Agency Home Care in Philadelphia

A 2018 AARP survey concluded that ¾ of Americans age 50 and older would prefer to remain in their current home as long as possible as they age. The idea of “aging in place” has become a growing movement. There’s a sense of comfort in one’s own home. You know your neighbors and the mailman. Senior communities are the alternative, but they don’t provide the same sense of connection. The top choice for aging in place is agency home care near Philadelphia.

Professional home care enables individuals to retain some level of independence while having an on-call line of services they need daily. Safety is certainly a priority. And for busy families, they go to work knowing their loved one has extra eyes and hands at the ready.

How do You Determine the Timing for Home Care?

There are certain criteria that signal the need for home care. These include problems with:

  • Bathing
  • Depression
  • Driving (the need for transportation)
  • Falling
  • Housekeeping
  • Hygiene
  • Isolation (this is emotionally devastating)
  • Meal preparation
  • Mental Health
  • Memory
  • Mobility
  • Motor Skills (unable to handle daily household tasks)
  • Showering
  • Spoiled food
  • Toileting
  • Unpaid bills

In truth, many seniors face more than one of these problems at the same time. Having someone they trust standing by with a helping hand is a great relief.

Agency Home Care in Philadelphia

Traditional Home Care near Philadelphia

There is more than one type of home care. One is a traditional agency like AmeriBest Home Care. We have verified workers paid through our agency. Before beginning services, we work with you on a schedule of days and hours, including coverage for call-ins. If you have issues, your case manager will help resolve them.

So, say Aunt Annie has a problem preparing meals, keeping up with dusting, and going grocery shopping. Her arthritis hinders fine motor movements. Hiring a caregiver from an agency such as ours lets Aunt Annie accomplish those things, while her family is free to tend to their own responsibilities.

The process begins by assessing your needs. Your loved one’s medical team can help with this. You will also have a home assessment to determine what may be best based on the housing and the individual’s needs. Why housing? There are a plethora of safety issues most people never recognize. Professionals point them out!

Finding a Reputable Agency

You do a search for home care agencies near Philadelphia. Hundreds of results pop up. How do you choose? Word of mouth is always a good start, but once you’re interviewing agencies there are certain topics you should broach. It’s okay to be picky!

10 Questions for Potential Caregiving Agencies

  1. Do they perform background checks on employees, including confirming certifications they claim on their resume?
  2. What kind of training does the staff receive before going into a home?
  3. Does staff have first aid and CPR training?
  4. If you have a need, does the agency have varied language or cultural capacities?
  5. Do they have the proper certifications to operate in PA?
  6. How often are staff evaluated?
  7. Can you meet more than one caregiver to find someone right for your family?
  8. Will the agency help you navigate insurance applications?
  9. Can they provide you with references or referrals?
  10. How do they individualize a Plan of Care?

At AmeriBest Home Care we have professionals standing by to answer your questions at any time. You can call our office at 1-800-HOMECARE, email us at, or fill out our online form. Don’t be shy. This is one of those situations where every question and answer matters deeply.

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