Choosing the best care for your elderly loved one is an important decision. There are various options for senior care in Harrisburg, PA, including family caregiving and professional in-home caregiving services. Each option can give your family member the assistance and support they need. However, it’s important to understand the various types of senior care and assess how much help your loved one needs before selecting the best senior care option for your family.


What are the Types of Comprehensive Senior Care in Harrisburg, PA?  

Elder care services can range from transportation to and from appointments to senior living facilities that oversee all aspects of daily routines and wellbeing. Senior care services all aim to provide compassionate support to enhance your loved one’s physical health, emotional wellbeing, and quality of life. However, they can vary in how comprehensive they are.


Home Care Services 

Home care agencies, like AmeriBest Home Care, provide support to elders in the comfort of their own homes. They generally can assist with various aspects of daily living, such as meal preparation, shopping, bathing, transportation coordination, and medication reminders. In addition, home care services can offer companionship when you cannot be with your loved one.


Family Caregiving Services  

Individuals who want to provide quality care for their elderly loved ones can become family caregivers. Often, through a home care service agency, such as AmeriBest Home Care, individuals can receive the training, access to resources, and ongoing support needed to provide home care assistance to their elderly or disabled family members.


Independent Senior Living Facilities  

Independent living facilities can be a great choice for largely independent elders who would rather enjoy engaging in enriching activities than dealing with monotonous tasks like chores. These facilities offer various activities, plenty of social interaction, and freedom from daily hassles.


Assisted Living Facilities 

Assisted living facilities can be just as engaging as independent senior living, but they’re designed for individuals who need a little more support with routine tasks. Most assisted living facilities offer medication management, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, exercise classes, and social clubs.


How to Choose the Best Senior Care 

How do you pick the best senior care option in Harrisburg, PA? Here are a few things to consider.


Assess their needs  

It’s wise to start by assessing the senior’s physical, mental, and social needs. You may want to consider how mobile they are, whether or not they have health or memory concerns, and their interest in maintaining social connections. Working with a healthcare provider can sometimes help you make a quality assessment.


Consider the costs 

Caregiving of all types can come with a variety of costs. For example, assisted living facilities require financial compensation, but studies have also found that family caregivers often spend around 26% of their personal finances to assist with supporting their loved ones. Thankfully, there are usually assistance options for family caregivers and sometimes funding options for other home care services, too.


Think about location, convenience, and family involvement 

One of the biggest benefits of home care services like AmeriBest Home Care is that your senior can stay right where they are. This means you won’t have to travel further to visit them, and the family can stay closely involved in their care and life. If you do choose an independent or assisted living facility, be sure to consider its location and how convenient it will be for your family to visit and stay in constant communication about your loved one’s well being.

Senior Care


Ensure Quality Care with AmeriBest Home Care in Harrisburg, PA 

Ensuring your loved one receives the best quality care from a compassionate, highly trained individual is imperative. AmeriBest is one of the preferred providers of in-home care services in Harrisburg, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced staff offers various services, including medication reminders, transportation, light cleaning, meal preparation, and self-care assistance. We empower seniors by helping them lead more independent lifestyles and provide their family members peace of mind.
We also make care more affordable and comfortable for elderly loved ones by providing training so you can get paid to care for your relatives. We offer benefits, competitive pay, and a supportive environment. AmeriBest is conveniently located in the heart of Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Allentown; contact us to learn more about our Philadelphia home care services.

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