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Can you recover completely from Coronavirus? Can you prevent COVID-19 by wearing a mask? Is there a vaccine against the new coronavirus? Should you cancel your travel plans? Can you order packages online without being worried? Did it all start from a bat soup?!

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Key Points:

Fact or fiction?

“If someone contracts the COVID-19 virus, they won’t recover.”

Most people who get COVID-19 will recover, as most people who get COVID-19 will only have mild symptoms and may not realize they have had it at all.


Fact or fiction?

You can prevent COVID-19 by wearing a mask.”

While these masks cannot protect you from contracting the virus, they are very much needed in the hospitals.


Fact or fiction?

“You can contract COVID-19 by simply being near someone with the virus.”

The answer: It depends on the situation.
It is thought that the main way the virus spreads is through person-to-person contact, including the following:

  • Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet).
  • Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.


Fact or fiction?

“A vaccine for COVID-19 will be available soon.”

It usually takes years to test and develop a working vaccine.

Fact or Fiction:

“You should cancel your travel plans.”

The CDC produces a daily list of high-risk locations.

Fact or fiction:

“You can catch COVID-19 from packages you order online that have been shipped from high-risk locations.”

But if you’re really concerned, you can wipe your package—and its contents—when they’re delivered with a sanitizing wipe.


Fact or fiction:

“COVID-19 started out in a pot of bat soup.”

Not exactly.
We don’t know about the soup, but we do know that the virus moved from bats to people.


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