7 Stay-at-Home Activities for Elderly and Caregivers - AmeriBest Home Care

Don’t let the days slip away just because you’re indoors!
Here are 7 at-home activities for the elderly and caregivers:

Pick up a new book.

Or listen to a new podcast. Whether educational or fictional, stories are a great way to get you feeling happy and motivated. You can even get an online book club going. Check with your local library for a pre-existing book club. Or, start your own with friends and family.

Never underestimate the power of a good book.

Clean up and redecorate.

It’s easy to fall into a rut when you’re stuck at home, looking at the same scenery day after day. Luckily there’s an easy fix. Spring cleaning and redecorating! If you’re not into big house projects, sometimes just organizing a room or two can make a huge difference as well.

After all, new spaces make for new perspectives.

Take advantage of the internet.

With social distancing at the core of society right now, tons of companies and individuals have begun making their content available on the internet. And, many of them are free. If you’re looking for something to do at home, look online for Broadway shows, ballet productions, operas, e-sports, educational courses, exercise classes, museum tours, zoo tours, and more.

There’s so much happening on the web right now!

Sit down and chat.

We’re always so busy running to get things done, that we often miss just sitting and talking with our family and friends. But what’s truly more important than connecting with our loved ones?

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, water, whatever you want, and just sit down and chat. If you’re home alone, you can always do this over phone calls and video chats. It’s time to take a breath and slow down.

Soak in some sun.

If you have a backyard or porch, spend at least 15 minutes out in the fresh air. Meditate, think, stare out at the world, eat a snack, make some phone calls, draw. There are tons of things you can do outside in your own yard. If you don’t have a yard, just open a window. Breathing in the crisp air with the sun on your skin will keep you feeling relaxed and happy. Not to mention, help you sleep better at night.

Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Try out some new recipes.

We eat three meals a day, with drinks and snacks in between. And when we eat so much, eating sometimes becomes a boring chore. But it doesn’t have to be. Spice things up with some new recipes. You can search on Pinterest and YouTube for some fresh meal ideas. Or, create your own!

And, don’t forget to take pictures. Your family and friends will love to see what you’ve come up with.

Produce your own content.

Now, while the world is homebound, people from all over are craving for online content. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own YouTube channel, TikTok account, podcast. Or, if you’ve ever wanted to write stories, give advice, provide tips, or just share your life story, now is your time to shine! It’s easy to start, and you’re sure to make some friends along the way.

Have fun and give back to the world in a way that only you can do.

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