Home Care Assistance Against Anxiety and Depression in Elderly

Home Care Assistance for Anxiety and Depression in Elderly

In determining the best agency home care near Philadelphia, PA, one major consideration is whether or not your loved one belongs to a minority with unique needs. Studies show that racial and ethnic minorities experience higher rates of anxiety and depression, especially during the pandemic. With this in mind, it’s important for mindful home care agencies like AmeriBest to create a supportive environment to allay worries, loneliness, and any sense of isolation. The after-effects of the pandemic aren’t going away any time soon.

Isn’t Depression Normal?

People think that it’s normal for the aging community to feel depressed. It’s not. Rather aging adults are at higher risks for depression, and minorities even more so.

Signs of Depression

You may think of depression as being like a case of the blues. It’s far different. Depression ties into chemical imbalance and brain wiring. It’s treatable. But it’s easy to miss the signs. That’s where the best agency home care professionals are trained to watch for certain things including:

  • Intense pessimism
  • Feeling guilty for no reason or hopeless
  • Ongoing irritability and restlessness
  • Being tired all the time
  • Having no interest in beloved activities
  • Mental distraction
  • Sleeplessness
  • Digestive troubles

Older minority adults usually have one chronic health issue (80%). So, there’s the assumption their melancholy stems from not feeling good. This is why depression and anxiety often go untreated. Even the individuals themselves think their mental state has to do with illness, so they may not seek treatment.

The Role of Socialization

The CDC reports that social isolation greatly affects depression among marginalized aging adults. Feeling alone is not pleasant. But when you hire a home health care aide, there is another presence in your loved one’s life-someone on whom they can depend and who will be around regularly. The difference this makes is substantive.

Home Care Assistance for Anxiety and Depression in Elderly

Best Agency Home Care Near Philadelphia

AmeriBest Philadelphia is here to help you with your questions and concerns about finding the right assistance for your loved one. Our results are why AmeriBest Home Care is one of the top agencies in Philadelphia. Caregiving is challenging and often puts a strain on family relationships. Reach out for help before you feel overwhelmed.

AmeriBest knows how important it is to keep the lines of communication open. We work with the entire family (or those who wish to be involved). We also work with your loved one’s entire healthcare team so everyone is on the same page.

Our staff provides individualized services. There are no “cookie cutter” solutions with home care, and we aim to personalize care plans attentively. Your home care team will always remain up to date on best industry practices for maintaining high-quality services, including:

  • Care coordination
  • Familly education and awareness
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation and nutritional monitoring
  • Med minders (and monitoring)
  • One-on-one interaction
  • Personal care and hygiene assistance
  • RNs
  • Social workers
  • Therapists
  • Transportation to medical appointments

You can contact us in several ways:

  • AmeriBest Home Care’s online information form HERE
  • By phone: 1800-HOMECARE or 215-925-3313
  • Email: Info@ameribest.org

We look forward to answering your questions and helping with your journey.

The Need for Homecare in Philadelphia Continues to Grow

Need for Homecare in Philadelphia Continues to Grow

As a whole, people in the world are living longer thanks to medical advancements. Most folks will need some type of home care services in their lifetimes, for various reasons. It’s estimated that a whopping 80% of seniors will need one year or more in a nursing facility unless they take advantage of professional caregiving services. In either case, Medicaid is paying about 45% of all claims, Medicaid 23%, and the rest is out of pocket. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that homecare in Philadelphia continues to grow. Roughly 7% of the state’s population are elderly, frail, or otherwise disabled. In the next decade, the demand for home care aides will be growing rapidly. Families don’t like the idea of their loved ones being in a facility where they cannot be certain of what’s happening when they cannot be present. In-home services fix that.

Using Medicaid and Medicare for Homecare in Philadelphia

Not everyone is in the position to pay for professional care at home. Medicaid is a joint Federal and State program that helps low-income people who would not otherwise have access to adequate care.

Need for Homecare in Philadelphia Continues to Grow

Begin or Continue a Successful Career in Home Healthcare

The need for empathic, attentive people for home care is growing by leaps and bounds. AmeriBest Home Care is currently hiring individuals who can provide support to seniors and their families. We don’t require experience as we will give you paid training so you’re ready to work in no time.

If you want to make a positive impact on lives, this is a very rewarding way to do so. You’re allowing people to maintain comfort and security in their own home instead of a care facility filled with strangers.

At AmeriBest we value our staff and show it by providing a wide array of benefits including:

  1. Sick, vacation, and personal time
  2. 7 paid holidays annually, with time and a half when you work them
  3. Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  4. Life insurance for full-time employees
  5. 5 days of maternity leave

And so much more.

We believe that your happiness positively impacts the lives of our clients every day. Better still, AmeriBest offers ongoing training so you can continue with career development in areas of personal interest.

Are You Right for the Job?

Caregiving is not for everyone, but for those who have a natural ability for nurturing, strong empathy, and good instincts it could prove ideal. You will be giving an individual companionship and socialization. Plus, the job is far more flexible with hours than many other positions. AmeriBest HR works with you to find a match suited to your situation.

The families for whom you’ll work truly appreciate the help you’re providing. You are their eyes and ears when they cannot be present. Knowing a home care aide is in place alleviates a lot of fear and stress.

If you are interested, we are always in need of personal care assistants, home health aides, and family caregivers. If you’d like to learn more, call our Philadelphia office at 215-925-3313. You can also email us at info@ameribest.org, or use our online contact form for further information.

Food Drive and Personal Protective Equipment GIVEAWAY

Food Drive and Personal Protective Equipment - AmeriBest Home Care

AmeriBest Home Care will be hosting a Food Drive
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WHEN: on Saturday, June 27th, from 3 pm to 6 pm
WHERE: 990 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

If you are an AmeriBest Caregiver or an AmeriBest Patient – WE WANNA SEE YOU THERE
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This is a first come – first serve event.

We will be giving out FREE FOOD such as:
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For more information, please call ☎️ 1800-HOMECARE