Accessing Home Care in Harrisburg, PA

Choosing home care in Harrisburg, PA, can help improve the quality of life for loved ones who need additional assistance with daily functions. Home care is available for both short-term recovery from an illness or injury and long-term care for seniors and the disabled. 

Home care is a common choice for those looking to avoid or delay moving to a nursing home. The home care assistance available to you will vary depending on your doctor’s orders and your eligibility for the government programs available in Harrisburg. Call Ameribest at 1800-HOMECARE and ask us about the services available! We’ll be happy to see if non-skilled home care is the right match for you.

Free Home Care Services Eligibility

Numerous factors play a role in determining your eligibility for home care in Harrisburg, PA, including: 

  • Medical Necessity
  • Insurance
  • Age
  • Location

Medical Necessity

You always have the option to enroll in in-home care for your loved ones at your discretion if you are paying out-of-pocket. However, if you are planning on getting insurance to cover the cost (even partially), you’ll need the individual’s physician to confirm medical need by placing an order for care. 


Each insurance provider has its own determination on what conditions are eligible for home care. Additionally, your insurance provider may also determine which type of home care the individual can receive. Many times, you’ll need a physician to determine that home care is a medical necessity to keep the individual safe and receive coverage.  

Age or Disability

Many individuals who receive home care use Medicare to help cover the cost. Age is one of the key determining factors for Medicare eligibility and, thus, home care. Medicare is designed for individuals 65 or older, but in certain circumstances, an individual can receive coverage due to a disability outside of the age requirements. 


In Pennsylvania, Medicaid plays a crucial role in facilitating access to home care services for eligible individuals. The state’s Medicaid program, also known as Medical Assistance (MA), extends its coverage to encompass a range of home-based care options, allowing residents to receive necessary services and assistance in the comfort of their homes. 

This includes services such as skilled nursing care, personal daily care assistance, and therapy services if needed. Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program aims to support individuals with diverse needs by fostering an environment that promotes independence and well-being through home-based care. 

Feel free to give us a call at 1800-HOMECARE and ask about the services we offer!


Many home care providers are limited in the geographic regions they serve. Once you determine that you can receive coverage for home health services, you’ll need to ensure that your home is within the area the home health provider you want to work with serves. 

Programs for Home Care in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania has a program designated explicitly for Help at Home, more commonly known as OPTIONS. This program is geared towards PA residents who are 60+ years old and wish to stay in their own homes rather than move to a respite or nursing home. 

Some of the services offered through the OPTIONS program include:

  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Supervised and interactive care
  • Basic Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Fumigation as needed
  • In-home meals
  • Care plan management

Accessing Home Care in Harrisburg, PA

How To Access Home Care in Harrisburg, PA

Figuring out what home care options are available in the area can be confusing and overwhelming. AmeriBest Home Care can help answer questions and provide guidance on what services are best suited to your needs. 

AmeriBest Home Care is a Medicaid certified agency in Harrisburg that provides many senior services. Our team would be happy to discuss your options. Give AmeriBest Home Care a call at 1800-HOMECARE to help you get your loved one set up with the home health care they need to improve their quality of life. 


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