10 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Flu Season

10 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Flu Season - AmeriBest Home Care

Keep the house warm.

This is one of the most basic things on the list, but one of the most vital. Seniors, like all of us, catch viruses more easily when they get chilled. For that reason, it’s important to keep the house warm. Turn up the heat at night, and always keep throw blankets on hand.

Exercise regularly.

Though it may seem counterintuitive to go outside, fresh air and sunlight are necessary for a healthy body. Not only does the sun give off crucial vitamins, it also increases serotonin levels in the body, which helps with a good night’s sleep. And, you can’t have a healthy body without deep restorative sleep.

Eat superfoods.

Super foods are nature’s gift to us. Foods like ginger, spinach, kale, turmeric, and garlic are natural immunity boosters. They’re easy to add to almost any meal, and taste good too.

Don’t skimp out on your super foods.

Drink lots of liquids.

As always, water is the best option. However, as long as your senior is getting in enough fluids- coffee, tea, and seltzer are good choices too.

Wash your hands.

This is a super easy way to prevent outside germs from spreading inside your home. It’s a great habit to develop sooner rather than later.

Wash your hands whenever you come back into the house. Use soap. And, make sure your senior does too.

Get a flu shot.

It’s important to get your flu shots before the flu season starts. Or, at least at the very beginning of it. Don’t wait until peak contagion time, because by then you or your senior may have already caught the flu.

Explore natural remedies.

If you’re not one for flu shots, look into natural preventative measures. Consult with your doctor about which vitamins and minerals your senior’s body may be lacking. Then, look to fill those missing nutrients with supplements.

Think positively.

Sometimes, ill health stems from ill thoughts.
In other words- mind over matter.

Keep your senior thinking positively to keep your senior healthy. If you feel your loved one is having trouble with this, try playing happy music around the house and make sure he or she is getting enough sunshine.

Keep the house clean.

Germs tend to grow more easily in unclean areas.
Not untidy, but unclean. This means that it’s important to clean regularly, and not let the dirt pile up. Wipe down countertops, soak the dishes, sweep the floors, and dust around the windowsills and corners.

Your lungs will thank you for the cleaning.

Don’t touch your face.

A good tip when you’re outside of the house is to never touch your face. Specifically, your mouth, nose, and eyes. Getting germs on your hands is bad enough, but it’s even worse when you give those germs direct access to your insides.

So, always be weary of where you put your hands.

What is a Home Health Aide? (And How Do I Become One?)

Employment Opportunities! - AmeriBest Home Care

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For people who’ve dealt with illness or injury, recent hospitalization, or are elderly and just need some extra assistance, entire teams of caregivers can be assembled swiftly and expertly to tend to their needs. Care teams typically have physicians, skilled nurses, and even dedicated in-home caregivers that all work together to keep the patient’s health on track, quality of life excellent, and independence within sight. But oftentimes there’s a member of the care team that, more than anyone else, serves as the eyes and ears for the patient’s overall health and wellbeing, and this person isn’t necessarily a healthcare professional at all: he or she is a home health aide, and is an essential part of that patient’s life.

The home health aide is the first line of support for patients requiring in-home care. Aides are often with their patients 40 hours a week, and assist with tasks of daily living, ensure a positive quality of life, and offer companionship and a friendly ear. Services provided by a home health aide include:

  • Assisting with showers & baths
  • Assisting with dressing
  • Hair, skin, foot, nail and oral care
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal preparation
  • Assisting with feeding
  • Assisting with ambulation (wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.)
  • Cleaning dentures
  • Washing clothes & linens
  • Light housekeeping
  • Repositioning in bed
  • Emptying urinary and ostomy bags
  • Limiting or encouraging fluids.

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What’s more, the home health aide is a patient’s lifeline. An aide is tasked with observing, documenting, and monitoring their patients’ health – when illness or issue occurs, it is the home health aide who must call upon the rest of the care team to ensure the patient’s health is prioritized. The home health aide also offers a friendly face and loving support: companionship for a person enduring illness or difficulty is paramount, and the loving, congenial spirit of the right home health aide can offer to heal beyond the purely medical.

Truly, a career that lets you offer this kind of love and support daily to someone in need is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding. And if you feel you’re the right person to take on this important and meaningful work, the role of home health aide can be yours! A home health aide does not need a medical degree, a college degree or even a high school diploma necessarily. Many home health agencies (like Ameribest Home Care) offer hands-on training, so you can enter into your patients’ home prepared and ready to take charge in assisting with their care and activities of daily living. Wages are competitive, and demand for home health aides will only grow in the foreseeable future.

What’s perhaps best about the position of home health aide is that, in many cases, the home health aide is a paid professional caring for their own loved one at home. If you’ve got a loved one who is struggling with activities of daily living as they age, or has just come out of the hospital, you could be the help that they’re looking for. The care and assistance that you’re offering your loved one already could be a part of your paid profession – imagine that! Reach out to Ameribest Home Care if this sounds like you – Ameribest is truly the best at hiring and training kind, talented, and capable home health aides, and is there to support you in your career journey. A fulfilling, rewarding, and exciting career of caring for your loved one or others in need could easily be in your future, and Ameribest Home Care can help you get there.


Provide Philadelphia Home Care to Your Loved One in the Comfort of Their Home

Ready to provide caring and capable Home Health to a loved one in the comfort of their very own home? Ameribest Home Care can help you!

Illness, injury, and hospital stays can leave many in need of assistance when completing activities of daily life. And while it’s most comfortable to receive that assistance at home and at the hands of someone you genuinely love and trust, no one wants to feel like they’ve become a burden to their children, relatives, or friends. That’s where AmeriBest Home Care comes in. We provide you with the appropriate training and skill set so that you can become a knowledgeable, capable, and caring personal caregiver to the friend or loved one who is in need. That means your mother, father, aunt or uncle, close friend or distant relative can receive quality and thoughtful care from you in the comfort of their very own home! Our home and community-based services (or Home Waiver Services) are available to those covered by MA (Medicaid/ medical assistance), and enable your loved one to remain in a community setting rather than being admitted to a nursing facility while they receive care from someone they love and trust the most: you!

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Well-Paying Philadelphia Home Care That You Provide to Your Loved One… Tell Me More!

Once you’ve been thoroughly trained by the skilled and capable staff at Ameribest Home Care, you’ll be fully equipped and able to assist your close friend or loved one in all aspects of their regular daily living. The two of you can decide together what their plan of care will look like. Services can include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping – to meet individual health needs
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Medication management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Securing transportation
  • Supervised walks
  • And so much more…

With care in the comfort of their own home that’s provided by someone they genuinely love and trust, your loved one’s health care plan will truly cater to their individual needs. So, how does your loved one qualify? Eligibility requirements are minimal; all they need to qualify is:

  • A medically-verified long-term condition or disability (where long-term means a condition that will last for longer than 6 months)
  • A monthly income of less than $2,163
  • No more than $8,000 of countable resources (including savings, checking, stocks, bonds, and other liquid assets or investments)

Further, if your loved one owns their own home, please mention this fact to our staff: it may affect their application for the waiver program.

So, are you ready for the person you love the most to receive professional, thoughtful, and well-qualified home care from an utterly caring caregiver that they know and trust? Call Ameribest Home Care, or fill out an inquiry form at our website www.ameribesthomecare.com, to find out how you and a loved one can partner together in pursuit of their healthy, guided living. It’s time for health care that’s truly comfortable, provided in the familiar space of home, and at the hands of a trusted loved one. At Ameribest Home Care, we’re answering the call for the comfortable home health care your loved one deserves.