? It’s said that we need about 11 cups of water a day, but that everyone has their own water needs based on a variety of factors. And, whatever your normal water intake is, you may want to raise it even more for the summer heat.

Just make sure to always take a water bottle with you when you go outside.

Senior woman drinking water in the kitchen.

Don’t overexert yourself.

When the weather is just so beautiful outside, it’s hard to resist spending hours upon hours out in the fresh summer air. But, it’s important not to overexert yourself. Yes, sunshine is extremely crucial for our bodies. And yes, too much of even a good thing can be a bad thing. It’s all about finding a middle ground, and knowing when to give your body a rest.

If you’re planning to spend a good amount of time outdoors, be sure to stagger the outdoors time with some air-conditioned indoor time. And, make sure to give yourself plenty of moments to rest and catch your breath.

Umbrellas aren’t just for rain.

Using an umbrella against the sun is a nifty trick that can be the barrier between you and a heat stroke. We usually only think to use umbrellas for rain, but they work wonders against the sun’s blazing rays as well. There’s only so much shade you can find on any given street. But with an umbrella, you get to bring the shade with you. And it makes being outdoors in the heat, so much better. So, take your morning walks and evening strolls with a nice big umbrella that keeps you cool and in the shade.

Don’t go to the beach during peak hours.
Even with your big sun umbrella, it’s best to stay clear of peak heat hours. The sun is at its strongest usually between 12 pm and 3 pm. Plan your summer outings for the early morning or late afternoon. And stay in the safety of good air conditioning during peak hours.

This way, you still get some healthy sunshine on your bones, while not overdoing it.

Make the Most of Life with these 3 Summer Activities for Caregivers

Make the Most of Life with these 3 Summer Activities for Caregivers - AmeriBest Home Care

When you’re busy caring for someone else, it’s easy to forget about yourself.
But you matter too!

And the sunny, lazy days of summer are the perfect time to catch up on some me-time.

Begin by making a list. Think of all the new things you want to start, all the old things you want to finish, and all the things you’ve always wished you were but didn’t have the time to be.

Then start checking them off one by one. By the end of the summer, you’ll be a new you, a happier you, and the you, you always wanted to be.

And to get you started here’s an easy 3-point checklist to help you make the most of your summertime.

Read two new books

Need a little inspiration? Read some new stories that light your spark and get you rolling on the road to a better life this summer. Choose just two books whose journeys call to you, and read away. Maybe you need a pick me up from the hard work of caregiving. Or maybe you want to read caregiving stories of others just like you. Whichever you need, you can find it in a book.

This can also be where you finally get around to those books on your shelf you’ve always wanted to read but just never did. Or, this can be when you make time for some new books you’ve never heard of before.

Whatever the case may be, reading just two books is an easy, yet productive goal.

Business concept, ideas, books and exercise book on a wooden background with pencils

Write down your story

Everyone’s got a story. Whether it’s about you or your loved one, everyone has something they’ve always wanted to write down and share with others.

So, now’s your chance.
Write down your life’s journey, struggles, and maybe how you became a caregiver. Share your story with others so that they can gain inspiration from you. So they can feel that they’re not alone.

This can also be a great activity to do with your senior. Together, the two of you can craft and write your stories together, laughing and bonding over shared memories that make you smile.

Finish something old

Sometimes, starting something new can be overwhelming.
Where do you start? How do you start? Should you even start?

Sit back and take a breath. Because you don’t have to start new things to feel productive or changed. Instead, look to old things you never finished, but wished you had, and get working.

Picking up old projects and finally finishing them can be just as cathartic and relaxing, if not more, than starting something new. And you might even get rid of some old piles of unfinished odds and ends that have been sitting around in the attic for who knows how long.

A win-win for everyone.
So, this summer spend your time doing things that make you happy and feel accomplished. And walk away into the fall feeling like a better, more refreshed you.