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Fighting Depression in Caregivers

Caregiving can be tough. Especially when it’s for your own family member. Because it means seeing someone you love at their weakest and most vulnerable. And that kind of experience can take an emotional toll on even the strongest caregivers amongst us. Which is why it’s not uncommon for caregivers to become depressed. So, here[…]

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Make the Most of Life with these 3 Summer Activities for Caregivers

When you’re busy caring for someone else, it’s easy to forget about yourself. But you matter too! And the sunny, lazy days of summer are the perfect time to catch up on some me-time. Begin by making a list. Think of all the new things you want to start, all the old things you want[…]

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Caregiving is Actually Good for Your Health: The Why and How

It used to be said that being a caregiver for someone else, lead to both emotional and physical health troubles. Luckily, this does not have to be the case. Though caregiving can be tiresome at times, there’s a lot about it that actually enhances our lives and our health. And, just like any job, if[…]

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Changes to Medicare Advantage Coming in 2019 That’ll Make Caregivers Smile

  Oftentimes, hearing about CMS policy changes on the news can make you wary. But this year the news regarding upcoming changes to Medicare Advantage policy is both welcome and exciting! For the first time, non-skilled in-home care services will be allowed as a supplemental benefit for Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. That means services provided[…]

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Seven Steps to Being the Absolute Best Caregiver to your Loved One

If you’re the talented, professional caregiver to a member of your own family, you’re in a wonderful position. You get to offer loving care and support to someone important to you as they heal and work back towards a life of independence, something they just couldn’t do without you. It’s vital for them, it’s rewarding[…]